Goldline – sensational means for losing weight, banned, to date, in many countries.

Many overweight people want to try it, but don’t know: “how it works, does it really work, can it be taken?” – the answers to these and many other questions can be found below.

A drug для похудения Голдлайн

Despite the fact that over the past 15 years, the ideals of beauty have shifted towards the pumped hot bodies, having gone from lean standards, such as the Kate Moss of the 2000s, the topic of weight loss does not lose its relevance.

Today, in the arsenal of people who want to lose weight, there are a lot of tools: pills and dietary supplements, various home complexes, specialized clothes, gyms, as well as costly body correction procedures using high-tech installations.

At the same time, of all these methods, only one requires minimal financial and physical costs – the use of pills and various dietary supplements, including one of the most popular, which is full of advertising – Goldline diet pills.

Goldline diet pills – panacea or dummy?

In order to objectively evaluate reviews of Goldline capsules, it is necessary to study their composition and pharmacological action..

  • Composition: First of all, it should be noted that Goldline diet pills are not a dietary supplement, but a medicine. The main active ingredient is sibutramine, which is used for complex treatment of obesity. The principle of its action, in simple terms, is the effect on the nerve endings of the brain responsible for the feeling of fullness. Auxiliary substances of the drug are: lactose, cellulose, silicon dioxide and others;
  • Release form: capsules. Depending on packaging. In the crustacean there can be 30, 60 or 90 pieces, with a content of 10 or 15 mg of the active substance;
  • Pharmacy holidays: by prescription; The form выпуска препарата
  • Indications for use: overweight. However, it is worth making a reservation here – Goldline tablets are prescribed only in cases where a person is obese and the body mass index is more than 30 kg / m2, or in the case of diabetes mellitus grade II – 27 kg / m2;
  • Contraindications: age up to 18 years, individual intolerance to the drug, pregnancy, breastfeeding, heart disease, kidney, liver, mental disorders (including anorexia and bulimia);
  • Side effects: There may be side effects from the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, nervous system, and skin. The most common side effects are: increased blood pressure, insomnia, nausea, vomiting, increased sweating, insomnia;
  • Admission rules and course duration: capsules are taken in the morning, before meals, one pill per day. The maximum daily dosage of Goldline is 15 mg. The maximum admission period is 2 years;
  • Prices: vary up to 500 rubles. for 30 pieces (10 mg each) up to 1,300. Depending on the packaging and raskgrammovki prices increase, and can reach up to 3,000 rubles. for 90 pcs. 10 mg each;
  • Primary acquisition method: online pharmacy. Either buying a prescription;
  • Forecasts: weight loss from 5 to 10 kg, depending on body weight.

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How to choose a dietary supplement for weight loss, so that it is safe and effective? Here is an overview of these drugs and doctors reviews.

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From the diary of one losing weight – personal experience taking capsules

The impetus for weight gain was moving to another city and the eternal state of apathy and stress, against which more than one kilogram of food was thrown. As a result, for six months the weight increased by 10 kg and the graceful body suddenly disappeared behind layers of fat..

Unfortunately (maybe the other way around) the “good friend” advised “wonderful diet pills” – Goldline. And, despite the changed attitude towards them, after many courses of admission, I want to say – I really lost weight.

How it was

Through an online pharmacy, with the help of a prescription purchased “around the corner,” I received my ticket to a “slim life” by packaging 30 capsules of 10 mg. After the first reception, which was evening, I could not sleep all night, my heartbeat increased, I was terribly hot, my blood pressure increased, a real feeling of panic appeared.

There was no desire at all. A few weeks after taking it, I reminded myself: you didn’t eat anything, go eat. I went and ate.

However, by the end of the first pack, I began to notice that I absolutely did not want to eat, but my inner voice kept saying to me: you didn’t eat anything, go eat. My hunger was primarily psychological..

It was decided to change tactics: drink pills and diet. At the start, attention, capsule in the teeth – they started. But what was my surprise when at the very beginning of the reception of the second pack, I stopped feeling saturation and really started to want to eat.

Only one way out – to increase the dose. Rasgrammovka was increased to 15, and then 20 mg (I did not dare to increase more).


For a couple of months, I really took off 5-7 kg. However, having returned 3-4 in the near future, I was very upset and thought – I need to repeat.

This went on for more than a year, with breaks of several months. However, after several days of taking a certain dose, 5/10/15/20 mg, I felt I want to eat. The drug “worked” for 3-4 days, and then I absolutely did not feel any sense from him, and so in a circle.


Slimming на 5 кгThe drug really “works.” However, in my case, I did not get the maximum effect from him, since I can increase the dose for about 2 weeks, which is very little for significant weight loss..

At the moment, I use it to reduce my appetite before critical days, I take 1-2 tablets per month if I fall into attacks of “worshiping the refrigerator”.

As for losing weight – in the end I dropped 5 kg (diets) with him that do not return to me, then the weight rose. I had to go to the gym and start running – which I am immensely glad.

Specialists reviews about goldline diet pills

She advised her wards to reduce appetite drugs with sibutramine, including Goldline. Due to the fact that the drug is addictive, similar to drug addiction, I try to recommend a course of taking no more than 3 months. After – psychologically you lose the food, it’s easier – eat less and eat right without pills.

Elena, nutrisiolog, 35 years old, Naberezhnye Chelny

When studying the effect of sibutramine on rabbits, a mutation of offspring was identified, and therefore I do not recommend it for use without need. In addition to all, drugs containing sibutramine, cause in patients taking their long time dependence, similar to the drug, which is detrimental to humans. Think about your future girls!

Olga, geneticist, 31, Moscow

Opinion врачей

I recommend my patients Goldline. The ability to get a visible result for a shorter time than it would have been with losing weight without a drug is a motivator for patients. Also, Goldline has a positive effect on the metabolic process, which will allow, with the same effort, taking the drug, to lose more excess weight..

Catherine, nutritionist, 29 years old, Nizhny Novgorod

Recently, she has revealed a suspicious dependence, for all girls who took drugs with sibutramine content in the early stages of pregnancy, or for a short time before conception – problems with the development of the fetus are observed. In this regard, I do not recommend you take the drug if you have a high degree of probability in the near future to conceive a child. And since its influence on the genetic code of human offspring has not yet been investigated, I do not recommend taking it to women of childbearing age completely.

Elena, obstetrician-gynecologist, 41 years old, St. Petersburg

The experience of “experienced”: at what price a beautiful body is forged?

With the help of Goldline, it was possible to lose about 20 kg (from 71 to 49) in 1 year. However, in addition to the pills, along the road “to a slim body”, sport and proper nutrition went hand in hand with me. But no side effects also did not do. Among them: dry mouth, insomnia and heart palpitations.

Result похудения

Agnia, 22 years old, Moscow

Without additional diets I lost 16 kg with this drug. However, she constantly experienced dry mouth, insomnia, and blood pressure was elevated, along with rapid heartbeat. At the same time, I didn’t want to eat at all, which is undoubtedly a plus.

Oxana, 41 g, Lipetsk

I bought the drug at the pharmacy on the “left” prescription. They sold without problems, although they filled it themselves, without medical education. As a result, the effect is zero. Saw a full course of 30 pills and did not lose a single gram. From the side – hair scared, always had a headache.

Maria, 27 years old, Novosibirsk

To take or not to take the drug – a personal matter.

But it is worth remembering that Goldline diet pills are not innocuous dietary supplements, it is a very real and powerful medicine that should be taken if a person is sick. Due to the fact that, like any other therapeutic drug, Goldline adversely affects the kidneys and liver.

In addition to everything, the full “spectrum of consequences” of its intake, due to the fact that the drug is quite new on the market, has not yet been investigated. And is it worth the risk? Think it over!