Cooking liver patties: recipes, recommendations

how правильно и вкусно приготовить печёночные котлеты, делимся рецептами и советамиLiver patties – a French dish of the 17th century, the active use of by-products is generally characteristic of the French.

The food of the poor, accidentally on the table to the king, gained popularity among the nobility.

So, this dish quickly became a popular dish in French cuisines..

People who neglect the liver, lungs, and kidneys lose a lot: after all, many dishes and liver patties are no exception, they have a bright and distinctive taste..

Such a prevalence of these recipes can also be explained by the availability of the liver itself: at the price of much cheaper meat, this product is not inferior to soft tenderloin, neither in utility nor in taste.

Liver patties are a rather high-calorie product (about 160 kcal), but the undoubted use of the main component allows for occasional indulgence in a tasty and healthy dish..

Minerals contained in the liver, folic acid, vitamins and amino acids are necessary for the body: drinking one serving per day provides the norm for many substances.

The liver is even recommended by doctors as an adjunct: for anemia and an insufficient level of iron in the body.

Preparatory stage

Choose печень

In order for cooking to be possible, it is important that all products are of good quality and perfect freshness..

How to choose a good liver and do not miscalculate?

When buying a liver, you should pay attention to its color: a good product should be brown-burgundy with a shiny surface and a slightly sweet smell.

TIP!Chefs do not recommend buying frozen liver, as it can fall apart during cooking.

To prepare a semi-finished product for liver patties you need:

  • grind 500-800 grams of liver (previously washed, cleaned and dried);
  • add 1 finely chopped onion (fried or raw, if desired);
  • mix 1-2 eggs and spices (salt, pepper – to taste).
The resulting dough is ready for cooking, adding other ingredients will allow you to get new shades of taste and aroma.

The best cooking recipes

From a large number of recipes for every taste, everyone will choose for themselves precisely those liver patties that the fastidious baby and the omnivorous father of the family will eat with pleasure.

A small video recipe for cooking liver patties in Warsaw. Enjoy watching!

  • With carrots. For the preparation of such meatballs liver, onion and boiled carrots are passed through a meat grinder. Egg is hammered into a viscous mixture and whipped, adding spices. As soon as the dough starts to resemble thick sour cream, you can begin to fry;
  • With bacon. Such burgers are called “Warsaw”, and they all love them, because even the most reverent natures will not feel a specific liver taste in them. About 500 grams of unsalted fat will be needed per 500 grams of liver. Milled lard is mixed with liver and finely chopped (preferably in a blender) garlic, spices, soda and flour. The resulting mass has excellent ductility and easy to roast. To give the lush meatballs a special charm, they should be stewed with a special sauce of finely chopped onion and sour cream;
  • With buckwheat. To make delicious liver cutlets with buckwheat, you will need a liver mass (raw liver twisted with onions) and boiled buckwheat (near a glass). Mixing them and adding egg yolk with spices, get ready-made dough for frying. Fry such products should be on low heat;
  • With rice. Beef liver, minced, is mixed with fried onions. Then boiled rice (150 grams), eggs and spices are added to the mixture. Recalling the consistency of sour cream composition should be roasted over medium heat, carefully spreading the “cutlets” with a spoon. To shade the taste of the liver, chefs advise to serve the dish with sour cream sauce;
  • With decoy. Beef (pork) liver is ground with fried onions and raw garlic. After that, the mass is added semolina (50 grams) with spices, and the resulting composition is left for about half an hour so that the croup is sold. The consistency of mince allows you to roll the patties in breading and fry them with a pleasant crispy crust. Serving such a delicate dish is best with light vegetable side dishes and greens;
  • Chopped liver. The peculiarity of these meatballs is visible from the name: for making minced meat, the liver is not ground in a meat grinder, but finely minced with a knife. This allows the meatballs to be tender and juicy, with fragrant pieces of liver melting in the tongue. Finely chopped liver mixed with onions, eggs, flour and spices. The minced meat should be kept for about 20 minutes, and then fried over medium heat, like fritters. Served chopped patties with vegetables and sour cream sauce;
  • Liver cutlets for kids. A children’s dish is practically no different from an adult, but there are a few nuances: for example, cooks are advised to use chicken liver for such cutlets, since it is softer and more tender; and as a method of cooking, choose not roasting, but steaming.
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Cooking tips

Without sufficient experience, it is difficult to immediately prepare flawless burgers, but simple tips will help you avoid making fatal mistakes:

  • A minced liver cooked according to the standard recipe will be liquid and viscous, but the ideal burgers will be obtained only if it is made thicker;
  • To liver dough become more dense and elastic, experts advise to leave it for proofing (about an hour);
  • The pomp and juiciness of the liver cutlets are given by the added bread, previously soaked in milk, or swollen oatmeal;
  • To make the cutlets tender, roast them in a frying pan in a small amount of water after frying;
  • Carefully follow the cooking time of cutlets: the liver does not tolerate long heat treatment and becomes “rubber”.
  • If the cutlets enter the children’s menu, then it is better to use chicken liver as the main ingredient: such cutlets will be softer;
  • If for cutlets you plan to use beef or pork liver, then you need to soak it in milk beforehand so that there is no foreign bitter taste.