Chitmil: what is it, who needs it and what is the trick? Now we sort everything on the shelves.

Chitmil is a single meal, always planned in advance both in time and in the set of dishes, when you can forget about the diet and eat everything that you can not.

Chitmil - праздник живота

Invented or, more precisely, proved in practice the effectiveness of such reception bodybuilders. After all, a perfectly pumped up body is not only admiring glances, but also daily exhausting workouts and a special, for the most part, monotonous diet..

The worst thing is that such a diet should be followed not for several weeks or months, but for many years. It is therefore not surprising that the fighters for the relief muscles were the first to find a loophole in order to ward off the soul with impunity..

For supporters of low-carb or low-calorie diets, chitmyla can be a real salvation. But it is important to remember that immediately after a rampant meal, it is necessary to return to normal diet, otherwise it may turn into a series of binge eating.

In the end, cheat is not a willful temporary rejection of the diet, but part of the weight loss system.

In addition, such tricks can become steps to a balanced diet, because it is so difficult at the same time to give up those harmful delicacies that have brought joy for years..

But if you sometimes allow yourself to relax, the transition to eating healthy foods will become noticeably easier. And over time, the need for unauthorized food will disappear by itself..

How it works

Saturation вкусной пищейEveryone who is on a diet knows that there is a period after the rapid loss of a few kilograms when nothing can move the scale arrow in the right direction..

To this sad fact is added weakness, lethargy, dizziness, and often irritability and unreasonable anger..

Life becomes not a joy, but there is also a constant feeling of hunger as if pushing not to spit everything and eat, finally, it’s normal.

The reason for this is a decrease in the level of leptin, a saturation hormone..

With an insufficient amount of blood, there is a feeling of hunger, and this unpleasant sensation is intended to make a person eat at any cost, which leads to psychological problems..

In addition, on low-carb and low-calorie diets, thyroid hormone levels are reduced, which leads to a halt in weight loss, by inhibiting metabolism. This means a decrease in nutrition of the brain and muscles, hence all the unpleasant physiological effects.

Chitmil allows you to temporarily raise the level of hormones in the blood, which creates a kind of “swing” that does not allow the body to adapt to the diet and go into an economical mode.

Positive effects

A person doesn’t have so many sources of joy, and one of them is undoubtedly food, but diet implies the rejection of this piece of happiness in pursuit of ideal forms..

From a psychological point of view, a beautiful figure is a matter of the distant future, and the inaccessibility of tasty is a sad present. Chitmil smoothes out this contradiction and has many positive effects, both psychological and physiological..

Positive настрой

  • Allows you to avoid systematic violations of the diet. After all, it is much easier to refrain from grabbing a candy or a bun when the favorite cake is scheduled for the next day;
  • Allows you to limit the amount of food eaten in advance.. If the disruption of the diet is spontaneous, then many grab everything that comes handy and eat before the first gagging urge. This does not benefit either the psyche or the body. The plan also helps to eat just enough tasty to get enough, but not to overeat;
  • Gives a more positive attitude.. Since the diet is divided into intervals from one cheat, to another, it is psychologically easier to tolerate.
  • Relieves the digestive system. Most low-calorie and low-carb diets involve eating large amounts of protein, which is not easy for the body to digest. With a rational approach, chitmyl allows the gastrointestinal tract to take a short break;
  • Spurs weight loss. Due to the acceleration of metabolism, fat begins to burn, body temperature rises and forces appear for really intense workouts. At the same time, the effect of chitmyla persists for several days..

How to apply chitmil in losing weight

First of all, it should be remembered that, from a physiological point of view, cheat-milk is absolutely useless with a balanced diet and protein-carbohydrate alternation (a type of diet where carbohydrates are consumed mainly in one half of the day and proteins in the other half).

For psychological relief, indulgence is permissible only if calorie intake is reduced in a week just as much as you plan to pamper yourself..


It is not necessary to resort to chitmyla in the following situations:

  1. Disease of the digestive system. An organism prone to similar illnesses, most likely, will not be able to transfer the flow of unaccustomed food that suddenly fell upon it, which will lead to long-term disruptions in its work;
  2. Tendency to binge eating. Many people are not able to confine themselves to one, two, or even ten pieces of delicacy, their hands seem to be drawn by themselves for a new portion. And even the next day, it is difficult for them to return to the diet, reading these people is akin to the trigger when playing Russian roulette..

Fundamental rules

When planning a cheat, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • To spend chitmil every one to two weeks with a small percentage of body fat and once every two to four with a lot of;
  • Be sure to celebrate the day of the long-awaited holiday of the stomach in the calendar or diary, along with the number and type of food;
  • To spend chitmyl in the morning or at lunchtime. Excessive amounts of unusual food should have time to digest before the end of the day;
  • Take pancreatic enzymes to improve digestion;
  • Eat slowly, enjoying every bite;
  • Chitmar to food events, such as birthdays or meetings with friends. This will allow you not to limit yourself and enjoy life with a clear conscience..

What you can not do:

  1. There is like the last time. Enough to increase the caloric intake of the daily diet of only 20%, so that the chitmil worked. And excessive overeating can lead to a serious disorder of the digestive system;
  2. There is, until there was a feeling of hunger. Since reading an additional meal, rather than a substitute, it is possible that the feeling of satiety will last long enough, so it makes no sense to consume unnecessary calories;
  3. Drink alcohol. It is not only calorie, but also dulls your senses, so you can overeat unnoticed. Not to mention the fact that alcohol will require additional forces from the body to remove toxins;
  4. To arrange an extraordinary chitmil. Obviously, this will be the first step for a full-blown breakdown;
  5. There is in front of the TV, computer or book. The task of chitmyla is psychological relief, and it will not be fulfilled if food intake goes unnoticed, which often happens if distracted;
  6. Starve. To starve before or after is completely useless, as it will completely negate the whole effect;
  7. Blame yourself for being eaten. You should always remember that reading with the right approach is a necessary part of the weight loss system;
  8. To make an idea fix. Signs of trouble – constant anticipation and live expectation of the feast of the stomach. Unfortunately, for some people, chitmoil can turn into a kind of addiction and you should start fighting as soon as possible;
  9. Do not get up on the scales the next morning. Since excess calories and salt will bring with them about a kilogram of excess weight, the kind of scary numbers can demotivate and upset.
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What can you afford after training

Within an hour and a half after the workout, the so-called carbohydrate window, characterized by an increased rate of metabolism, lasts.

On the one hand, it’s time for a cheat-cheat, since the surplus of food is burned, leaving no trace, on the other – it’s hardly possible to enjoy the meal in full measure due to the special state of the body after heavy physical exertion..

Nevertheless, chitmoil after training allows you to recuperate, build muscle mass, and the next day to train with more impact.

The peculiarity of such a meal is the use of a mixture of proteins, carbohydrates and amino acids. What is there during such a cheat? In particular, it is recommended to eat products such as:

  • Eggs;
  • Cheese;
  • Potatoes;
  • Bread;
  • Pasta;
  • Milk products;
  • Meat.

Chitmil and body drying

Drying телаDrying the body consists of getting rid of subcutaneous fat without losing muscle mass and implies carbohydrate starvation against the background of increased protein intake. The basic rules are the same as for most diets:

  • Consumption of fewer calories than consumed;
  • Maintain a high level of metabolism through training and fractional nutrition.

Drying usually lasts about five weeks, during which there are many dietary restrictions, which make the diet dull and monotonous..

But the reward for all the suffering becomes a beautiful relief body. In order to achieve the desired effect, it is necessary to carry out chitmil by the following rules:

  1. Only after training;
  2. Not more than one or two times during the entire period of stay on the dryer;
  3. There is only healthy food, no cakes, convenience foods and chips..


If I do not allow myself tasty once a week, I begin to feel sad. Therefore, I arrange for myself on Sunday at lunch a holiday and eat everything that is usually (when not on a diet). Nice to know that it helps to lose weight better.

Veronica, 23 years old

In my experience, if you eat too much, for example, refuel at McDonalds, and then eat a cake, then all this will come out in the most unpleasant way. Therefore, chitmyla carefully, so as not to overeat, and, of course, without mezim anywhere. I am satisfied with the effect, I have strength for training, work and household chores, but at the same time I am getting closer to the ideal.

Tamara, 25 years old

I spend it once a week, try to eat less fat and, of course, after a workout. I’m still a beginner, but muscle mass is growing from such a load is wonderful.

Artem, 21


Chitmil для худеющих девушек

Chitmil should be a holiday, from which you need to get maximum pleasure and, not surprisingly, good.

It is clear that if you take on this day all the dishes on the table as tasty, but still junk food, feelings of guilt will not be avoided..

Therefore it is worth trying to keep a positive attitude..

Since chitmil is a scheduled event, everything should be done as planned..

If you suddenly wanted something else, then this should be postponed until the next time.

So you can avoid stressful overeating, which is simply impossible to control..

In general, chitmil helps to effectively lose weight and has not so many contraindications, and also allows you to maintain excellent mood and performance during the diet.