Together with pleasant memories of making waffles as a child – a delicious smell from the kitchen, a hill of golden tubes with boiled condensed milk inside on a large plate, for some reason, you immediately recall the huge smoking iron structure on the stove, turn it upside down and lift it is not so easy and you need to get good.

waffle irons

And if it’s an electric waffle iron, it’s forever adored fingertips, when the whole family is wrapping red hot waffle plates for future tubes..

Today everything is different. The case of the hostess – just cook the right dough. And a special device – an electric waffle iron will do everything on its own. Waffle irons are especially popular for making “Viennese” waffles, as they are called all over the world..

Electric waffle iron for Viennese waffles – two non-stick heating surfaces, most often enclosed in a metal case. The surfaces themselves can have a different shape – they can be divided into segments, they can be rectangular in shape, and they can have the form of playful hearts..

The main difference from conventional waffle makers is the increased height of the sides, which allows you to bake “thick” soft waffles, unlike the old habitual electric waffle makers, which are baked thin crispy waffles.

Types, prices and functionality of waffle irons for Viennese waffles

The market of electrical goods is almost daily replenished with new types of household appliances.

To date, there are more than 30 types of electric waffle iron for Viennese waffle irons, differing in power, wafer baking thickness, in their form, which allow baking both waffles and all the favorite “nuts” at the same time; and waffle irons combined with sandwich makers and even waffle irons allowing to cook donuts in them.

The price range of electric waffle irons depends on the manufacturer, the number of simultaneous baking wafers and the set of functions with which the appliance is equipped. So, the price of waffle irons varies from 1,100 rubles to 5,500 rubles..

Waffle iron functionality is determined by the presence or absence of the following functions:

    waffle irons электрические

  • Regulator of the surface heating temperature – this option will help you choose the intensity with which the waffles will be baked, because someone likes a light golden crust, and someone likes waffles fried to the crunch. The thermostat will allow you to adjust the temperature in the range from 180 to 250 degrees;
  • Equipping the thermostat – the controller of the internal temperature – one of the main functions of a good waffle iron according to experts. The thermostat provides ease of baking – pour the dough – set the timer for the required time, and then the “smart” waffle-iron equipped with a thermostat will cope with everything itself;
  • So that the process of baking your favorite dessert was already fully automated, the device with the standard set of functions includes a light, and even better, a sound signal indicating that the wafers are ready for the set parameters;
  • Expensive models of electric waffles for Viennese waffles are equipped with an additional function – a rotator. To evenly distribute the dough in shape, after the dough is poured and the lid is already closed, the upper part of the body is manually rotated 180 degrees.
waffles к чаюViennese waffles for electric waffle recipes with photos and interesting solutions for serving.

A waffle recipe for a soviet waffle iron will help create a tasty and interesting breakfast for the whole family..

Biscuit roll jam with recipes with photos and step by step recommendations. Read and cook.

Review of the best electric waffle irons for Viennese waffles

    waffle irons электрические для венских вафель

  • Clatronic WA 3273 – tops the rating of electric stoves. To rise to the first line of the improvised hit parade, it was allowed first of all by its flawless appearance – the stainless case of square shape of matte steel color. To ensure maximum comfort to its future owner, it is equipped with a heat-insulated handle and its body is also protected from overheating. Cooking time of one serving of waffles – 2 minutes;
  • Maxwell Mw-1572 Wthe advantage of this model is compactness – low weight, small geometrical dimensions, ease of transportation (the presence of a handle on the case), a relatively low price;
  • Vitek Wx-1101 – This waffle iron is special. If the question is what to give as a gift to a young hostess, then we can assume that the answer has been found. First, the manufacturer took care of the design and on the bright lid an image of animated heroines was applied, secondly, waffles are baked in the shape of hearts, which can also be made on the chopsticks that come with the device, the security designers also thought about safety – it is equipped with anti-skid feet and a heat indicator.

How not to get lost when choosing a waffle iron?

How to buy the most suitable waffle iron, what criteria should be used when choosing it?

  1. One of the main criteria determining the speed and quality of further operation of the device is its power. For a household electric waffle machine, its optimal value will be 800-100W; for professional cooking wafers in industrial volumes, this figure should be at least 3000 W;
  2. Coating – in modern conditions it is difficult to surprise someone with a non-stick coating, but it is this mass production that made the once high-quality flawless non-stick coating sometimes simply its appearance, cheap consumer goods. Therefore, as recommended by experts of the Eldorado home appliance supermarket chain, when buying, you should carefully inspect the surface, finding even the slightest hint of scratches or bulges on it, choose a different model;
  3. Housing The material from which the waffle iron body is made can be either metallic or plastic. The plastic case is made in cheap amateur models intended for home use, it heats up quickly, emitting a peculiar odor, is easily exposed to external mechanical influences – scratches, for professional use electric waffle machines are exclusively made of metal body to extend the life.

Dough Recipes for Viennese Cookies and Waffles

A recipe-book is invariably attached to each waffle-iron, where there are always described in detail several ways of cooking various desserts using this wonderful device, but why not try making Viennese waffles according to the classic recipe tried by many housewives?

So, for the preparation of these soft Viennese waffles you will need:

  • 1 cup of kefir;
  • 2 cups of flour;
  • 2 eggs;
  • 1/2 cup of sugar (if the sugar is more, the waffles will stick);
  • 10 grams of vanilla sugar – one sachet;
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder;
  • 1 / tsp salt;
  • 100 grams of melted butter.

Separate the whites from the yolks and whisk the whites with a whisk by hand until a white foam is formed. Pour the third part, continuing to beat. Beat until necessary, so that when you turn the container, the mixture of sugar and protein remains at the bottom.

whisk яйца

Grind the yolks with the remaining sugar. Add vanilla sugar. Rub the yolks with sugar conveniently with a silicone spatula. Pour the yogurt and mix the resulting mixture thoroughly..

add кефир

Add sifted flour (flour can be sifted directly into the dishes, where the dough is prepared for future waffles), baking powder. Stir all whisk.

add муку

Prepared warm butter pour in a thin stream slowly stirring the dough with a whisk. Now you can add whipped proteins at the very beginning with sugar.

add масло

This should be done in portions, slowly “lazily” mixing after adding each portion. Dough for making Viennese waffles is ready. You can bake them safely.

pour out тесто

You can serve these waffles with jam, ice cream, hot chocolate.

waffles готовы

How to cook diet Viennese waffles in a waffle iron

A distinctive feature of Viennese waffles prepared according to this recipe is that they are prepared without the use of eggs, which means that even those who are on a diet or do not eat eggs at all, such as vegetarians, can eat their favorite dessert.

150 grams of sugar (3/4 cup) grind with 70 grams of butter softened to room temperature.

Add 200 grams of sifted flour and a pinch of salt. All ingredients mix and pour 400 ml of milk.

Beat the mixture with a mixer at low speed. Bake waffles in an electric waffle iron.

Their taste is absolutely not inferior to Viennese waffles prepared according to the classic recipe..

Recipe for making Viennese waffles in a Soviet electric waffle iron

How often is there so much good in the apartment that you feel sorry for parting, which is reminiscent of a carefree childhood, of those “goodies” that were only where you were little and your mother was still young?.

To return to that wonderful time for a minute, to remind ourselves of the taste of childhood and tell our children about it, why not cook Viennese waffles in an electric waffle iron, which many probably have hidden in the storerooms?

Beat 4 eggs and 200 grams of sugar with a mixer. In this mixture, add 200 grams of softened butter and 250 grams of sifted flour. Add a little salt, soda and knead the batter..

Heat the waffle iron, grease with vegetable oil and start cooking the waffles. If you plan to prepare wafers in the form of tubes, then you need to fold them while they are still hot..

Viennese waffles without waffle iron

Many housewives and their households, inspired by the enchanting look and taste of Viennese waffles, sleep and see this favorite dessert all over the world for breakfast, however, have not yet become happy owners of electric waffle makers.

But did a woman in the desire to please her beloved husband and dear children, not to mention her beloved, once stopped such a trifle?

Skilful hands of hostesses have mastered the production of Viennese waffles without electric waffles, they successfully bake them in ovens in special silicone forms and it turns out just as good. And this is done here by what recipe.

Ingredients for Viennese waffles in silicone molds:

    waffles с лимонным соусом

  • 2 eggs;
  • 200 grams of condensed milk;
  • 200 grams of butter;
  • Vanillin – 2 grams;
  • Flour – 200 grams;

Whisk the eggs. Beat them up to the formation of foam is not necessary, because at the end of the preparation of the dough, it will be thoroughly mixed with a mixer.

The next step is mixing eggs and condensed milk. After the condensed milk and eggs are mixed, melted butter is slowly injected. The mixture is again mixed with a whisk..

Do not worry about the fact that while the future of the waffle dough has a heterogeneous structure.

After adding flour and the work of the mixer everything will fall into place and the dough will have the consistency of thick cream.

A pinch of vanilla will give the dough a flavor, now you can add sifted flour mixed with baking powder. Then mix everything thoroughly with a mixer at low speed..

If silicone waffle molds are used for the first time, they should be carefully oiled with vegetable oil using a special brush, in the future this will not be necessary.

You can spread the dough on the form, evenly distributing it over all surfaces. Considering that there is a baking powder in the dough, it is not necessary to fill in the forms all the way to the sides..

Completed forms should be placed in preheated 2000From 20 minutes. Finished waffles are very easy to pull out of the molds, just “turning them inside out”.

Let’s sum up

So, having made the decision to acquire such a device as a waffle iron for Viennese waffles, you should:

  • Choose a waffle iron that will meet the needs and not be in a hurry to buy the first available appliance (that is, decide how it should be shaped, volume, power, what set of functions will be equipped);
  • Having become the owner of the waffle iron, choose “your” suitable recipe and additives to the waffles;
  • Cook with pleasure and do not forget to treat your creations to adults, and most importantly children!

Good choice and easy preparation of delicious waffles.!