Perhaps there is not a single woman who at some point would not try to lose weight.

Mixed смесь круп

Quite often porridges are used as a means to eliminate the hateful kilograms, however, you should not think that if you start to eat only one cereal steamed or cooked, it will certainly give a positive result..

Before a diet, it is important to choose the right foods and know exactly how they work..

The benefits of cereals for weight loss

In pursuit of a slender figure, it is customary to use cereals, because they are a source of complex carbohydrates, but this is sometimes what makes some nutritionists oppose this technique..

However, porridge for weight loss is not at all accidentally used.

They help the human body as follows: they are digested for a long time, which makes it possible to get a feeling of satiety for a long period; give a boost of energy, that is, a person, when consumed, may be active during the day and not feel tired; maintain blood sugar levels.

Despite the fact that carbohydrates can increase blood sugar levels, complex carbohydrates do so slowly due to long-term digestion, this does not allow sugar to rise above normal.

The main goal while reducing weight is eating food with a minimum calorie content..

This is exactly what the cereals allow to achieve: before cooking this figure can be equal to 350 calories, while the cooking process contributes to water absorption, which reduces the calorie content of the product to 120 calories per 100 grams.

The most useful cereals for weight loss

Kinds злаковDuring the observance of the diet should not forget about the need to saturate the body with nutrients.

This indicates that it is recommended to choose cereals, which will be not only effective for you, but also the most useful..

In this respect, whole grains needing preparation can be distinguished, among them: buckwheat, rice, millet, and barley..

It is recommended to abandon the fast-cooked cereals, since they are almost deprived of vitamins and useful ingredients..

Cereals have a beneficial effect on the body, but buckwheat is perhaps the most effective and useful porridge for losing weight..

That it can be found most often in diets..

If you decide to make your own diet for losing weight, you can choose the cereal, which is in the composition of the substance, the most necessary for your health condition.

It is worth noting that it is not recommended to go on a diet before you pass a dietitian’s examination..

Millet porridge will not only gain fineness, but also get rid of fat, as well as toxins.

But do not lean on it if there are problems with the work of the gallbladder or the gastrointestinal tract.

Wheat groats will help speed up fat metabolism, reduce cholesterol, improve the condition of hair, nails and skin.

Hercules will like the intestines, normalize its performance, cleanse and saturate the body with B vitamins.

Description of diet 6 porridge

Program похудения на крупахIf you do not need to lose a large number of kilograms, and to get the perfect figure you need to get rid of about 4-5 kg, then you can take as a basis a diet of 6 porridge for weight loss.

It is quite simple and consists in the fact that during the week it will be necessary to eat different dishes, following a certain order, which implies the use of oats of cereals in one day.

The order should be as follows: the first day – wheat, the second – millet, the third – oats, the fourth – rice, the fifth – barley, the sixth – barley.

On the seventh day, you must prepare a mixture of the listed cereals..

Recommendations for eating some cereals

Diet is not the most pleasant part of life, and if this issue is not approached correctly, then weeks of painful fasting and eating the same foods may not give the expected result..

That is why if you decide to lose weight with the help of certain cereals, then you should know what rules of its use exist..

For example, an oatmeal diet requires initial preparation, which involves cleaning the body, for which you can use rice water..

You can cook it using 4 tablespoons of rice, which should be filled with 1 liter of cold water.

Groats in this state should be left overnight..

Cook на слабом огнеIn the morning, without taking it out of the water, you need to boil it on the smallest fire for an hour..

This will provide a jelly-like liquid..

To use it to be in the form of heat to 1 cup on an empty stomach.

After it is forbidden to drink or eat anything else for four hours..

On this day, you must refuse yourself to eat fatty and high-calorie foods..

This procedure should not be carried out for more than one day..

But the buckwheat diet does not require mandatory cleaning.

This cereal can be eaten in unlimited quantities, but at the same time it is necessary to refuse at all other food..

Cook porridge need steaming method.

In order not to experience feelings of hunger during the day, eat more often, but in small portions..

In general, any porridge must be cooked in the evening..

The croup is initially to be washed and filled with water, using a 1: 3 ratio..

As soon as the liquid boils, you need to continue cooking for another 5 minutes..

After the porridge must be removed from the heat and wrapped with a towel for 12 hours to infuse.

It is impossible to use anything other than water, moreover, salt, sugar and butter are prohibited to use.

Weight Loss on Porridge: Myth or Reality

Efficiency методики для фигурыThose who have been on a diet at least once, and especially keen on losing weight, know that after a long, debilitating starvation, quite often the weight returns and the body weight becomes more than it was.

This is due to incorrect selection of the diet..

There is an opinion that the complete deprivation of food of the body during the day contributes to weight loss..

Most often, this is so, but the effect is short-lived, because during fasting the body lacks vital components, and with the next meal begins to postpone reserves for the upcoming restrictions.

That is why cereals are used as an effective means to reduce weight, which is not returned.

Diets on porridges for weight loss are easily tolerated, as they are balanced and do not allow the body to suffer from a lack of useful components..

As a rule, the duration of programs on the basis of cereals is 1-2 weeks, whereas the weight decreases with an intensity of 3-4 kg in 7 days..

If you want to combine the benefits and efficiency, then you should choose the grains that have undergone less processing, among them buckwheat, oatmeal, pearl barley, lentils; all these cereals are much more beneficial compared to white rice and semolina.

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And in this article about classic products for weight loss. Of course, about vegetables, but rather about the vegetable diet.

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Reader Reviews

Some opinions of readers about losing weight on cereals in the reviews below:

I tried for a long time to lose weight. Diet, which I would not have experienced myself, perhaps not. I do not argue, they all allowed to achieve a certain effect, some helped to remove the sides, others – the stomach, the rest only cleansed the body and gave a temporary elimination of centimeters at the waist. However, a diet based on cereals allowed me to reach the weight I had dreamed of all my life. What porridge is better for losing weight I can not say for sure, since I like all kinds. The menu is so diverse that you can lose weight without repeating the features of cooking croup and their ratios by day. In addition, this diet is very convenient for women who do not like to cook, because the rump is almost always enough to steam, after which it is ready to eat.

Veronica, 45 years old

I heard about weight loss programs on the basis of croup for a long time, but all the time I considered them too simple for myself. I wanted to lose weight somehow exotic to share intricate food recipes, which allow you to get a stunning effect. However, over time, I realized that the main thing in the diet is not a fashionable trend, but weight loss. It is worth noting that many stars today recommend exactly cereals to get the perfect figure. Such food is easily transferred, I dropped 8 kg in 5 months.

Margarita, 27 years old

It is worth remembering that the method of weight loss and the subsequent diet should be accompanied by restriction of the intake of refined products, this will preserve the effect obtained from the diet for a long time.

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