The weight loss system or the diet of Catherine Mirimanova, familiar to us by the name “Minus 60”, has recently gained wide popularity.

What is so popular?

System минус 60

First of all, in the personal experience of Catherine, because once she weighed as much as 120 kilograms.

Thanks to perseverance and dedication, she managed to get rid of 60 kg and turn from a bbw into a charming and attractive slender woman..

On a system that allows you to say goodbye to extra pounds, and described in this article.

The basic principles of diet

Two main principles around which the system is built: separate food and the prohibition to eat after 18.00.

However, not everything is so simple, there are some conditions that you can achieve the desired result..

Do not count on fast weight loss.

Catherine dropped the weight is not a month or even three.

Her personal diet lasted for half a year..

Nutritionists do not criticize the Mirimanova system, considering it to be quite balanced..

Use любой пищи до обедаThere are no restrictions on products, but feasts can only be arranged until 12.00..

Afternoon lunch and dinner ration gets tighter.

Mirimanova does not urge to give up sugar at all, let alone switch to a sugar substitute.

But gradually you need to start limiting yourself in sweet.

Gradually, the body will withdraw from the cakes and pastries..

Be sure to drink water, this is a necessary condition..

Do not try it when cooking.

Many hostesses, preparing a delicious borscht or chops, cannot deny themselves the pleasure of tasting a freshly prepared dish..

Should not be doing that.

With salt, the essential ingredient of all dishes, you need to be careful.

Try to keep moderation..

During the program, you should start taking vitamins, as the multivitamins that are insufficiently needed in the body are in the diet..

There is no need for fasting days, moreover, they are contraindicated in Mirimanova’s “Minus 60 ″ diet.

If you do not have time to dine before 18 o’clock, you need to completely abandon the meal in the future.

Eat as much as you need

Result Екатерины Миримановой

In the morning you have to eat, it is not necessary to have breakfast tightly..

You can drink a cup of tea or coffee and eat a couple of crackers with cheese.

Calorie counting is not required, as well as reduce portions.

Further, it is allowed to eat anything, but as soon as the clock shows 12.00, chocolates and pastries should be removed until the next morning..

Two more meals follow..

The diet of Catherine Mirimanova allows snacks consisting of fruits and vegetables..

A person can eat as much as he needs, based on the individual characteristics of the organism..

Only boiled or stewed dishes are recommended for lunch..

Can be fried, but with the condition that they are cooked in a dry frying pan.

The principle of separate nutrition, for example, can be potatoes, but without meat or fish.

Fat sauces, mayonnaise, sour cream are allowed, but only until 14.00 and not more than a teaspoon.

Dinner-cooked dishes should only be boiled or stewed, never fried..

This is not to say that this technique is monotonous, because of the allowed products you can cook a lot of delicious dishes..

Both black and green tea are recommended for drinks..

But there is some condition: black tea – in the afternoon, green tea – in the evening.

Allowed to use fresh juice without sugar, as well as alcohol, for example, dry red wine, a glass of which you can drink in the evening.

Weight Loss Reviews

From our readers we received letters with such reviews about the Mirimanova diet:

After giving birth, I gained a lot of weight and looked like some kind of babeha, nothing to do with that slim girl I was before the birth of a child. I weighed almost 100 kilograms. I read the book of Mirimanova on the advice of a friend and realized that this is exactly what I need. What seemed to me especially attractive is that you do not need to exhaust yourself with severe hunger strikes. I have a sad experience when I almost fainted from hunger, and then I began to eat everything that came hand in hand, eventually gaining more weight. For me, this is not a diet, but a lifestyle. Thanks to Catherine and her wise advice, I lost 18 kilos in a year..

Svetlana, 23 years old

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How to use turmeric for weight loss and is it true that wraps with it help to get rid of excess folds? Let’s talk on this topic in the article..

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I had a period when I gave up on myself, completely immersed in life, lived only with children, somehow it wasn’t up to the figure. When she came to her senses, she weighed under 80 kg already. After reading about Catherine Mirimanova’s “Minus 60” diet, I decided to give it a try. I got involved and lost weight with pleasure, for 4 months I lost 11 kilograms, and without straining or starving. Excellent technique!

Olga, 44 years old

After hearing enthusiastic reviews, I decided to try it on myself. But to my surprise, instead of losing pounds, I began to gain them. A familiar doctor said that this food system is complete nonsense. Mirimanova argues that you can eat everything, but before 12.00, even including cakes and sweets in the diet menu. Well, that’s what you get as a result of extra kilos. I did not like the system, the more I will not return to it.

 Irina, 32 years old

Diet does not make you drastically change your habits..

The transition to proper nutrition is smooth and painless, and a distinctive feature of the diet is the ability to treat yourself to sweet.

Do not forget about physical exertion that the body would not become flabby and ugly.

And now the author of this power supply system will tell us about it in more detail: