When a woman becomes a young mother, her whole life begins to revolve around a small lump, which brings happiness to the house with its appearance. And I want the period of development of the child to go smoothly, without diseases.

Therefore, a young mother should understand that the development of her baby in the first month of his life depends on the nutrition he will receive..

Special питание кормящей мамы

And since its nutrition is directly related to the nutrition of the mother, it is necessary to approach responsibly to choosing your menu from the first minutes of the baby’s life.

Nutrition nursing mom – the guarantee of health of the newborn

When a baby is born, the first thing it tastes is mother’s colostrum, which will be allocated for the first 2-3 days. It acts as an intermediate stage on the way to feeding the baby with milk and is the most important source of obtaining all the necessary elements for further development..

The harmonious development of the newborn is largely due to the quality of mother’s milk consumed. Therefore, the composition of milk is very important and depends on the choice of high-quality and necessary products..

The milk of a nursing woman contains protein, fat, sugar, salt, vitamins and all this satisfies the corresponding needs of the child. It also contains some hormones, protective bodies and enzymes necessary for the newborn to process food..

Therefore, a young mother must adhere to the principles of proper nutrition to ensure the healthy development of the baby..

The right choice of products for a nursing woman

The selection of products for nursing mothers should be done taking into account the needs of the body and the full provision of its nutrients. She needs to eat fresh and organic food..

In order for the baby to receive the necessary amount of useful substances, it is necessary to use all the main types of products:

  • Meat, poultry, fish;
  • Bread, cereals; Selection продуктов на первое время после родов
  • Fruits and vegetables;
  • Milk;
  • Cottage cheese and dairy products;
  • Cheese;
  • Vegetable oil, cream, olive;
  • Eggs.

However, you should follow the rule of the “golden mean”. Food should not be abused, there is everything, but little by little.

New products are introduced into the diet of a young mother with great care. It is recommended to keep a record of when and which product was administered, so that at the first sign of allergy in a baby, exclude it from your diet..

At birth, the baby’s digestive system has virtually no enzymes to absorb milk. It receives all the necessary substances to improve digestion with mother’s milk..

And since milk is the only type of product that a newborn baby receives, mothers need to monitor the quality and usefulness of their nutrition..

There are babies who are keenly reacting to the change of new products used by mom. Their appearance in the diet of a nursing mother should be started with caution..

It is recommended to introduce up to three new products per week, one in 2-3 days. Use them better before lunch so that you can better track the child’s reaction.

If the process is successful, the child is not worried about either allergies or colic, then you can begin to enter the next product..

Do not forget about the cumulative allergy, which is not immediately visible, but over time the constant presence of the allergen in the diet, it manifests itself. Therefore, it is better in the first month to exclude the reception of allergenic products. These include:

  • Alcohol; Forbidden продукты для кормящей матери
  • Fried and spicy foods;
  • Strong coffee, cocoa;
  • Semi-finished products;
  • Citrus fruit;
  • Confectionery products;
  • Muffin;
  • Red berries;
  • Yogurts containing dyes;
  • Honey;
  • Whole milk;
  • Stale, substandard products.

Even intake of milk in large quantities can lead to allergic reactions, the adoption of whole milk is especially contraindicated. Therefore, it is better to replace it with fermented milk products..

An interesting conversation about the nutrition of the nursing mother in the first month can be viewed in the video story below:

Squeezing as a stimulation of lactation

Many factors influence the proper formation of lactation. One of them is the correct expression of milk by the mother..

Currently, pumping after each feeding is no longer recommended, it should be done in certain situations:

  1. In the first 3-5 days, when the milk arrives, and the baby is not yet able to consume such a volume, it is recommended to decant to avoid stagnation in the chest. This should be done at least three times a day, until the body itself begins to regulate the amount of milk produced in accordance with the needs of the baby;
  2. If the child is born weak and can not yet take the breast. To lactation is not violated, it is recommended that decanting until the baby is fully restored, until he begins to feed himself;
  3. If the mother took drugs and at that time stopped feeding, then to maintain lactation, constant pumping is necessary;
  4. If a situation occurs when the joint stay of the mother with the child is impossible, then for this period it is also necessary to express.

Necessary питьеEven for the regulation of lactation requires proper drinking mode. When breastfeeding, women experience frequent thirst..

Therefore, it is necessary to control the drinking regime and drink about 2-2.5 liters of fluid per day. Milk production will contribute more warm drink..

Warm herbal tea, compote, made from dried fruit. There are special herbal teas that support lactation, but it is better to use them after consulting a doctor..

And, of course, frequent attachment of the baby to the breast will regulate the required amount of milk in the breast and act as a natural natural way to increase lactation. It is necessary to feed the child according to his demand, applying alternately to one breast, then to another.

Meals for the first week after delivery

The main thing is that feeding a nursing young mother should not look like a diet. Practically in all countries of the world there are no restrictions in food for the feeding women.

If the child has no obvious signs of allergy, no special diets are attributed to moms. Only in the countries of India and China, whose cuisine is very sharp, is it recommended that nursing women limit spice consumption.

The most important requirement is fresh and high-quality products. Definitely in all countries of the world it is recommended to completely stop or limit alcohol ingestion and smoking to the maximum..

However, in the first seven days after birth, it is not necessary to experiment. The baby adapts to the outside world, adapts to the processing of food and its internal organs.

Therefore, food should be gentle to the child’s gastrointestinal tract, no allergenic foods, fried, sour, spicy, smoked. Be sure to drink plenty of warm drink, the volume of which can be reduced a little by 3-4 days when milk arrives, so as not to provoke chest congestion.

But in the first 7 days of feeding the child, a strict diet is still needed. At the same time need such products:

  1. Lean meat, steamed or boiled;
  2. Various types of cereals, with the exception of manna. Cook porridge on the water, without sugar and salt. Rice porridge can fix the baby, so it should be introduced with caution;
  3. Vegetables, thermally processed, eliminating red varieties;
  4. Vegetable soups;
  5. Dairy products.
Cottage cheese начинка для блиновPancakes are simple pastries, but it’s not for nothing that they are so popular. The fact is that pancakes are universal, because they can be with any filling. Let us dwell on the curd filler. Stuffing from cottage cheese for pancakes: recipes to choose from. Cook with the soul!

This article presents recipes for natural yogurt for yogurt maker. Very important for normal digestion..

Usually, young mothers are very cautious about eating their sweets. But the galette cookies are treated calmly. Check out his home cooking recipes here..

Sample mom’s menu in the first week after birth:

  • 1st breakfast: porridge, cooked in water, without salt and sugar, with a piece of butter. Weak tea;
  • 2nd breakfast: natural yoghurt without additives, black bread sandwich, butter, cheese;
  • Lunch: vegetable soup, mashed potatoes on the water, a piece of lean boiled meat, compote of dried fruits;
  • Safe,: low-fat cottage cheese with sour cream, dried fruit jelly;
  • Dinner: porridge with vegetables, herbal tea.

If you wish, you can have a glass of kefir with a rusk before bedtime..

Here is another interesting video about the nutrition of a nursing mother after giving birth:

The list of products that a woman needs in the first month of breastfeeding

The table below will help you in reading this list:

Products Variety Cooking method
Meat Beef, rabbit, turkey Boiled, stewed, heat-treated for about two hours.
A fish Low-fat marine fish: cod, perch, pollock Boiled or steamed.
Groats Wheat, buckwheat, rice, oat, semolina Cooked on water, without salt and sugar. Munk is introduced with caution due to the presence of gluten in it, which can cause allergic reactions in a child.
Milk and sour milk Milk, kefir, low-fat cottage cheese, sour milk Consumed without sugar. Perhaps cooking cheesecakes in the oven.
Butter Creamy, sunflower, olive It is added to vegetables, porridges.
Eggs Chicken, quail Chicken are used with caution because of possible allergic reactions to protein.
Vegetables Any vegetables, avoiding varieties of red Stewed with water, with the addition of olive or sunflower oil. Can be steamed. Use red varieties, such as beets, with caution and monitor the child’s reaction.
Fruits Exclude citrus and exotic Do not take on an empty stomach
Bread Eliminate baking Limit intake of very fresh bread
Pasta Durum Pasta Pasta with vegetables or boiled meat
Drink Water, dried fruit compote, weak tea Exclude or minimize coffee intake..

A lactating woman in the first month of her offspring should eat food often and in small portions. When feeding, a lot of calories are lost, so for their replenishment the young mother should eat more than usual.

Sample menu nursing mom in 2-4 weeks:

  • 1st breakfast: porridge cooked with milk, weak black tea, stale bread, cheese;
  • 2nd breakfast: cottage cheese, with sugar, fruit;
  • Lunch: soup, cooked on the second meat broth, mashed potatoes or vegetable, boiled meat, dried fruit compote;
  • Lunch: yogurt or kefir with cookies;
  • Dinner: steamed vegetables with boiled or baked fish, tea.

Diet для новоиспеченной мамочки

Snacks of dried fruit, nuts, with the exception of peanuts. In the first month, you should categorically reject various confectionery products, because in their production, flavors and dyes are usually used, which the child does not need anything and can badly affect his well-being, causing colic or provoking an allergy..

Thus, the nutrition of the nursing mother in the first month is an important stage in the development period of the baby. Proper and high-quality selection of products for a nursing mother lays the foundation for the child’s health..

Controlled drinking regimen promotes proper lactation..

Having properly organized your menu, you can be sure that the child will receive all the substances he needs to develop and will grow up healthy and strong baby..

Finally, we decided to attach a video in which the actual question of the effect of the nutrition of the nursing mother on colic of the child was raised..

Dr. Komarovsky answers: