Diet магии, что это за диета?To make the figure slender outlines, there are many methods: diet, fitness and hardware procedures.

Normalize weight without much financial cost and damage to health can be done with the help of the Maggi diet.

This is an effective way to lose weight for everyone, regardless of age..

Let’s consider the difference between the curd version of the Maggi diet.

Description and dates

Slimming, the order from the que is based on protein food, most often it is eggs or cottage cheese (there is also a mixed, egg and cottage cheese version).

The peculiarity of the established diet is not a reduction in caloric intake, but the normalization of metabolism.

The diet as a whole is varied and does not require fasting: there are days in the schedule when portions are not limited.

The menu includes fruits, vegetables with high protein content, meat; exclude the use of fats and carbohydrates.

The course of weight loss lasts 4 weeks (each of them differs by a set of products).

During this period, it is easier to consolidate good habits in the organization of food and retain new weight.


The Maggi Diet dictates fairly tough conditions that allow success, namely:

  • Monotonous breakfast without meat;
  • Denial of fried foods;
  • Steaming vegetables, baking or boiling in water with the addition of natural spices and salt;
  • Drinking per day 2 liters of water, unsweetened tea, coffee without milk (sometimes you can drink carbonated mineral water);
  • Strict adherence to the schedule (dinner, breakfast and lunch in places do not change);
  • Moderate physical activity.

Menus are made with the following recommendations:

  • permitted foods – lean meat, citrus fruits, pineapples, apples, pears, kiwi, watermelons, melons, legumes, carrots, eggplants and zucchini;
  • additional products – fresh greens and cucumbers (they can be eaten 2 hours after a meal);
  • prohibited foods – sweet fruits, potatoes, butter, animal fats, broths, mayonnaise, sugar, spirits.
Cottage cheese, eggs and meat supply protein and trace elements; fruit speeds up the metabolism.

The composition of the remaining components stimulates the chemical reactions of the breakdown of fat cells.

If any product is excluded from the diet, it can not be replaced by another.


Allergies to eggs or citrus fruits – the main reason for not giving weight loss.

If you have cardiovascular diseases or problems with the genitourinary system, you need specialist advice..

Curd diet option Maggie

Cottage cheese вариант диеты магги

This variety is distinguished by its main product: low-fat cottage cheese dominates the menu (but eggs are also not excluded from it).

This option is more “hungry” (100 g of cottage cheese is not as nourishing as an egg), but in terms of the amount of proteins it is not inferior to egg.

It should warn people with high acidity: a combination of fruit and cottage cheese can exacerbate stomach problems, cause heartburn..

Benefits of Maggi’s Curd Diet

The beneficial effect of weight loss, the bottom of the body the body is due to the reduction of sweets, starchy foods, fatty foods.

In addition, the diet with the inclusion of cottage cheese has unconditional positive aspects:

  • high digestibility of fermented milk product;
  • strengthening the musculoskeletal system with calcium, which is rich in cottage cheese;
  • low cholesterol.

Expected results of the diet depend on excess weight: here the regulating mechanisms start to act.

From those extra pounds they get rid of those who have more.

According to reviews, weight loss is 7 – 20 kg for a four-week course.

Weekly меню творожной диеты магии

Detailed menu

It is necessary to stipulate immediately: if the quantity of products is not indicated, they are eaten in the quantity necessary for the feeling of saturation.

At the same time they eat slowly, diligently chewing food..

First week

All 7 days of breakfast are: 200 g low-fat cottage cheese and permitted fruit (you can alternate and eat as much as you like).

Lunches (by day):

  • 1st — any fruit;
  • 2nd – boiled chicken breast;
  • 3rd – cottage cheese or cheese, a slice of dried bread, tomatoes;
  • 4th — fruit;
  • 5th — 2 eggs, salad;
  • 6th — fruit;
  • 7th – chicken fillet with boiled vegetables, fresh tomatoes, 1 orange or grapefruit.

Dinners (by day):

  • 1st – beef salad with vegetables;
  • 2nd — vegetable salad, steam fish, black bread, 1 citrus;
  • 3rd — boiled meat, vegetables;
  • 4th — meat, vegetable salad with added vegetable oil;
  • 5th — fish with vegetables, citrus;
  • 6th — beef, fresh vegetable salad;
  • 7th – boiled vegetables.
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Second week

Breakfast remains fruit and cheese.

Lunches (by day):

  • 1st, 4th – cheese (cottage cheese), vegetables;
  • 2nd, 3rd — meat, vegetables;
  • 5th — fish, vegetables;
  • 6th — meat, tomato, orange, or grapefruit;
  • 7th – chicken fillet with boiled vegetables, tomatoes, citrus.

Dinners (by day):

  • 1st — fish, vegetables, orange;
  • 2nd, 3rd, 5th – breakfast is repeated, but you can eat more than 200 g of cottage cheese;
  • 4th — meat (fish), vegetables;
  • 6th — any fruit;
  • 7th – chicken, boiled vegetables, tomatoes, orange.

Third week (unloading)

  • During this period, every day in the diet include 1 – 2 products, alternate them and divide into 3 doses;
  • On the first day, they eat fruits with a low sugar content, the second day – vegetables, the third – fruit and vegetables;
  • On the fourth day, fish is added to vegetables and fruits, on the fifth they feed on meat with boiled vegetables;
  • On the sixth and seventh days, only unsweetened fruits are included in the diet..

Fourth week

It is proposed to independently distribute the following products according to meals.

  • 1st day – 200 g chicken, 2 cucumbers, 3 tomatoes, fruit, toast, 150 g canned tuna without oil;
  • 2nd day – repeat the previous menu, replacing chicken with beef and eliminating tuna;
  • 3rd day – cottage cheese – 400 g, boiled vegetables – 400 g, cucumbers and tomatoes (2 pcs. Each), a slice of bread, fruit;
  • 4th day – up to 500 g of chicken, 3 tomatoes, 1 cucumber, bread, fruit;
  • 5th day – 2 eggs, fruits, vegetables;
  • 6th day – chicken, cottage cheese (cheese), a slice of bread, cucumbers and tomatoes (2 pieces each), sour milk;
  • 7th day – cottage cheese – 400 g, boiled vegetables – 400 g, 150 g of tuna, a salad of 2 cucumbers and tomatoes, a slice of bread, fruit.
To make the food tastier, you can cook a variety of dishes: diet cabbage rolls, baked eggplants, vegetable stew, chicken in foil, steam omelette.

ry ovo

From a limited diet should go out smoothly, gradually increasing the caloric content of food – this is the key to saving results.

If necessary, the procedure of losing weight, repeat after six months..


Consider a few reviews about the curd version of the Maggi diet, which gives the result:

The diet of Maggi is quite satisfying, and you don’t need much cooking, the weight really goes away. True, I really want sweet, it is difficult to strictly comply with the menu. Well, that dinners are bearable and do not cause the desire to empty the refrigerator. As a result, I lost 12 kg per month (my initial weight is 68 kg).

Elena, 32 years old.

I tend to be overweight, I tried many diets, but then the kilograms returned. Thanks to Maggi, I lost 12 kg and gained a stable weight, because after the 4th week I still adhered to an exemplary menu of this diet for half a month, and the volume of the stomach decreased.

Olga, 45 years old.

Losing weight with the help of the Maggi diet after pregnancy. My weight loss schedule: in the first week – 4 kg, in the second and third – 1.5 kg, and in the fourth – as much as 8 kg. At the same time I was engaged in daily gymnastics.

Alina, 25 years old.

Maggi diet normalizes metabolism, enriches the body with nutrients, disciplines.

But the best part is that your efforts will not be fruitless and will give a real and lasting result..

Video dessert

In this video, you will be told what the Maggi diet is, types of Maggi diets, including cottage cheese, which it shows the results in the end..