The gallbladder is the storage where the bile produced by the liver is located, or rather accumulates..

Its outflow becomes difficult when pathological processes occur (for example, inflammation), after which problems with the digestion of fatty foods and constant pain begin.

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The article below will talk about cholecystitis of the gallbladder..

The basic principles of nutrition

An important step in treatment is compliance with certain diets, which differ slightly among themselves depending on the pathologies and the form of the disease..

The main goals of diets include:

  1. Reduce the amount of load on the liver;
  2. Improve the process of producing bile;
  3. Normalize all gastrointestinal functions.

Based on these goals, doctors recommend that patients follow the below listed requirements:

Recommendations по меню

  • To eat 5 times a day (not less) and preferably in the same period of time;
  • The menu should be structured so that the patient consumes 2100-2500 kcal per day;
  • Do not eat or drink food whose temperature is higher or lower than the average;
  • Drink plenty of fluids, in particular water;
  • Food should be cooked without salt or with a minimum of it.
  • It is strictly forbidden to drink alcoholic beverages..

Prohibited List of Products

Although the list is long – every patient should know the products prohibited for him and try to avoid them. Compliance with these prohibitions is usually necessary for those who have the disease is observed in the catarrhal form, because in other cases, doctors remove the gall bladder in the shortest possible time..

Abuse of prohibited products leads to deterioration of its health and a negative impact on the work of the gastrointestinal tract. So, what will have to forget with cholecystitis?

  1. About alcohol;
  2. About foods that contain a substance – caffeine;
  3. About confectionery: muffins, freshly baked bread;
  4. About fish;
  5. About fatty dairy products.

Consider the list of prohibited products for cholecystitis products in more detail..

Fish and fat meat

Ban на употребление рыбы

The following types of products fall into this category:

  • Caviar;
  • Canned food;
  • Sausage;
  • Offal;
  • Lamb meat;
  • Som;
  • Duck;
  • Sturgeon;
  • Salmon;
  • Pork;
  • Goose;
  • Smoked products.
Please note that it is forbidden to even roast well-known dietetic chicken and rabbit meat, as this may provoke new pains..

Thus, all dishes cooked on margarine, lard, including soups boiled in fish broth are not the most suitable choice for a patient with cholecystitis..


Ban на алкогольEverything is easier here, as many know that any alcoholic drink not only forms stones, but also contributes to their movement in the gall bladder. You can drink alcohol only once every 2-3 months and in minimal doses..

You should know that some experts advise drinking a glass of high-quality white dry wine.

In their opinion, the drink can accelerate the process of synthesis, after which a speedy recovery of the patient will follow. But according to other doctors, the recommendation is doubtful..

Spices, vegetables

Everyone knows that vegetables are an integral part of our diet. But if a patient has inflammatory processes, then he will have to forget about:

  • Canned and pickled vegetables;
  • Green onions;
  • Radish;
  • Sorrel;
  • Radish;
  • Garlic.

This list is complemented by such spices as mustard, black pepper, horseradish, and mayonnaise. And the patient is forbidden to eat mushrooms and nuts..

Dairy products

Do not use:

Ban на молоко

  1. Milk;
  2. Cottage cheese;
  3. Sour cream;
  4. Cream;
  5. Hard Cheese.

Caution should be taken to use ice cream, as the product is made on the basis of palm oil, and its composition contains a large number of flavors, fats, various dyes and food additives..

Sweet and drink

Remember that consuming caffeinated foods is taboo. This applies to both coffee and cocoa and chocolate..

Permitted Products

Having learned the list of banned products, many thought that with this disease you can forget about the joyful life with your favorite products. But not everything is so bad, because the list of approved products is just as extensive. And anyway, who said that proper nutrition is always tasteless?

So, you can use:

  • Fish, meat minimum fat;
  • Eggs;
  • Seafood;
  • Marmalade;
  • Jam;
  • Marshmallow;
  • Cereals;
  • Pasta;
  • Greenery;
  • Fruits and vegetables that are not acidic;
  • Natural unrefined vegetable oils;
  • Bread;
  • Dairy products.
The daily rate of sugar and salt should not be more than 10 grams. It is also rarely allowed, but pamper yourself with high-quality sausages and unsharp sausages..

From spices it is authorized to use a turmeric. It speeds up the elimination of the inflammatory process and promotes rapid removal of bile..


Despite the fact that fatty foods and dishes are contraindicated, it is allowed to enrich the diet with vegetable oils. The fact is that in their composition there are easily digestible fats that stimulate the excretion of excess bile.

Tip: to preserve the beneficial properties of the oils, add them already to the prepared food, but do not heat.

Many people know that olive oil has a choleretic property, thus it does not allow inflammatory processes to develop and copes well with the stagnation of bile. It also reduces cholesterol and has a laxative effect..

When choosing, give preference to the first cold press, which has a pleasant aroma and a greenish tint. Also allowed to use about 20 grams. butter.

For cholecystitis patients, flaxseed oil is a source of polyunsaturated acids, which strengthens the body, normalizes hormones, and reduces the amount of cholesterol.

Remember that flaxseed oil is allowed to be consumed only with food, and before taking it, you should consult with your doctor.

Products с витамином ВEssential vitamins of group B: symptoms of shortage, norm and in which products there are a lot of them. Learn what to include in the diet.!

Read about the type of diet for type 2 diabetes, read here. All nutritional features of this disease are described there..

And here you will learn everything about the preparation “Picolinate Chromium” for weight loss: instructions for use, composition, side effects, contraindications and reviews.

Milk thistle oil is the safest product for cholecystitis, since it:

  1. Relieves spasms;
  2. Accelerates the process of excretion of bile;
  3. Relieves inflammation;
  4. It has antimicrobial and antibacterial action..

Be aware that by using milk thistle oil, the improvement will come rather slowly..

Pumpkin seeds

They became known as a drug due to their rich composition, which is specifically used to treat the biliary tract. It is allowed to use natural pumpkin seeds, but not more than 0.5 cups a day.


In cholecystitis, all consumed fruits should be sweet, but more often patients are recommended to eat pears. Their regular intake often contributed to the elimination of many of the symptoms of this disease. You can also eat avocados, papayas, strawberries, apples, bananas, persimmons, and melons with watermelon..

Gallbladder cholecystitis diet: weekly menus and recipes

Menu диеты при холецистите


1st breakfast Oatmeal, sausage, tea or broth hips
2nd breakfast 100 gr. cottage cheese and 1 banana
Dinner Stuffed with meat and rice pepper, soup with wheat groats, compote or rosehip broth
Afternoon tea Rye bread and tomato and cucumber salad, seasoned with vegetable oil
Dinner Milk rice soup, 3 dry biscuits


1st breakfast Coffee with milk (weak) and cottage cheese casserole with raisins
2nd breakfast Fruit salad of apples and pears, dressed with honey and sprinkled with walnuts
Dinner Buckwheat porridge with steamed cutlet, cabbage salad, compote
Afternoon tea Baked apple and jelly
Dinner Vinaigrette and scrambled eggs with herbs (protein)


1st breakfast Rosehip decoction and lazy dumplings
2nd breakfast Squash caviar
Dinner Vegetable soup, boiled chicken leg and compote
Afternoon tea Carrot-Apple Salad
Dinner Macaroni with cheese, tea


1st breakfast Semolina, jam, milk tea
2nd breakfast Protein
Dinner Boiled fish, mashed potatoes, tomato
Afternoon tea Marshmallow, tea
Dinner Fruit pilaf, dogrose broth


1st breakfast Millet porridge, doctor sausage, tea with milk
2nd breakfast Baked pumpkin, decoction of herbs
Dinner Beef Stroganoff, bran bread and braised cabbage
Afternoon tea 2 slices of cheese, tea with milk
Dinner Vegetable stew and bread


1st breakfast A couple of sushka, milk noodle soup and tea
2nd breakfast Vegetable casserole, herb decoction
Dinner Boiled beef, vegetarian soup and compote
Afternoon tea 1 tomato and cheese
Dinner Baked fish, decoction of herbs


1st breakfast Puff meat pie, tea with milk
2nd breakfast Tea with dried fruit
Dinner Cucumber and Cabbage Salad, Plov
Afternoon tea Curd cheese, tea, bread
Dinner Pumpkin porridge, cocoa

Vegetable Soup

Zucchini, carrots, onions, potatoes, eggplants and sweet peppers cut into cubes. Potatoes pour 3 liters. boiling water, salt and cook for 10 minutes.

Add the remaining ingredients. A couple of minutes before the end of cooking throw vegetables zucchini. Cool, chop in a blender and fill with 2 spoons of vegetable oil.

Fish Soufflé

Boil 100 gr. Fillets and mince. Add yolk, pour 30 ml of milk, 2 gr. butter (butter) and salt. Beat the protein and add to the rest of the ingredients. The resulting composition bake until cooked in the oven.

Diet number 5 with cholecystitis of the gallbladder

Diet "Стол №5"The purpose of this diet, first of all, is to improve the process of bile secretion and normalization of the liver. The energy value of the diet is 2400-2600 kcal.

The chemical composition of the diet:

  • 80 gr. fat, where 55% – of animal origin;
  • 80 gr. fat, where 30% – vegetable;
  • 400 gr. carbohydrates, 80% is sugar;
  • 10 gr. salts;
  • Not less than 2 liters of fluid.

If desired, patients are allowed to use up to 40 grams. sorbitol.

Sample menu for 1 day for diet number 5:

  • First breakfast: curd mashed with sugar, seasoned with sour cream, tea, oatmeal with milk;
  • Second breakfast: a few baked apples;
  • Lunch: soup without meat, boiled in vegetable oil, boiled chicken, sprinkled with milk sauce, boiled rice and dried fruit compote;
  • Safe, to drink broth hips;
  • Dinner: fish (boil on vegetable broth), poured with white sauce, mashed potatoes, cottage cheese cheesecake, tea;
  • For the night: a glass of kefir.

Features of nutrition in acute illness

In acute cholecystitis, the first three days it is recommended to limit yourself to only drinking decoctions of pharmaceutical herbs: mint, chamomile, rosehip or water, at least 2 liters per day. Also allowed to drink non-carbonated mineral water, but with the condition that you initially dilute it with water.

Vomiting and nausea are among the most common symptoms of exacerbation, and at such times the patient does not even think about any food. Already on the fourth day he is allowed to start eating mashed vegetables, mousses and porridge – everything should be well pounded.

It is desirable for the first time to be limited to puree from Brussels sprouts, only then expand your menu with other permitted products..

How to eat in the chronic form of the disease

In chronic cholecystitis, a person will have to forget about the existence of the previously banned products, start making friends with the list of allowed ones and try to teach them to cook delicious dishes..

Remember that with this form of the disease, this kind of food should not be a temporary measure, but a way of life that you have to get used to..

Since in most cases the exacerbation of cholecystitis and surgery was due to alcohol and the consumption of fatty foods and food..

The results of the diet: positive and negative effects

Normalization работы ЖКТ

With proper nutrition, there is a decrease in all signs of inflammation, as well as normalization of the gastrointestinal tract..

Dieting and using only approved products will lead you to the following positive effects:

  • Weight loss;
  • Immunity will be strengthened;
  • Reduced risk of complications from the disease;
  • The growth of beneficial microflora is activated..

Failure to follow the diet, the use of prohibited foods will not only lead to negative consequences, but also worsen the patient’s well-being and can occur:

  1. Jaundice;
  2. Pancreatitis;
  3. Hepatic colic;
  4. Perforation;
  5. Removal of stones from the gallbladder;
  6. Gangrene;
  7. Suppuration;
  8. Edema of the organ;
  9. Bladder abscess.

Remember that in any case, food should bring a person pleasure, even during cholecystitis.

So try to come up with a varied menu from the list of allowed products and enjoy the taste of the prepared dishes. This will bring you not only aesthetic pleasure, but also relieve the problems associated with digestion and the gall bladder..