Housewives who start to cook various dishes, bake pies, etc. can not figure out such an elementary thing as the mass of flour in art. l., because the prescription they need to know exactly this figure.

This is not only very easy to remember, but this information may be useful to you in later life, because if you decide to seriously engage in cooking, without it, just nowhere.

how much муки в ложке

Today you will learn about how much flour in a tablespoon with and without a hill, how many of them are placed in a glass of different sizes, as well as other nuances that you should pay attention to when measuring.

Measuring flour in a tablespoon – just like “two and two”!

Remember, the easiest way to study the measurements of flour with different kitchen appliances. Do not dwell on some cutlery – they are all interconnected with each other. From the words go to our important business!

In 1 tbsp. l – 20 grams of flour. This was derived from a simple formula. If, according to theoretical indications, in one faceted 250 ml glass of 8 tbsp. l flour (160 grams), then in 1 spoon the mass will be equal to 20 g. Everything is very simple!

Flour poured into a tablespoon with a slide

You might think that if the flour was poured with a slide, then there is not at all important these few extra grams to the usual Art. l For example, in molecular cooking these couple of grams will be very important, because it is not even measured in grams, but in nano-particles..

The so-called “hill” is just a small part, so on the scales it is 9-10 grams, and this proves that in a spoon with a “hill” the flour weight is 30 g..

The number of cutlery and various indicators of mass – known facts!

We will rely on previous mathematical operations. If one article l may contain only 20 grams of flour, then in 50 grams, respectively, 2.5. How did we know this? Very simple: you need 50 divided by 20.

Do the same with 100 grams and end up with 5 tablespoons; with 150 grams – 7.5 tbsp. with 200 grams –10 tablespoons.

Quoting Sherlock Holmes it can be said that everything is elementary and there should be no problems with ordinary school arithmetic in cooking..

How many tablespoons in a glass of flour

If you carefully read the article above, you noticed that we indicated the number of tablespoons of flour in a measuring glass of 250 ml. But there are glasses of absolutely different sizes. For example, 500 ml or 1000 ml, etc. So how many tablespoons of flour in 500 ml, 750 ml, 1000 ml glasses?

It is quite easy to calculate. If 250 ml fit 8 tbsp. l., then this number is multiplied by 2 and find out how much they fit in a half-liter glass: 8 * 2 = 16 tbsp. l Accordingly, in 750 ml – 24 spoons (16 + 8 = 24), in 1000 ml – 32 tbsp. l (16 * 2 = 32).

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The above information may be useful to you at molecular cooking or if you are engaged in the creation of confectionery, baking, etc. Never interfere with learning, especially when studying such an amazing and precise thing as cooking!