Blueberry: где растёт, общие вопросыBlueberry is a plant of the cowberry family, closest to blueberries, pleasant to the taste, fragrant and has many beneficial properties..

From it you can cook the compo, jam, jelly, they also eat fresh and make juice.

Under natural conditions, blueberry bushes grow next to the wild rosemary, which produces etheric compounds that provoke.

Once upon a time it was thought that this year affects the human body so much, so they called it “drunk”, “hemlock”.

In its composition, blueberries are ahead of other berries and fruits..

Its composition rich in useful components has a beneficial effect on human health and well-being..

This berry grows in the Northern Hemisphere in all regions with a temperate and cold climate..

This useful berry can be found in the tundra, in the mountains..

Often it can be seen in the swamps and forests..

In Eurasia, it grows from Iceland to Great Britain, in the Far East, in North America.

The natural conditions for this berry are forests, stony tundra with swamps, mountains to the mountain-tundra belt and areas of the Arctic.

The plant is able to grow at an altitude of several kilometers above sea level, chooses sunny places.

There are several varieties that grow in the most suitable areas for them..

Some species are protected in protected areas, in spite of this blueberry garden also has useful properties..

The amazing properties of blueberries

What kind полезными свойствами обладает голубика

Blueberry has a range of useful properties..

She has:

  • anti-inflammatory effect;
  • contributes to the flow of bile;
  • cardiotonic action;
  • used in the prevention of scurvy;
  • remedy for sclerosis;
  • perfectly affects the digestive system;
  • used as an antidiarrheal agent;
  • possesses antidisenteric properties;
  • relieves constipation.

A high concentration of vitamin K makes it possible to use blueberries to improve blood clotting..

This useful ingredient increases blood clotting..

If you need to get the maximum of unique properties, correctly assemble or pick it up when purchasing.

It is necessary to choose the whole, without flaws.

Fresh berry – dry, blue with white bloom.

If the plaque is not uniform, it means that the berries begin to deteriorate..

Using blueberry leaves

Blueberry leaves have versatile healing and beneficial properties:

  • anti-inflammatory;
  • strengthening capillaries;
  • struggling with atherosclerosis;
  • lower body temperature;
  • used in the treatment of the initial stages of diabetes;
  • soft remedy for constipation;
  • recommended for gastritis and enteritis.

The leaves of this plant are fed cattle with a lack of other food and after a long winter as a means of restoring power..

If you cook a decoction of the sprouts and leaves of a blueberry, then this decoction can cure diseases:

  • cardioneurosis;
  • hypertension;
  • diseases of the genitourinary system;
  • the liver;
  • diabetes;
  • joint diseases.

Blueberry Jam

Cooking варенья из голубики

Rare women in the past cooked blueberry jam.

In ancient times, it was believed that berries act on people intoxicatingly..

She was even nicknamed “drunkard” or “stinker”.

It sounds ridiculous these days, but people used to believe in it and not get involved with blueberries..

Scientists eventually managed to refute this opinion.

The berries of this small plant have amazing properties..

It is used in the fight against respiratory diseases, in diseases of the stomach, urinary system, anemia.

Recently, doctors have come to believe that wild berries can make life easier for people who suffer from mild diabetes..

Compotes, jellies, jellies and other desserts are made from this berry..

In winter, the composition is prepared from berries ground with sugar, and blueberry jam again has beneficial properties and is able to normalize the work of the intestine and pancreas..

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But the most famous way is blueberry jam..

To make it necessary:

  • 1 kg of fresh berries;
  • 800 grams of sugar;
  • 1,5 glasses of water.

For jam, it is better to buy ripe, but not ripe berries.

Otherwise, in the process of cooking, they will become sweet porridge even before cooking..

Berries need to be thoroughly washed to get rid of garbage..

Wait until they dry out and fold into an enamel container..

Cook the sweet composition of sugar and water.

Then pour the fruit with hot composition and leave to infuse for a couple of hours..

After the dishes with berries put on a burning stove and bring to readiness..

It is better to cork in banks.

The berry has no pronounced flavor, so lemon juice or clove blossoms are often put in blueberry jam..

For this purpose, add other berries (lingonberries).

To whom blueberries are contraindicated

Blueberries are known for their beneficial properties as well as contraindications that can harm the body..

When eating berries rarely have side effects on the body..

But do not neglect common sense, because everything is good in moderation.

After all, this berry contains many nutrients that, if ingested in large doses, can lead to poisoning..

It may be:

  1. nausea;
  2. vomiting;
  3. pain in the head;
  4. weakness.

Especially carefully it is necessary to use these berries to women in the position and breastfeeding a baby. .

In the latter case, excess doses of berries can lead to allergies and poisoning of the baby..

Do not advise doctors to eat blueberries for people who suffer from diseases of the biliary tract..

Blueberry is truly an amazing berry..

It is useful to all: both children and adults..

It does not matter if you bought it or collected it in natural conditions..

The properties of these berries will help to preserve health and strengthen your immune system..

Eat it fresh, cook for the winter.

From it you can cook a lot of healthy dishes..

Treat yourself and get positive emotions from eating this tasty and nutritious berry..

Video dessert

Watch this video about the healing properties of blueberries.