“To eat this to lose weight” – the cherished dream of millions of women.

And such a product exists.

Celery is a truly unique vegetable that has a “negative” calorie content..

Cream soup из сельдерея

Fats during its use do not accumulate, but are burned..

This root crop is also interesting because it can be eaten all — root, stalk and leaves..

A large number of recipes for its preparation will help to make your diet not only healthy, but also tasty..

Celery benefits

Vegetable has been known since ancient times.

The great Hippocrates considered him a cure for all diseases, and the beauties of ancient Greece used it to cleanse and rejuvenate the body..

Celery сокIt is enriched with beneficial microelements – calcium, magnesium, potassium, minerals, carotene, protein, vitamins of group B, K, A, C.

Celery well helps to improve the overall tone of the body, calms the nerves and improves sleep, reduces stress.

Especially useful is the juice from the root and stems..

It is recommended to use it in case of kidney diseases, diabetes mellitus, gastritis, urolithiasis, gout, dermatitis..

However, the “green savior” is most often used for weight loss..

It removes toxins and toxins from the body, levels hormones, regulates metabolic processes, does not allow excess fat to accumulate, has a slight laxative effect.

Eating it or simply adding to the main dish, you can not only get rid of extra pounds, but also rejuvenate and improve your body.

Magic Diet Soup
Soup из сельдерея для похудения: меню на неделю
Ingredients amount
celery stalks 400 g
potato 2 pcs.
carrot 2 pcs.
White cabbage 350 g
bow 1 PC.
bell pepper 2 pcs.
Time for preparing: 35 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 31 Kcal

There are many techniques for celery-based weight loss..

In addition to eating fresh vegetables, one of the common and popular ways is to make soup..

Stages of cooking celery soup recipe for weight loss:

  1. Cut all the ingredients as you like – in cubes or straws. Vegetables
  2. Fill with water and stew.. Vegetables в воде
  3. Bring to a boil, add 1-2 pinches of salt (not more) and cook for about 15 minutes.

With this soup, you can experiment to find not only a healthy composition, but also delicious.

For example, you can add tomatoes, zucchini, greens, or vice versa to exclude any product from the above list.

Some grind the soup into a blender, turning it into a creamy paste..

In this case, after grinding already boiled products, you can add a little non-greasy cream or milk, then bring it to a boil again..

The basic rule is that such celery soup for weight loss does not contain fat.

And here is a video recipe for a dietary vegetable dish:

Weekly menu for weight loss

The celery diet is good because the main course (soup) can be used in any quantity..

However, if you decide to stick with it, you must be prepared for the fact that many products will have to be excluded..

Completely refuse from sugar and salt, flour products, hot spices, fatty and fried foods, canned food and alcoholic beverages..

You can drink coffee, but not more than 3 cups per day.

It is better to use green tea (without sugar).

For 7 days of a diet you can lose about 5 kilograms of excess weight..

Celery soup can be eaten in any quantity, the more the better.

It is the main fat burning dish..

Celery диета

Every day you need besides it there are also the following products:

  1. Day 1. This day allowed fruit (in addition to bananas and grapes).
  2. Day 2. Raw vegetables.
  3. Day 3. Again, raw vegetables. For dinner, you can eat 1 potato in uniform with the addition of 1 tsp of vegetable oil.
  4. Day 4. No more than a liter of kefir and 3 bananas.
  5. Day 5. Maximum 700g of boiled chicken breast, lean fish or beef, 5 tomatoes, fruit. Be sure to drink at least 8 glasses of water.
  6. Day 6. Boiled beef or chicken breast (max. 350g), raw vegetables, be sure to drink 2 liters of water.
  7. Day 7. Raw vegetables, fruits, boiled rice.

Dietary advice

In order for the technique to bring the desired results and not to harm the body, you must adhere to the following tips:

  • Eat as much citrus fruits as possible, as well as vegetables without starch content (not legumes, corn, potatoes, except for one allowed day);
  • chicken, meat or fish is best eaten with raw vegetables;
  • eat raw celery stalks and root juice;
  • Dinner the last time no later than 19.00 with vegetables and fruits, if you feel a strong hunger, you can eat low-fat cottage cheese;
  • drink 2-2,5l of water daily (not including tea and coffee);
  • in the days of the diet can not play sports, it is better to start physical. load at its end.

CeleryMany women, striving for the perfect figure, drive themselves into such rigid frameworks that they simply may feel unwell..

Despite the fact that the celery diet and in particular the soup based on it are very useful, one must know the measure.

Contraindications include only chronic diseases, so first you should consult with your doctor..

Reviews celery soup slimming

Then you can find out the opinions of people and a nutritionist:

Women who have tried to lose weight with celery soup, only speak positively about this method. At the same time, some liked the taste of the vegetable and the diet did not bring unpleasant sensations and consequences. Lack of feelings of hunger, getting rid of excess weight, improving the condition of the skin and hair, strengthening the general condition of the body – all of these are undoubted advantages, according to women.

Soup based on celery as a weight loss has a number of minuses. First, it is the specific taste of the product, which not everyone accepts. There are complaints that he caused nausea. In addition, celery has a diuretic effect, in connection with this, losing weight have frequent urges to toilet..

Celery is a very useful product, which also helps to get the desired shape and lose about 5 kg of excess weight per course. However, losing weight on celery soup is better for a maximum of 1 week, since the lack of fat in the diet can adversely affect the body’s hormonal background. After 2 weeks break, you can repeat the diet again.

Dietitian Elena Solovyova, 39 years old

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This is the third day of my celery diet and, to be honest, there are no results so far. Eating soup is hard enough for me, since I don’t like the taste at all. If the ingredients of the dish grind in a blender and add quite a bit of salt, that is, you can. I hope that at least some results will be at the end of the course..

Alena, 22 years old

I learned about the diet from a friend who was noticeably prettier in her eyes. Now I am not lagging behind! I have been occasionally sitting on celery soup for 2 years now and the results are amazing. With 65 kg I began to weigh 50. This is exactly the weight in which I feel comfortable. I don’t want to lose weight below this mark, but if I see that I’m picking up again, I immediately cook my favorite vegetable soup and enjoy the results. I advise everyone, it is really an effective remedy. By the way, about the side effects, I did not feel them even once. I think that my body diet is suitable. But it’s all individually.

Vladlena, 28 years old

I am very pleased with the diet, I have been on it for 7 days and minus 5 kg. I am so glad that I got rid of the extra folds on my stomach. Now I will try to throw off a couple of kilograms and take a break, as there is a slight weakness in the body. This is probably due to a sharp weight loss. But I still rejoice at the results!

Daria, 24 years old

You can learn more about celery and its beneficial properties, and not only for the figure, below: