AntiCalorin – a complex for weight loss: a review and real reviews

Complex для похудения - АнтикалоринAnti calorine for weight loss – this is another tool that manufacturers claim helps to lose those extra pounds..

They declare that the drug on the plant basis is not harmful to health and helps to lose weight without exhausting workouts and special efforts..

But can you really lose weight with it?

The answer to this question is on the official website..


Anti-Calorine consists of exclusively herbal ingredients that usually serve as the basis for a variety of slimming teas..

It includes:

  • Rosehip – a diuretic and the main source of vitamin C.
  • Horsetail extract is a diuretic. The ad says that it removes excess water from the body and eliminates puffiness..
  • Immortelle flowers – stimulate digestion, as indicated in the advertisement. However, they are known for their choleretic action and have no effect on body weight..
  • Mint Extract – According to the producers, mint regulates appetite and eliminates stress. However, it in no way affects the appetite, but gives the drink a good taste..
  • Cassia leaves – the site states that this ingredient regulates the bowels, stabilizes appetite and digestion. This is actually a common laxative..
  • Laminaria thalli is a laxative containing iodine.

If the tool is intended for weight loss, then why there are no substances with fat burning properties in it?


According to the information provided by the manufacturers, the drug has the following properties:

  • Normalizes appetite;
  • Regulates digestion;
  • Speeds up metabolism;
  • Splits fat cells;
  • Strengthens muscle tissue;
  • Removes excess fluid;
  • Stimulates thyroid function.

Properties и состав АнтиКалорина

However, all these magical properties are invented, since the drug does not incorporate substances capable of providing such a result..

The components used are not ways for such noticeable positive improvements..


Having bought the drug, you must carefully study the instructions attached to it..

Before use, read about possible side effects and contraindications.

According to the manufacturers in their ads, to achieve the maximum effect AntiCalorin for weight loss must be consumed during the month.

The drug is drunk daily with meals or, if desired, replaces one of the meals..

One trick can suppress hunger for 4 hours.

Is AntiCalorin Slimming Effective??

For чего вам необходим препарат

Having examined the composition of the drug, it turned out that not a single substance is described as a fat burning agent, except for kelp..

But why is it the main component?

Information on the site says the following:

  • The main cause of obesity is a malfunction of the thyroid gland;
  • The thyroid gland is disturbed due to iodine deficiency;
  • Laminaria as a source of iodine improves thyroid function.

However, this is a lie, because the disruption of the thyroid gland is not the main cause of obesity. Hypothyroidism occurs only in 1% of people, but overweight is incredibly common.

Autoimmune damage mainly leads to malfunction of the thyroid gland, and not iodine deficiency.

Suppose this option, but kelp is still not the best way to treat disorders in the human endocrine system, because it contains the minimum amount of iodine.

It is much better and more effective to take potassium iodide preparations..

In the pharmacy! Antikalorin in the Russian market in limited quantities. You can buy only through the Internet on the official website.

How not to fall for a fake?

AntiCalorin is incredibly popular, so many fakes are offered on the Internet..

It is difficult to distinguish the original from a fake, because fraudsters can print any label.

In order not to fall for a fake, you need to order the drug only on the official website of the manufacturer.

Often, fraudsters lure people to a low price, but the cost of the drug anywhere can not be lower than the manufacturer. In this case, it is 100% fake, not possessing the stated properties.

Doctor’s review

Real отзыв врача об АнтиКалоринеGiven the composition of AntiCalorin, it can be used for constipation. The composition of the drug includes such a substance as the Norway cassia. The presence of this component suggests that the remedy may be taken as a laxative.

Of course, for a healthy person this is not necessary. However, for a patient suffering from constipation, the drug will have a positive effect. For people with extra pounds, the drug is neutral. It does not affect fat cells in any way..

Everyone heard, and maybe they themselves tried laxatives and diuretic teas for weight loss. Taking these drugs, the weight begins to go away, but soon it will return. This is due to the fact that the body is cleared of toxins, fluid leaves the intercellular space and vessels..

However, this is not considered a permanent occurrence and is not displayed on the shape of a person’s body. Liquid and other substances are returned to the body, as if nothing had happened..

Teas of this type are not capable of fat burning, and since AntiCalorin has a similar composition, one should not expect effectiveness from it..

It does not include ingredients that can reduce appetite or speed up metabolism. The only difference between the proposed drug and herbal teas is the cost..

Cost and where to buy

The drug Antikkalorin for weight loss can be bought only in online stores. In pharmacies, this complex is not implemented.

It is recommended to buy the drug on the official website. Buying on other resources does not guarantee the authenticity of the product, its harmlessness to the body and the positive impact.

The price of the drug is 990 rubles. In order to order a complex, you must place an order on the official website..

Leaving contact details, they will call you back to confirm the order. Delivery is carried out in the shortest possible time throughout the country cash on delivery.

Author: Valentina Sergeevna (doctor)