Aspirants to lose weight often turn their attention to vegetable diets.

And for good reason.

They are low-calorie and contain a lot of fiber, which does not feel the constant hunger..

Vegetable летнее похудение

One popular method of losing weight is the cucumber diet..

Cucumber is 90% water, so you’ll use plenty of liquid with a vegetable..

Due to this, the body’s metabolic processes are activated and toxins are eliminated..

Regularly eating this green vegetable, you will get rid of edema, get a charge of vitamins, cleanse the skin and lose weight.

Effectiveness of losing weight

Cucumber, despite its high liquid content, contains vitamins B, P, A, C.

As well as phosphorus, iodine, calcium, magnesium and potassium.

The enzymes contained in the vegetable, help the absorption of poorly digestible protein, so it will be a good and useful addition to meat.

The product has a small choleretic and diuretic effect, improves appetite, and fiber cleanses the body and improves digestion..

Main продукты программы похуденияThe advantage of using it as a means for losing weight is also in the fact that it allows you to slow down the transition of carbohydrates to fat accumulations.

Cucumber diet for weight loss is that the cucumber should be the main diet.

A day should be eaten by one and a half kilograms.

Slimming by this method is better to postpone for the summer, when the product is more available (price category) and contains less nitrates.

Mono-diet on these vegetables is not balanced, but it will quickly bring your figure in order and save about 3 kg in 3 days..

But we must understand that this effect is short-lived.

Therefore, so that the extra weight does not return, it is necessary to approach the method correctly, choosing the right diet.

Nutrition should contain protein, fat and carbohydrates..

In this case, the body will not be subjected to stress, and you will lose weight without harm.

However, you still have to reduce the amount of salt and generally abandon the sweet and flour.

It is better to eat lean meat or fish, boiled or steamed.

At the time of the program it is also necessary to exclude canned food, alcohol, sweet and carbonated drinks..

Although cucumber is a vegetable that does not cause allergies, it is not suitable for everyone..

This technique is contraindicated for athletes and people leading an active lifestyle..

In this case, the mono diet only hurts.

To refuse to lose weight by this method will have to suffer from cystitis, heart disease, pyelonephritis and kidney stones.

Cucumber diet

Fasting days (1-3 days)

The most common type of weight loss program is on cucumbers..

It should be used as fasting days, do not stretch it for more than 3 days..

On the day, you need to eat about one and a half kilograms of vegetables.

During this period, according to reviews, it takes about 3 kg of excess weight.

During the fasting days you can drink non-carbonated water, tea and coffee without sugar.

If you feel worse, you should eat a boiled egg or lean meat (fish), or abandon the program altogether.

Seven day weight loss

Menu диетическое

This option cucumber diet for 7 days is easier and, moreover, will help maintain a new weight..

In the day should be 4 meals at an equal interval of time..

Dinner is better not to postpone later than 7 pm, and the last “snack” cucumber should be at least an hour before bedtime..

In a week it will be possible to lose about 5 kg..

The first day:

  • 2-3 cucumbers and a piece of bread (rye);
  • vegetable soup (add salt to a minimum);
  • apple, better green, or grapefruit;
  • cucumber salad (≈200 gr) with fresh parsley and dill, season with olive oil.

Second day:

  • 200 grams of cucumbers and a slice of bread (necessarily rye);
  • salad: 50 grams of steamed chicken or beef, cucumber and 3 radishes, season with olive oil;
  • grapefruit or apple (green);
  • chop one cucumber and fresh dill or parsley, season with olive oil.

Day three: A portion риса

  • bread (rye) and cucumbers;
  • steamed lean fish (100 gr), one cucumber and 50 grams of cooked rice;
  • 100 grams of cucumber;
  • Salad: 2 cucumbers, celery leaves and olive oil.

Day four:

  • 2 cucumbers and bread (rye);
  • 100 grams of rice, 20 grams of cheese and 1 cucumber;
  • pear 1 pc;
  • chop one or two cucumbers, parsley or dill and season with olive oil.

Day Five:

  • 50 grams of wholemeal bread and 2 cucumbers;
  • salad: any vegetables 150 grams, 1 grapefruit and cucumber;
  • green apple;
  • chop cucumber, greens, add 20 grams of hard cheese (grated), season with olive oil.

Day Six: Salad

  • bread (wholemeal) and 2 cucumbers;
  • vegetable salad: cucumber, boiled egg and preferably a pear;
  • grapefruit;
  • salad: cucumbers, greens (dill, parsley, celery) with vegetable oil.

Day Seven:

  • 2-3 cucumbers and 100 grams of wholemeal bread;
  • vegetable salad (250 gr) with vegetable oil and lemon dressing;
  • 1-2 cucumbers;
  • parsley or dill salad, grated hard cheese and cucumbers with vegetable oil.
Separate питаниеSeparate meals – the rule number 1 for weight loss. Those who are desperate and believe that the weight will never change, find this way and drastically turn over the entire diet and, most importantly, it works!

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Do you like grapefruit? It is sour and bitter, but it depends on the variety and its maturity. Here our experts will tell you about all its beneficial properties..

Reader opinions

Here are the reviews about the cucumber diet leave our subscribers:

About 1-2 times a month I arrange two cucumber days for myself. It helps me lose 3 kg. If you do not get enough after the dump, the weight is well kept. I like!

Valeria, 22 years old

From a friend I learned about the cucumber-kefir diet and her feedback about her was positive, so I decided that I should try. Unfortunately, she did not suit me or I did something wrong. For the week it took only 3 kg. I wanted more, especially since I was constantly feeling hunger.

Tatyana, 31 years old

Cucumber diet is one of the effective ways to lose weight.

The main thing with the mind to approach weight loss, so as not to harm the body.

It is better to start the program in the absence of undue stress and strong physical exertion..

Decide what you want: quick or long-term results.

The diet menu depends on this choice..