Today almost every woman is trying to lose weight..

A return to the natural female body, as an ideal of proportions, is planned, but the process is at the very beginning of development, and most of the views on female beauty and sexuality remain at the level of foreign and domestic lusters with photo shoots, unrealistically beautiful and skinny models, stars and celebrities.

A drug Карнитон

So, our girls, girls, women and even modern grandmothers are striving to lose weight at any cost. In pursuit of harmony make a lot of mistakes and seriously spoil the health.

Meanwhile, there is a great way to lose weight in the most natural way – to follow the correct methods of drawing up the daily menu, active physical exercises, without which no means will work a miracle, and take a drug that promotes weight loss.

The symbiosis of these three conditions ensures a fast, natural, stable result without relapse..

This remedy is carniton, very effective, harmless, and importantly, affordable..

People in their reviews present it as a natural remedy, vitamin Beleven, biological food additive, amino acid, which plays an important role in the process of intracellular energy exchange of the body.

Description of the drug Carniton

Carniton – a source of vitamin Beleven (left carnitine, L-carnitine). He participates in the energy metabolism processes at the cellular level..

A sufficient amount of carniton in the body helps to increase efficiency, strengthens memory, increases physical, mental and emotional endurance.

Vitamin Beleven used to be called vitamin bT, It is part of many fortified dragee for children over 3 years old. It is also called vitamin growth, it helps to increase growth at a young age..

The body gets vitamin Beleven usually with food, in some cases able to synthesize on their own. But under certain life circumstances and health conditions an additional supply of left carnitine is necessary..

The way out is to take carniton in the form of a dietary supplement..

Composition and release form

Pills и раствор средстваThe active substance of carniton is L-carnitine tartrate (left carnitine). Other substances that are part of the tablet form of the drug: filler, binders, anti-caking and moisture retaining agents.

The drug is produced in the form of tablets, capsules and solution:

  • Tablets – 20 pieces per pack;
  • Solution – 20 ml.

1 tablet may contain 250 or 500 mg of active ingredient levarnitina.

1 ml of solution contains 0.5 g of L-carnitine tartrate.


Carniton is taken in all cases when the body needs energy support: with increased physical exertion, emotional exhaustion and mental overload, during the rehabilitation period after an illness and during the postoperative period.

A separate point should be noted its indispensability when trying to lose weight and go on a healthy lifestyle.

Regular use of left carnitine:

  1. Accelerates energy metabolism in brain cells, as a result of which mental activity, memory improves, concentration of attention increases;
  2. Increases physical performance;
  3. Provides splitting of visceral fat;
  4. Improves cellular respiration;
  5. Lowers cholesterol;
  6. Increases immunity.

All these beneficial effects of carniton on the body are important, both in maintaining and enhancing mental and physical performance, and in losing weight as an important part of restoring health and preventing many diseases, increasing visual attractiveness and sexuality.

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Do you think that losing weight in 3 days is from the realm of fantasy? And no! This article will prove that even such express weight loss is possible.!

Decided not to eat after 6 pm? That’s right! But will there be any results visible on the figure? Read here reviews of doctors and our dear readers.


The only contraindication is individual intolerance to the components. Also indicate pregnancy and breastfeeding..

With a shortage of carnitine, energy is disturbed, resulting in muscle weakness, rapid fatigue, hypotension, drowsiness, and dysfunction of the heart and liver..

Why you should not consider carniton a means of luring customers’ money and useless medication? The main active ingredient of carniton – carnitine or L-carnitine – is contained in every human body..

It is present in most cells and is involved in the process of energy production at the cellular level. Carnitine is directly involved in the breakdown of fats and the release of energy that feeds our heart, kidneys, liver, muscles.

Carnitine is found in meat broth, which since ancient times is considered the best helper of immunity and an indispensable regenerating agent after a long illness or heavy physical exertion..

No one refuses a cup of a carefully cooked mom or wife of hot meat broth, lying in bed during a flu epidemic or after surgery. The carnitine tablet will allow to get a more pronounced effect in the same conditions..

Side effects

Levocarnitine is well tolerated, without any pronounced negative effects or sensations. Very rarely there are cases of allergic reactions, pain in the stomach or dyspepsia..

If you are allergic to carnitine or binding components in the composition of the drug, it is desirable to stop taking it and choose another dietary supplement for weight loss.

Instructions for use for weight loss

If you are going to take carniton in order to lose weight and at the same time sit on a rigid diet, you will join the long ranks of those users to whom the drug did not give anything.

If, taking the drug, you will eat in the usual mode, you will get the opposite effect – extra pounds.

Remember: the drug acts on weight loss only with physical exertion. That is, to lose weight, you have to do. With or without carniton. Just with carniton you will do it faster and, most importantly, guaranteed.

Training в залеWith the mood to lose weight, you need to use 500 mg of left carnitine per day, in a single dose, before training. Reception course – exactly one month.

The rule of eating food before aerobic or strength training – a few hours before class you need to eat, the dish should be protein. After class, do not eat for an hour, you can drink moderately.

Training should be regular, at least 4 times a week, and not shorter than 30 minutes. It is necessary to be engaged intensively, fun will not bring result at all.

Dosage and duration of treatment

The dosage of left carnitine is determined based on the indications for therapy and the general condition of the person. The attending physician determines the optimal scheme of taking the drug and the duration of the course.

The daily rate for adults is 250-500mg L-carnitine 2 or 3 times.

The norm for athletes – a single before training is equal to 500-1500mg.

It is recommended to take levarnitin courses, both for weight loss, and to improve the effectiveness of training and treatment of various diseases. A course of more than 6 months is undesirable, regardless of the purpose of admission..

The mechanism of action Carniton

Levocarnitine affects the mitochondria, which are energy producers in the cell.

The mitochondria of cardiac muscle cells, which break down aliphatic acids, and liver mitochondria, which distribute energy throughout all tissues and organs, are most actively affected..

Interaction with other drugs

There is no information about the specific interaction of carniton with other medications. It should be borne in mind that the drug slightly increases the pressure. It is necessary to limit the consumption or completely abandon coffee, chocolate, guarana during the course of carnitone intake..

Price, analogues and possible result

Slender фигура с Карнитоном

The drug is available in pharmacies, online stores. Its cost is from 300 rubles..

Structurally, carniton analogues are elkar and carnitene..

With proper intake of the drug and appropriate physical capacity, you can achieve weight loss of 5 kg for 1 month, without prejudice to health and the subsequent return of the lost kilograms.


At my age, many women are ready to put up with new kilos, so long as their health is not naughty. For me, because of the extra 30 kg, former employers tactfully pointed to the door. The pension is still horrified how far, and finding a new job “grandma” is almost impossible, except as a cleaner or on the market. And then I decided on a risky move – to lose weight on pills. I read horrors about a spoiled stomach, weight gain, and almost left this venture. But when I stumbled upon information about carniton, I realized that this was my chance.

Of course, I didn’t go to the gym, and what should I do there with my 90 kilograms in my years? Shame one. I started with swimming. In the pool kept for 2 hours all 5 days a week. I remembered the way to the dacha, and every weekend I began to restore order after 15 years of stagnation. Carniton took courses, I drink a month, a month break. Six months later, not only was my cottage not recognized, but also me. And when the former boss saw me, she didn’t just return me to her former place, but appointed the head of the department. It turned out that my former clients went without me, did not work well with a young and representative.

A photo Анны Валерьевны

Anna Valerievna, 45 years old

I recommend my patients carnitone as an effective drug for guaranteed weight loss. Reception of carnitone in the form of dietary supplements is not addictive, it does not have extensive contraindications, it can be taken safely, provided appropriate physical exertion. The drug not only reduces the weight in the process of training, it improves the overall condition of the body, charges it with energy, increases endurance and activity.

Stanislav Evgenievich, Dietician

My fat carniton acted only the third time. The first paradise, I just ordered it on the Internet when I was preparing my PhD thesis. I had to count a lot, draw, stay up at night. Supported the brain, but did not think about losing weight. The second time I remembered about the drug after 2 years, when sedentary work began to appear on the waist and hips. But only regularly drank 2 courses, especially not attaching importance to the quality of training. The result is three kilos in the plus..

The third time I decided to take care of myself with the help of carniton, when the ex-husband left for a girlfriend, slim and fit. My anger knew no bounds; I plowed in the hall like an evil panther. And carniton helped me in 3 months to say “bye” to eleven kilograms. I spent on drink 2 courses with a monthly break, but was engaged all three months. Now I have a favorite MCH, I am young, beautiful and happy.

Result похудения

Alice, 29 years old

My relationship with the girls was not quite as I would have liked. They saw in me a good friend, often came to cry in a vest, discussed their ex, but my attempts to care for them politely, but regularly turned down. The reason was in me – the excess fat almost drank from me, there were no hints of press and biceps since high school. At one moment everything got sick of me, and I went to the hall. But I just could not withstand all the loads that the trainer made for me. And with less stress there was no result. Carniton helped me in two directions at once. He increased my stamina. I was able to do every workout to the end, it was hard, but I performed all the tasks of the coach. And I first dropped the fat, and then began to form a relief. A year later, I do not recognize myself in the mirror. And the girls themselves are ready for anything, just to ask me to spend the evening with them..

Victor, 32 years