Diet Simeons with Anat Shtern: the main canons, menus, reviews

To date, one of the most effective power systems for rapid weight loss is Simeons Diet with Anat Stern. She received such an original name thanks to her first creator, as well as to a woman who, after years, revived and refined this idea..

Dr. Albert Simeons lived in the capital of Italy, where he worked in a popular private clinic, the contingent of which was only wealthy people..

Special диета питания Симеонса с Анат Штерн

The work of the clinic was aimed at giving them the opportunity to lose weight in a short time, without causing significant harm to their well-being..

In the course of working with his patients, Albert Simeons was developing his own theory of excess weight, as well as a unique diet for his loss. As a result, he was able to come to conclusions that turned the other theories about obesity upside down..

According to him, the process of gaining excess weight in no way depends on the people themselves, even if they prefer to consume more food than they need.

Dietitians of that time did not agree with Albert Simeons, therefore in the 20th century they did not take the doctor seriously.

However, after the death of Dr. Anat Stern, she went through the diet of Simeons, thanks to which she not only managed to get rid of extra pounds, but also to keep herself in good shape to this day.

She firmly decided that the diet developed by Albert Simeons should be known to as many people as possible who want to lose weight..

The essence of the method Simeons and Anat Stern

The study of Albert Simeons has the original name “Pounds and inches: a new approach to obesity.” To date, you can familiarize yourself with it using the Internet..

Studying the characteristics of the body, Simeons came to the stunning conclusions regarding human subcutaneous fat. He suggested that there are 3 types of fat deposits, which are not dependent on each other:


  1. Fat, which is located between human organs, and forms between them a kind of “pillow”;
  2. Fat, which is a source of energy resources;
  3. The reserves of fat that the body accumulates in the body in case of hungry days.

The latter type of fat is the very fat that looks so impartial on the figure. It can be seen in the armpits, internal and external thighs, abdomen, etc..

The fact is that the human body has a memory, because it knows how difficult it was for people to find food during a war or a famine. That’s why he puts off fat reserves..

Based on this assumption, the doctor decided that the main task of any nutritional system is to get rid of “bad” fat. So it should be done so that the body scooped energy from him.

Albert Simeons chose chorionic gonadotropin as a substance acting on “bad fat”. This substance acts a hormone, which in the people can be found under the name “pregnancy hormone”. This is due to the fact that such a substance is produced by the body only in pregnant women..

According to the developer, the hormone should help in burning fat deposits at the genetic level, because its people will be able to get rid of 15 kg per month. But only in combination with an appropriate diet..

Unfortunately, it is impossible to purchase HCG without a prescription from a doctor in urban pharmacies. It can be ordered by visiting the official website of the diet Simeons and Anat Stern. It should be consumed inside, only relying on strict instructions..

The next principle of the method of Simeons is a diet, which he divided into four steps.

The first step of the diet is to prepare the body for its passage. It is important to clean the body of toxic substances, slags and feces. You can do this by spending a fasting day on water, fruits, berries, vegetables and greens. This stage of the diet should be completed in 1-2 days.

The second stage of the passage of the diet is divided into three steps:

  1. The goal of the first step is to dull high-calorie meals. To achieve it, you should eat as much and calorie as possible, and also drink the hormone HCG, based on the instructions for use. The first step lasts two days;
  2. During the second step, it is necessary to sharply burn the accumulated fat. At the same time, it is necessary to continue taking the hormone, as well as switch to a diet consisting of authorized products. The second step should be three weeks or more, if there is really a lot of excess weight;
  3. In the third step, we need to wean the body from the hormone, but at the same time eat in accordance with the second step. Step duration – three days.

Stages диетыThe third stage of the Simeons diet is 21 days, its task is to secure the result for a long time.

It is necessary to gradually go out of the diet and return to the usual way of eating, but it is important not to consume starchy foods and not to exceed the daily calorie intake for losing weight (until 1800).

The final stage of the diet of Simeons with Anat Stern is aimed at the regeneration of the body. It is necessary to diversify the food carbohydrate food, but gradually introduce it into the diet.

During the first week of the stage you need to eat only one product containing starchy carbohydrates, during the second – two such products, and starting from the third week you can consume them in the desired quantity.

Advantages and disadvantages

Dr. Albert Simeons believed that the subject of his in-depth study is applicable to everyone, regardless of age category and gender. Its development can reveal the following benefits:

  • Thanks to this food system, you can get rid of excess weight in an extremely short time;
  • The use of hCG leads to the fact that the feeling of hunger and lethargy disappears;
  • Observing the diet as accurately as possible, you can lose weight once and for all life.
  • The metabolic processes of the body are restored and work faster;
  • With the passage of the diet disappears the need to intensively engage in the gym.

However, any power system has its imperfections. First, the sale and use of the hCG hormone is already prohibited in many countries, including Russia. According to doctors, its use can lead to irreversible effects..

For example, the appearance of poor-quality tumors, increased ovarian activity in women, etc. Secondly, in the process of passing the diet, the body does not receive all the substances and trace elements it needs, and the nutrition at the stages becomes intermittent.


In general, the diet of Simeons and Anat Stern has no serious contraindications, but it cannot be passed in the following cases:

  1. The presence of chronic diseases;
  2. Daily use of any drugs.

The diet does not have a general list of prohibited and permitted foods, but at its second stage one should eat such foods:

  • Tea, coffee and derivatives drinks without sugar (can be with sweetener);
  • No more than 100 grams of protein products per day (meat, fish, cottage cheese, eggs, etc.);
  • No more than 150 grams of vegetables and herbs per day;
  • Not more than 150 grams of fruit;
  • Not more than 40 g of carbohydrates (toast).

Simeons diet menu with Anat Stern

Diet питания

At the second and third stage of the diet should follow a certain power system:

  1. At the first meal you can drink a cup of tea or coffee without sweeteners;
  2. Lunch should consist of protein and vegetables, while it is important to keep the calorie intake per day, as described above;
  3. At dinner, you should again eat protein foods and vegetables in equal proportions. Fruits and toasts can be eaten during the day between the main meals, the main thing is not to exceed the calorie intake. It is impossible to combine carbohydrates and fruits with each other in one meal.

Thus, you can create the following menu diet Simeons for a week:

Breakfast Black tea without additives 1 cup
Dinner Boiled calf meat

Cherry tomatoes

Lettuce leaves

50 g

3 pcs.

2 pcs.

Snack An Apple 1 PC.
Breakfast Natural coffee without additives 1 cup
Dinner Boiled chicken meat



50 g

2 pcs.

1 bundle

Snack Orange 1 piece
Breakfast Black tea with a tablespoon of skimmed milk 1 cup
Dinner Boiled pollock meat

Lettuce leaves

50 g

3 pcs.

Snack Pear 1 PC.
Breakfast Natural coffee with a tablespoon of low-fat cream 1 cup
Dinner Boiled tuna meat

White cabbage


50 g

2 sheets

1 bundle

Snack Grapefruit 1 PC.
Breakfast Black tea with sweetener 1 cup
Dinner Boiled mussels


50 g

2 pcs.

Snack Strawberry 6 pieces.
Breakfast Natural coffee with a tablespoon of skimmed milk 1 cup
Dinner Boiled shrimps without salt

Red Cabbage


50 g

2 sheets

1 bundle

Snack Kiwi 2 pcs.
The sun
Breakfast Black tea without additives 1 cup
Dinner Cottage cheese

Steam Asparagus

50 g

½ cup

Snack Persimmon 1 PC.

The dinner menu includes the same products and their quantity as the lunch menu..

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How to get out of the diet, a possible result

Dr. Albert Simeons did not talk about how to get out of the diet. After all, its food system consists of four successive steps, and the final steps are aimed at restoring the body and its gradual return to the usual diet..

Therefore, leaving the diet should follow the general recommendations. Namely, not to pounce sharply on those products, the consumption of which was previously not allowed, and also to drink more liquid. You can also fix the result by doing sports.


Not everyone coped in order not to be derailed while passing the diet, but those who passed it from and to are really happy with the results.

I weighed 65 kilograms (at 170), when I decided to lose weight. The weight is pretty normal, getting rid of it should have been easy. For the sake of interest, she began to study the methodology of Simeons and Anat Stern. Not to break with such a strict diet was extremely difficult. But, having gone all the way, I lost up to 52 kilograms. Now I am completely satisfied with my slim figure, and most importantly, the weight has not been returned for a year, although I am eating, as usual!

A photo Розы

Rose, 42 years old

I managed to lose 11 kilograms in 40 days. Who would have thought that in a little more than a month, you could be so transformed! Now my friends and colleagues hardly recognize me, therefore I advise everyone!

Daria, 35 years old

Thus, the following conclusions can be made about the diet of Simeons with Anat Stern:

  • It helps to lose weight in a very short time;
  • Consists of four steps;
  • Based on a theory that suggests that there are 3 different types of body fat;
  • It has minimal contraindications.