Now that the Internet is always available, it’s easy to find out what the “6 petals” diet is, but for some 10 years it was not so easy..

Many women naively believed that since it is associated with flowers, the menu always includes … roses.

Diet "6 лепестков"

How far they were from the truth!

In fact, only the name of the diet is floral.

Positive and fun diet

The method of nutrition with the wonderful name “Six petals” comes from Scandinavia.

In the early 2000s, Swedish nutritionist Anna Juhannson invented a way to effectively lose weight on the principle of alternating proteins and carbohydrates..

Observing these principles, you can lose weight from 2 to 4.5 kilograms in 6 days (this is how long the diet lasts), and without starving.

So that the process of getting rid of hateful kilograms is not boring and monotonous, Anna Johansson suggests to bring a positive element into it – you need to draw a flower.

It should have as many petals as there are days in the diet..

It is necessary to try and draw a flower as beautiful as possible, so that it evokes positive emotions..

It can be not only a traditional chamomile, but, for example, an orchid, a rose, everything, everything.

Beautiful and bright, he should take pride of place in the kitchen, for example, on the refrigerator.

After passing through each of the monodiets, one petal needs to be torn off to confirm that the next stage of the test is completed, and persistence in achieving the goal will soon bear fruit – the desired kilogram loss.

Principles in action

Separate питание

The bottom line is the physiology of human digestion.

Mono-diets are a principle of separate feeding, following which a person does not mix incompatible products..

In addition, it has been proven that this technique, which lasts no more than 25 hours, sharply attacks fat cells..

This happens because of some features of the digestive system, in particular, the liver, which accumulates a lot of different substances and stores them.

Every day in the method of Anna Johansson – eating only one product.

Liver, being fed up with, for example, fish, during the day will wait for the “continuation of the banquet”, a product with a different chemical composition.

But nothing more can be eaten..

Thus, the body digests the product “idle”, however, in order to continue to function, it needs to extract energy somewhere.

This is where he remembers the fats!

From this moment begins the loss of extra pounds.

Anna Johansson claims that the effectiveness of the diet is due to protein-carbohydrate alternation of days.

The scheme is simple: fish (protein) – vegetables (carbohydrates) – chicken (protein) – cereals (carbohydrates) – cottage cheese (protein) – fruits (carbohydrates).

This is a tricky tactic that allows you to deceive the body and forcing it to break down fats.

Diet МаггиNo less interesting type of diet – Maggi curd. The course is designed for 4 weeks, do not have to starve. Maggie’s Diet: Cheese Option.

No housewife can not do without this bright and healthy vegetables. It’s about carrots. Here we talk about her calorie.

In the article you will learn about the varieties of low-fat cheese. Now you can easily recognize it on store shelves.

Important: the sequence of days can not be changed, otherwise the whole point will be broken.

Loss of kilograms if happens, then very insignificant.

Priority and action monodiet:

  1. Fish Sleeps the vigilance of the body, fills it with important Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids – a useful fat that is not deposited. Fish is the source of the most beneficial protein for the body..
  2. Vegetable Reduce calorie daily menu, saturate the body with nutrients, will contribute to the breakdown of body fat.
  3. Chicken. Feed the body with protein, which will instantly be spent on strengthening the muscles, but not on the restoration of fat layers. The body will be adjusted to receive energy from fat reserves, the weight will go away.
  4. Cereal. Enriches the body with complex carbohydrates that the body is difficult to digest. To do this, he will have to work hard, and he will again replenish the missing energy due to fat deposits..
  5. Cottage cheese. Will give you the missing minerals lost in the previous 4 days, and high-quality pure protein. Metabolism will start working again due to fat..
  6. Fruit. Thanks to fruit, the body gets polysaccharides, which are not so easy to digest, so he will again remember the fat cells.

Detailed diet menu


  1. On the first day, low-fat fish are allowed. It is best to cook it for a couple, you can cook or bake. The easiest way is to make a soufflé. To do this, scroll the fish fillets in a meat grinder and make minced meat, lightly salt it. Without adding an egg, make balls of mince and put in a double boiler for 20 minutes.
  2. On the second day, you need to eat vegetables (except potatoes) boiled, raw or baked. Preference is better to give fresh vegetables, such as salads, juices.
  3. On the third day – baked, boiled or stewed chicken. You can cook chicken chops on the grill. To do this, marinate in the evening in soy sauce chops (do not add salt). In the morning, fry in a pan greased with a little oil..
  4. On the fourth day – any kinds of water porridge. Preference should be given buckwheat or oatmeal. You can loaves, bran, fiber. Kvass is not prohibited.
  5. On the fifth day, low-fat cottage cheese is used without adding sour cream. Kefir and skimmed milk are allowed..
  6. On the sixth day, you need to eat fruit, best of all apples, recommended mashed potatoes, but without adding sugar. Bananas and melons should be excluded. You can drink juices, but not canned, but fresh.

During the week you can drink tea, preferably green, but the coffee from the menu is better to exclude.

Sugar should not be added to dishes.

Be sure to drink water!

Here are the responses of women about the “6 petals” diet sent to us by mail:

Lose weight вместе

I can not say that the results of the “6 petals” method pleased me. Followed the sequence monodiet, drank water. Has thrown off only 2,5 kilograms, and counted on the bigger. In addition to the weight went volumes – 2.5 centimeters. Weight disappears on protein days, but returns to carbohydrate. The undoubted advantage of the diet is that it is not hungry, for me the most difficult was the fruit day, since I do not like fruits in principle.

Maria, 41 years old

This is the perfect diet! In 6 days I lost 5 kilograms, which I consider to be a very good result. Now I am passing the second round, the weight continues to go away, the volumes are melting before my eyes.

Lyudmila, 26 years old

The diet is not hungry and varied, you can make souffles, casseroles, mashed potatoes …. The only thing I can not do without coffee, but I make myself this indulgence – I drink it in the morning. I consider the diet to be effective – I have already lost 4.5 kilograms on it, but I’m not going to stop at that.

Olga, 35 years old

If you strictly adhere to the rules, you can achieve excellent results..

Diet “6 petals”, like others, has contraindications.

Not recommended for people with cardiovascular diseases, gastrointestinal problems, pregnant and lactating women, children under 18.

We offer to watch the video in which the girl began to adhere to this technique: