Highly efficient and affordable cabbage diet

There are many recipes for weight loss..

Some are very tough and are designed for several days, others are long lasting, allowing for the consumption of fats and carbohydrates..

Valuable капуста

When choosing a diet should pay attention to the cabbage.

It is low-calorie, but you do not have to starve, because you can eat this vegetable in any form and in unlimited quantities..

Fast weight loss

Cabbage is a powerful antioxidant, it contains vitamin C, potassium, iron, phosphorus and magnesium.

This vegetable consists of a large amount of fiber, which helps cleanse the intestines and remove toxins from the body..

The standard cabbage diet menu is designed for a week or 10 days, during which time you can lose more than 5 kg of excess weight without feeling hungry.

Cabbage has many varieties: white, color, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, Chinese, kohlrabi and others.

Any of them can be consumed during the program, if you wish, you can even eat sauerkraut.

In the day, eating an unlimited amount of product, you will consume no more than 1000 kcal.

At first glance, this recipe for weight loss may seem simple, but you have to get patience.

Uniformity in nutrition and strict restrictions require a long exposure from a person.

It should be understood that starting this method of weight loss, you will consume calories 2 times less than the daily norm of an adult.

This can cause weakness, dizziness, and increased fatigue..

Therefore, this program should be planned for days when you do not expect a strong physical or mental stress..

Principles of the technique

Use овоща в пищуAs already written earlier, the main advantage of the diet is its low calorie content..

You should not severely limit your menu and eat one cabbage, but it should be the main dish.

With this method of weight loss, you can eat low-fat dairy products and meat, fish, seafood, unrefined sunflower oil (preferably olive oil), berries, savory fruits, potatoes and unleavened bread.

You should drink at least 1.5 liters of liquid a day, unlimited green tea is allowed and 1 cup of coffee.

There is also a cabbage soup diet..

Accordingly, the main food will be soup.

The technique, of course, has limitations.

We’ll have to give up sweet and salty, baking, flour products, canned food and grapes.

It is better not to fry foods, cooked dishes should be cooked, stewed, steamed or baked.

It is also worth giving up alcohol..

The technique is very efficient and fast..

If a person complies with all recommendations, then in the first days about 3 kg will go away..

Such a sharp weight loss associated with the release of excess fluid from the body.

Further weight will go slower..

If you have more than 10 kg of excess weight, you will lose more than 5 kg in a week’s diet..

As with any method of losing weight, cabbage diet has a number of contraindications.

It can not be applied to people suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidney and liver, diabetes.

People with a high degree of obesity are better to consult with a doctor beforehand..


Cabbage рацион

The method on cabbage offers not only a choice from this family of vegetables, but also a variety of recipes for losing weight..

Option 1

For those who want to try their hand and part with a couple of extra kilograms, you can use the cabbage diet menu for 4 days, which is based on a fermented lotion.

During the day, it is advisable to drink green tea, in the morning is allowed 1 cup of coffee without sugar.

The first day:

  1. Breakfast should start with watercress, mixed with 175 g of cottage cheese (0%), and a piece of rye bread.
  2. For dinner, prepare a stew of low-fat pork tenderloin (100 g), 200 g of sauerkraut and pear, which must be cut into slices.
  3. Dinner is offered a salad of half a radish, 3-4 radishes, sauerkraut (150 g) and half a cucumber. You can use low-fat yogurt as a dressing..

Second day:

  1. For breakfast, prepare yourself a dessert of banana, sliced ​​into circles, and 150 g of low-fat yogurt, you can sprinkle with oatmeal on top.
  2. Lunch will consist of chopped onion, 200 g sauerkraut. Ingredients put in a container, add a tablespoon of olive oil, 100 ml of low-fat meat broth and 50 g of juice of green apples. Stew 15 minutes.
  3. For dinner – a salad of 150g salmon (raw or boiled) and 200 g sauerkraut. You can use low-fat yogurt as a dressing or just sprinkle with lemon juice..

Day three:

Dietary салат

  1. Breakfast will consist of a mixture – 1 orange and 150 g of cottage cheese (0%).
  2. For lunch, cook 150 grams of lean baked fish. As a side dish – 150 g sauerkraut.
  3. Dinner is allowed pancakes of 3 potatoes and 1 egg, steamed. In addition – sauerkraut (200 g).

Day four:

  1. Breakfast a piece of bread (preferably rye), cheese (30 g) and green apple.
  2. For lunch – a stew of 150 g sauerkraut, 200 g veal and 1 pineapple ring.
  3. Dinner consists of salad: three tomatoes, 100 g of sauerkraut and pork sliced ​​(100 g).

Option 2

Cabbage diet is better not to stretch more than 10 days.

For those who are accustomed to snacks, the menu will suit with 5-6 meals a day..

You should also drink at least 1.5 liters of liquid throughout the day..

  1. Breakfast – cabbage salad with lemon juice, scrambled eggs from 2 eggs, tea with milk (0-1%).
  2. The second breakfast – 150 g low-fat cottage cheese, herbal tea from rose hips.
  3. Lunch – 150 g lean sour cabbage soup, vegetable salad with olive oil, 100 g chicken fillet.
  4. Snack – skimmed milk or rosehip tea.
  5. Dinner – 100 g of fish, cabbage and zucchini stew.
Squash запеканкаUseful, vitamin and diet fruits called zucchini delight us in the summer with the possibility of preparing all kinds of dishes from them. Recipes zucchini casseroles with minced meat – the enchanting taste of summer.

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Opinions of people who have tried the diet

Reviews of thinner cabbage diet are:

Very happy with the diet! I was pleased that in a week I managed to lose almost 5 kg, while I did not feel hunger. If you wanted to eat, you would eat low-fat yogurt or just chew white cabbage. I think to reset more, most likely in a month I will repeat.

Ekaterina, 32 years old

She found an interesting program for losing weight on cabbage. I looked for reviews about this cabbage diet, they impressed me and I literally burst into flames with this idea. I expected that I would take off at least 2-3 kg, I chose a program with sauerkraut. But could not stand more than a day. Yes, it sounds strange, but for me – torture. Toward evening, the stomach began to hurt, either from hunger, or from the cabbage itself. I had to stop everything. Find a better way to get rid of extra pounds..

Christina, 21

I use the cabbage diet as a discharge. Really like! Once in 2 months I choose weekends and eat only cabbage, moreover, any: white, cauliflower, fermented, broccoli. Steamed with a little soy sauce or carcass. During these days it takes 2-3 kg, and at the same time the body is cleaned. I advise! Well, before the fasting days there was a tough fight against obesity and in the photo you can see what happened.

A photo до и после

Marina, 25 years old

Cabbage diet, judging by the reviews, for losing weight is not suitable for everyone.

It depends on the individual characteristics of each of us..

But, basically, the program works.!

Cabbage menu is an effective way to cleanse the body of toxins and slags and lose weight.

You can make your own diet by diluting the intake of vegetables with protein-free low-fat foods..

Such a program should be approached seriously and orderly, then the result will certainly amaze you..

Here are some more thoughts about cabbage soup diet: