Fitospray was developed by scientists together with nutritionists for those who suffer from excess weight and want to maintain harmony without any effort..

Magic фитоспрей для похудения

The composition of fitospray for weight loss

  1. Green coffee – is the main ingredient of this product. The component has antibacterial properties, helps to speed up the metabolic process, relieves fatigue, and also normalizes the work of the digestive tract and blood vessels;
  2. Goji berries – It is a weapon that destroys cholesterol. Thanks to the beta-sitosterol contained in the berries, slags are removed, the blood is rejuvenated and cleansed;
  3. Garcinia. It contains a large amount of hydroxycitric acid, which has the properties of reducing the formation of fatty acids, by oxidizing fat. Thus, appetite decreases;
  4. Lemon acid – component responsible for cleansing: helps to eliminate toxins, speed up metabolism and alleviate hunger;
  5. Menthol and Peppermint Extract. Due to its properties, these 2 ingredients by refreshing the mouth, dull the desire to eat. They also reduce stress, calm the nerves, that is, with the desire to “seize” the problems that arise will not be;
  6. L-picture responsible for the conversion of fats into energy. Thus, the last ingredient of phytospray prevents the occurrence of “orange peel”, that is, cellulite.


Its impact on the human body, the active components of phytospray for weight loss start from the oral cavity, where they are sucked into the bloodstream. Thus, the following processes occur:

Cleansing кишечника

  • After the cells receive all the necessary vitamins, macro and microelements, the immunity is restored and the person has a desire to move, which will subsequently lead to activity;
  • Metabolism is accelerated due to cleansing of the intestines from toxins;
  • As it was said earlier, some components of phytospray reduce, and sometimes eliminate the feeling of hunger. Thereby, leading to a gradual saturation from the reduced amount of food consumed;
  • Intestinal cleansing occurs;
  • Consuming the right foods helps eliminate bad breath and reduces perspiration..

How to use fitospray for weight loss

Manufacturers recommend taking phytospray either 15 minutes before the main meal (a quarter of an hour is enough for the components to be fully absorbed into the body) or after.

In rare cases, when the feeling of hunger is observed more than 3 times a day, you can take the remedy as needed..

The manufacturing company also claims that their product prepares the body for weight loss..

That is, using phytospray, you must give up bad habits, reduce the usual number of servings and begin to play sports. Observing the listed complex, you will get a positive result..

Where to purchase the tool

You can buy phytospray only on the official website of the manufacturer, as the product is not yet sold in pharmacies and sports nutrition stores..

Doctors reviews

I have been approached more than once by people who have read in various forums of positive reviews about diets, and have tried similar means of phytospray.

They come to me with big dreams of a slim body, and lack of desire to work hard on its implementation.

At such moments, we begin to deal with the problem. I explain to them that phytospray is not a magic wand, but only an addition to a low-calorie diet and simple physical exercises..

If you need to lose 1-2 kilograms, the product will fully cope with this task, but in order to lose more, you will have to work hard: take phyto spray, follow a diet and start playing sports.

Lobachev Andrei, a practicing nutritionist


First you need to understand that no one tool will help you lose 10 or more kilograms in a month. Manufacturers of these wonderful products lie.

Reviews of fitospray – true, as it activates the process of metabolism and dulls hunger. But know – this is just a good start for weight loss, where the next step will be proper nutrition and sport..

Malakhova Marina, nutritionist

My experience

Many times she vowed that she would never believe an advertisement published in social networks. But the approach of summer and the desire to lose those extra pounds gained during the winter turned out to be stronger than the promises. Phytospray has ordered Odnoklassniki in the eponymous group on the site.

My mistake was that I had to go through the forums and read what the order should be done on the official website, and not in social networks and scam sites.

Nevertheless, promises in this group stated that for the loss of extra kilograms, it is enough to regularly refresh the oral cavity with a purchased remedy..

The result: having received the parcel at the post office and opened it at home, I realized that I had acquired something incomprehensible. Here is what I noticed:

  1. There is a certificate of conformity of the goods. At first glance – a plus, the notes do not mention that phytospray is designed for weight loss;
  2. The composition of the drug includes green tea. And in the original should be green coffee;
  3. I went on the Internet and after reading the reviews I realized that only those who purchased phytospray on the official website leave negative reviews, as well as me through social networks.

As you already understood, about any idea of ​​losing weight, there can be no question. Although I still tried. It refreshed the oral cavity, but the feeling of blunting hunger and a surge of energy did not occur. So do not repeat my mistakes and order phyto sprays only on the official website of the manufacturer..

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What real buyers say?

I ordered phyto sprays advertised in various forums from sports interest. She was able to lose 4 kilograms, although the others did not notice it. But! After a week of regular use of the product, I noticed that I had energy and a desire to do something useful from somewhere. Now my every morning begins with charging. After some time, I lost only 1 kg, but when I stood in front of the mirror, I found that I had become slimmer by a couple of cm. I think this is due to the dulling of hunger. I’m happy with the results so far, let’s see what happens next..

Alyona, Kamensk

I recently bought and started using phytospray. For example, today for breakfast I ate a piece of cake, drank 3 cups of coffee. Lunch: boiled rice with fish and tea with puff pastry. Then she ate a piece of sausage, after 2 hours 2 sandwiches with butter and cheese. Dinner: an apple and 2 bananas. It turns out that no matter how much I strive for proper nutrition, I’m still drawn to junk food, and this tool does not help at all. Today is the third day of our “friendship”, but no effect. 1000 rubles thrown to the wind. The only plus is a pleasant tropical flavor..

Elona, ​​Kazan

I use more than a month – no result. Ordered on the site, they sent an ordinary mouth freshener. I noticed the codes on the package and decided to check – the system issued, then the product is not fake. When I made an order, the consultant offered me to buy goods for the stock, so to speak, to consolidate the result. She believed her and bought 5 fitospray for the price of 4. Now I sit, I refresh my breath, I laugh at my dullness and naivety, but I do not lose pounds. In general, my mouth freshener was expensive..

Anna, Chelyabinsk

Initially, I wondered why so many reviews were not only good, but also bad. I thought that a means known in Russia and abroad cannot cope with its task. Before ordering, I believed that phytospray would definitely help me. But having received the parcel, I realized that I would be among the disgruntled buyers..

I was surprised at what was sent to me, but the presence of interesting components once again revived hope.

Every time before eating, “pshikala” phytospray mouth cavity. Despite the pleasant exotic taste, I did not notice any effect in a month. I lost 5 kilograms, but this is due to daily fitness visits. The only plus of phytospray is that it smells good from the mouth. The rest of the opinions about the product are negative, and for the first time I feel deceived, but with a fresh breath.!

Karina, Moscow


Having made an analysis of all reviews, it is necessary to emphasize that the instruction to phytospray does not guarantee weight loss, since the means sold cannot fully cope with all the problems of obesity. And I must admit – this fact caused doubts among buyers..

The situation was complicated by the fact that the network began to appear numerous negative reviews of people who could not lose weight using phytosprey.

One thing is for sure: the authenticity of positive and negative feedback cannot be guaranteed. The first, despite their reality, may belong to manufacturers, and the second – to competitors.