“Fitomucil Slim Smart” – a drug that helps reduce appetite, weight loss and cleansing the intestines.

"Фитомуцил Слим Смарт" для снижения веса

5 reasons to start losing weight with Fitomutsil Slim Smart

Almost all manufacturers of drugs for weight loss sin exaggeration of the properties of their products. Check out the situation with our tool:

  1. Helps reduce appetite. There are no complaints to this statement. When in the stomach is 5 grams of dietary fiber and about 400-500 ml of fluid, I want to eat less. The fact is that the fiber, getting into our body, swells, while stretching the walls of the stomach. After activation of mechanoreceptors. They send a signal to the brain about saturation of the stomach;
  2. Reduces carbohydrate absorption. This statement is also correct. Many manufacturers write about blocking carbon absorption. This is not true, since fiber can only slow down their absorption;
  3. Reduces calorie intake. Partially true. The absolute number of calories will be constant, but the nutritional value of the food will be small;
  4. Cleanses the intestines regularly and naturally;
  5. Excretes harmful substances from the body..

As for the last two points, they are true. Everyone knows that fiber is capable of excreting toxins and toxins from the body, thereby cleansing the intestines from harmful substances..

“Fitomucil Slim Smart” is an additive whose effectiveness is based on fiber content. The basis of the principle of action is to reduce feelings of hunger.

Despite the fact that the supplement contributes to the easy transfer of low-calorie diets, it does not have the effect of direct fat burning.

The composition of the drug

  • Psyllium Husk Seeds (Psyllium variety);
  • Glucomannan.

1 bag of the drug contains about 5 grams of fiber. Most of the instructions are based on the listing of components not contained in the preparation..

Composition средства

According to the manufacturers, the product is missing:

  • Sugars and sweeteners;
  • Colorants;
  • Diuretics;
  • Senna;
  • Flavorings;
  • Synthetic components.

Why did manufacturers pay more attention to missing components? The answer is obvious: to increase customer interest. The absence of the listed components is considered to be an advantage of the drug..

Instructions for use

Use препарата с сокомThe instructions say that the supplement should be taken 3 times a day before meals, one bag at a time. The contents of the package must be diluted in a glass of any drink. For example, yogurt, juice or kefir.

If desired, the powder is allowed to be diluted in water, but the taste of the resulting beverage will not be the most pleasant. After you drink the diluted fiber, you must then drink it with a glass of water.

Next, the stomach is filled with a solution of dietary fiber, a person will not be able to eat a lot of food, and this automatically reduces the number of calories consumed.

In fact, the process of reducing excess weight is carried out thanks to the chosen diet. Taking the drug is meaningless if you do not set dietary restrictions..

Also, the manual says that in order to achieve a quick effect, you can substitute an additive for breakfast or dinner. But this method will work only in one case: if the person will not compensate for these meals in the future by overeating at a dinner meal.

It is easier to move hunger helps fiber contained in the drug. Even if you skip breakfast, you will not eat anything until dinner, and skipping dinner, you can fall asleep before the first feelings of hunger appear..

To increase the effect of the supplement, there is one more way, also indicated in the instructions – following a diet:

  1. Exclusion from the diet of sausages, alcoholic beverages, convenience foods and sugar;
  2. The maximum restriction of the use of nuts, seeds, sweets, fat, and flour products;
  3. Increasing the number of vegetables, herbs, berries, lean meat and fruits.

Where to buy and for how much?

You can buy supplement at any pharmacy. Price 30 bags weighing 5 grams. each averages 1,000 rubles. This amount is enough for exactly 10 days of regular use..

“Fitomucil Slim Smart”: reviews of the drug for weight loss

Never sat on diets and did not plan to torture your body with various restrictions in terms of food, if it were not for childbirth and a fifth point covered with cellulite. Since I am now a nursing mother, diet is contraindicated for me. Of course, except for the individual – which does not harm my child. To lose weight had to learn a lot of pharmacies. Having learned all the pros and cons, I chose Fitomucil Slim Smart. Gradually, my portions decreased by 2 times, I began to drink a lot of liquid and all thanks to this drug. The product is based on natural ingredients. It can be used by both pregnant women and nursing moms. As a bonus: thanks to the fiber contained in the composition, I got rid of the problem of periodic constipation..

A photo

Daria, Kostroma

I got acquainted with “Fitomucil Slim Smart” at the time when I was trying to normalize my weight. In a pharmacy, this supplement was recommended to me as a means for reducing appetite and harmless cleansing of the body from harmful substances. Before you buy studied the composition, as I prefer only the natural composition. After making sure that there were no artificial components in the composition, I paid for the purchase and the next day I started taking it. Supplement taken throughout the month. But besides this, she regularly visited the fitness room and kept a diet. I do not know how much I lost a kilogram, since it is a merit not only of the pharmacy, but of the whole complex of measures, but that thanks to the additive my appetite is dulled and the bowels work, I can give a 100% guarantee.

Sevda, Kazan

She learned about Fitomucil Slim Smart thanks to the women’s forum, where they actively discussed the results. Later, after reading an article on the Internet with a complete and detailed description of the drug, I decided to purchase the cherished and actively advertised packaging for myself. To my surprise, the principle of operation of the additive is fully consistent with the description in the instructions: it reduces weight, dulls appetite, cleanses the intestine without harm to the body. The only minus I found is the specific taste of the drug. Of course, not all pharmaceuticals taste good, so you can suffer. I also want to advise: it is necessary to take “Fitomucil” immediately after dilution with a liquid, and then after swelling it is impossible to drink the drug. As for losing weight, I can’t say that I lost weight because I don’t diet and am not friends with sports. Even the instructions say that the supplement is effective only in combination with proper nutrition and exercise. By the way, my doctor is not against the fact that I started taking this remedy, since, in his opinion, there will be no side effect, and all this thanks to the natural composition. So if you treat people who do not limit themselves in nutrition and are not involved in sports, but at the same time you want to clear your stomach of toxins, then Fitomucil Slim Smart is exactly for you.

Tatyana, Crimea

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“Fitomucil Slim Smart” is not just another useless dietary supplement for weight loss..

As you can see, reviews confirm that the drug really helps reduce appetite, and if you follow certain rules of nutrition, it helps to reduce weight..

Food supplement has no side effects and can be used an unlimited amount of time without harm to the body..