Of course, the most beneficial natural crab meat. This fact is obvious. And crab sticks are just an imitation of crab meat. But they are no less useful because they are made from minced fish. The main thing is that they would not be artificial additives.

crab палочки

Composition and calorie

In any supermarket you will find a large selection of chopsticks – in various packages and individually, with and without minced fish. The composition of a quality product can only be minced from ocean fish, natural vegetable oil, egg white, a little starch and sugar, as well as salt.

In other cases, different flavor enhancers, identical to natural ones, are used, as well as colorants, aromatic compositions and thickeners. To understand what you are buying, carefully read the labels and give preference only to ingredients of natural origin..

The total caloric content of the product is not high. Standard 100 gram packaging contains not more than 90 kcal. The amount of protein depends on the amount of minced fish added to the product, there is not much fat, and practically no carbohydrates. For convenience, you can count the caloric content of one stick. If the package is 10 pieces, it means that with a caloric content of 90 kcal, the value of one thing will be 9 kcal.

Benefit and harm

surimiOf course, crab sticks cannot compete, with fresh fish in the number of nutrients is a fact. But they are no less useful than the fish itself..

First, in the production of minced fish (surimi) they are not subjected to heat treatment, therefore, some of the microelements and beneficial vitamins are retained, but basically the useful, easily digestible protein remains..

Secondly, they have a neutral smell and taste, so they are added to a variety of dishes. In addition, they have few calories and at the same time they perfectly reduce the feeling of hunger. That’s why there are so few obese people in the “homeland” of crab sticks in Japan..

The most harmful element of crab sticks – artificial additives that imitate natural. These are various preservatives, flavor enhancers, E621 flavor additives and the complete absence of minced fish. With such a composition, sticks are unlikely to be useful, their nutritional value is almost zero. And when making a crab salad, you will not cook a protein dish, but a starchy one, which is akin to macaroni or potatoes.

In addition, the “chemical composition” violates the natural metabolism, which will inevitably lead to extra pounds. Carmine, which is used for color, can cause allergies. Fish protein seems to be a natural ingredient, but it is harmful for people with protein intolerance, is the strongest irritant of the intestinal mucosa, leads to an exacerbation of chronic problems of the gastrointestinal tract.

The use of crab sticks for weight loss

Nowadays, a four-day diet on crab sticks, which contain high-grade protein, has become widespread. Fat from such a diet literally melts. How it works? When you consume proteins, the body starts production of a hormone that promotes the breakdown of fat reserves.

Scrupulous counting calories these days is not necessary. The main thing to remove from the diet of sugar and fat, there is only a quality product without artificial additives, to love low-fat yogurt, unsweetened tea and plain water.

With this diet, given that in the main product a few calories, the total daily caloric content will significantly decrease. One kilogram per day such weight loss is promised by the creators of the diet, but subject to all the rules.

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Recommendations for choosing a quality product

When you choose which crab sticks you and your loved ones have, put safety first. There is one important rule: be sure to read the composition on the package, if surimi (minced fish) goes first in the list, it means there is fish in the product. Here, the main criterion for choosing is not the price of the product, but the composition.

The only negative, the manufacturer does not indicate how much minced fish is added to the product. But there is a way to determine its quantity – look at the package, how much protein is per 100 grams. If the amount of protein is high, then the percentage of fish is also good..

What else to pay attention to:

  1. The sticks should be firm and juicy;
  2. They can be dry if they are thawed, and then frozen again. Therefore, do not buy the product if there is snow and ice inside the packaging;
  3. Painted in red, there must be only one side – the outer;
  4. If the minced fish is listed second, etc., the fish in the sticks is the minimum;
  5. There is no stuffing at all, which means that the product is only made from starch or soy;
  6. Sometimes the product is sold by the piece without packaging, it is better not to buy such items. You will not be able to get reliable information about the composition of such a “delicacy”;
  7. A good quality guarantee – information on the manufacturer on the packaging, shelf life and date of manufacture..

Let’s sum up. Imitation of crab meat was invented by the Japanese. They ground the fish fillets into mince, washed it with water, and ended up with “surimi”, which is the main ingredient of the product..

If you are watching your health, then carefully study the composition, minced fish should be listed first in the list of ingredients, then there can be natural vegetable oil, table salt, chicken egg white, some sugar and starch.