Celery полезное растение, приготовление и советыVegetable culture called celery has long been used in our country only as an ornamental and medicinal plant..

Now it is a product of gourmets and all lovers of natural healthy food..

Peculiar to the taste and really healing, it improves metabolic processes, strengthens bones and muscles, heals the nervous system and the gastrointestinal tract..

In culinary dishes you can add all parts of this plant, choosing them according to what you cook.

Celery root use

Using корня сельдерея

It is harvested from specially bred celery root, which is made just for the purpose of obtaining large nutritious roots..

Choosing raw materials, pay attention to its hardness..

It should not be faded.

A weighty, dense copy is perfect.

It is widely consumed both raw and processed..

Before the correct preparation of any option, you must first:

Separate the root from the stalks and peel it by gently removing the peel with a shallow layer.

It is beneath the peel is the most useful layer of trace elements.

Remove all unsightly, damaged places..

From the root of this product, you can cook soups, such as soup, cabbage soup, and pickle, adding it not earlier than 10 minutes before the end..

Broth gets spicy, very rich taste.

Try the cream soup.

To do this, boil in the chicken broth the root of this product, potatoes, carrots and other vegetables as desired, adding salt 7 minutes before the end.

Explain all products.

The finished dish is very light and saturating..

Puree of the roots of this product in milk, prepared according to the same recipe as potato.

It is served as a complete garnish for meat and fish..

The root of this plant is excellent stew with meat: cut the root into large squares and fry in butter with onion rings.

Add meat, salt and simmer for about half an hour.

Various celery salads

Cooking самых разных салатов из сельдерея

Possessing a great spice and specific, strong taste, the root creates the main shade of any salad and is very much felt in it, therefore it is important to observe the measure.

Usually it is not added as generously as the usual green, although combined with it.

Composing your salads, remember that it is perfectly combined with all products that have a bright taste:

  • apples;
  • carrots;
  • beetroot;
  • cheese;
  • olives and other.

In any traditional salads with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, radishes, cabbage, it will be excellent.

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This raw product is extremely beneficial in vegetable protein and dietary fiber..

Eat as much as possible in raw salads, which will comprehensively clean your intestines and fill the body with vitamins..

  • Celery root is usually cut into bars or squares.
  • If the sliced ​​parts are not added to the salad immediately, they must be soaked in lemon water, otherwise stains will appear..
  • The root can be passed through the grater, then the taste is more delicate, discreet.

Combination examples:

  • Celery root and avocado cut into cubes, chop the parsley;
  • All mix, salt, season with olive oil and lemon juice;
  • Root, carrots, apples, chop on a grater, mix with sour cream;
  • We add cream and mustard to taste to finely grated root.

Remarkably, the root will fit in salads with boiled and canned ingredients, with meat products:

  • Celery root in combination with boiled chicken, greens and cucumbers with mayonnaise dressing;
  • Root with fish, canned in oil, egg, cucumber, olives and mayonnaise;
  • Celery with hard cheese, rye crackers, beans and parsley, dressed with sour cream;
  • Hot salad: add boiled eggs, brown rice and salt to fried root pieces and mushrooms, serve hot.

Celery stalks in food

Application стеблей сельдерея

Cooked salads from celery stalk are also healing, as well as from its root..

The compatibility of the stem with the other products is wonderful, so try and combine. Celery stalk, easy to prepare.

for example:

  • Cabbage finely chop and stretch your hands to get softness;
  • Onion cut into rings;
  • Cucumbers and celery – medium cubes;
  • Add salt, mayonnaise;
  • Cut raw pumpkin into cubes, add the grated root of this plant with apples;
  • Sprinkle with lemon, season with yogurt or sour cream;
  • The stem can be extinguished;
  • To begin, fry the onion rings in butter, add the product sliced ​​in medium bars and tomato slices;
  • Season with salt, stir and simmer for 20 minutes over low heat..

Tasty and healthy juice for the body

It concentrates all the riches of this plant: trace elements, vitamins, minerals.

You can easily prepare this product at home, and all parts are suitable: roots, stems, petioles, green leaves.

You can use a juicer or a grater to make it..

In the second case, rub the necessary amount of raw materials and carefully squeeze it through gauze.

If you have a blender, create green smoothies from it, mixing it simply with water or fresh vegetables, fruits and berries..

Eating root

Role черешкового сельдерея

Celery celery is a distinct variety grown for large, succulent leaves..

Fleshy petioles with foliage will also enrich any dish of a healthy diet..

Preparation of petiole celery, not much different from the usual, the procedure is the same.

For example:

Vegetable salad.

  • Finely chop one stalk of this root, tomatoes and cucumbers;
  • Add the leaf part of the Beijing cabbage and sweet corn;
  • Fill with vegetable oils or sour cream, salt and mix.

Cranberry Salad.

  • Mix coarse grated radish and finely chopped celery;
  • Add cranberries, turned into mush;
  • All refuel with sunflower oil and honey.

Lentil soup becomes completely new shades, if together with onion rings and grated carrots fry the stalked celery sticks, then add everything to well-salted water with lentils and cook for about 20 minutes.

How is this product for weight loss?

Celery, его роль в похудении

By adjusting metabolic processes in the body, it removes slags, excess salts and sugars.

That is why it is included in the diet.

With regular use, weight begins to return to normal, because the whole body is renewed..

For the purpose of losing weight, all parts of the plant are suitable, the main thing is to use them only in raw form..

You can carry out an unloading diet based on this product, using only salads with its various combinations every day..

But the most effective option for weight loss is recognized as fresh celery juice..

The main thing is not to drink his glasses.

Reception should be thought out so that the body is not overloaded with vitamins and the reverse process of their active leaching has not started..

Therefore, you should take it no more than three times a day, two teaspoons 30 minutes before meals.

The action of full-fledged juice can be made even more pronounced and tasty, if you add carrot, apple, watermelon, orange juice to it.

This drink will be hard to cleanse the body..

In addition, it can be drunk more actively than pure juice of this product, but not more than a glass a day and in several doses..

Just cook celery in your kitchen and always be healthy!

Video dessert

In this video, you will be told about the beneficial properties of this plant and its use..