Overall информация о куриных грудкахChicken meat is traditionally dietitians around the world is considered dietary..

The reason for this is the minimum fat content.

The minimum amount is in the chicken breast..

The amount of fat in it on average does not exceed 8% of the total weight.

100 g brisket contains about 7-8 g of fat.

Therefore, there are no restrictions on the use of this part of the chicken in food.

The value of the food product in athletes

This category is especially concerned with the question of how much protein is contained in chicken breast..

After all, protein in the form of protein and amino acids most strongly affects the growth and qualitative structure of muscle fibers of an athlete..

References answer this question with extreme clarity..

100 g chicken breast about 24-25 g protein.

Useful вещества в куриной грудке

This component makes it possible to get the body about 190-200 Kcal.

The optimal rate in the daily diet of athletes is 200-250 g of such meat..

This amount of meat is usually divided in two times..

Due to its easy assimilation, chicken meat can be consumed, without fear of gaining extra pounds in the evening.

Physicians, cooks and nutritionists refer this meat to the white meat.

The main characteristic for this type of meat is that it has more protein than red meat, and on the contrary, less fat.

Red meat is beef, pork, lamb and rabbit.

Chicken meat contains even less fat.

The meat of two-month-old chicks of some breeds contains no more than 3% fat by total weight..

The chemical composition of the breast includes many chemical compounds of organic nature..

The dominant components in the composition of the meat of chicken are: water, proteins and fats.

The ratio between them is:

  • water about 60%;
  • protein is about 25%;
  • fats about 8%;
  • The remaining 7-9% are amino acids and protein compounds, collagen and elastin..

When supporters of a strict vegetarian diet claim that modern humanity is quite able to do without animal protein and fats, replacing them with products of plant origin, they do not take into account that the main nutritional value of meat products is in amino acids.

These chemical compounds contained in products of plant origin are not an equivalent substitute for exactly the same compounds in meat and fish..

The ease and simplicity of cooking chicken breast

Various типы приготовления куриной грудки

Poultry meat is subjected to all types of heat treatment during cooking.:

  • frying;
  • cooking;
  • extinguishing;
  • cooking in the oven.

The easiest way to cook chicken breast is the first.

Before hot chicken breast, you can not even beat.

Roast about 4 minutes on each side, after adding salt and pepper.

A little more time is required for boiling and stewing the breast..

Boil the meat mainly in order to then include it as a component in salads.

Salad из корня сельдереяHow to cook celery and what it takes.

If you prefer to eat is useful, this article will suit you. Required to read.

It is known that a banana is a high-calorie product, and what else do you know about it? Read further: https: //notefood.ru/produkty/kalorijnost-produktov/kakaya-kaloriynost-banana.html

The most famous of them is Olivier and Caesar..

Boil the breasts for about 30 minutes..

Stew chicken meat with vegetables.

It is according to this recipe that traditional roast chicken meat called satsivi is prepared, at the end adding garlic, walnuts, greens and cream sauce to the dish..

The process of cooking this dish will take no more than 35-40 minutes.

Roast из куриного филе

Recipes look much richer and more interesting when the brisket is baked in the oven.

Before this, breasts should be marinated for at least 2-3 hours in various sauces..

Nowadays, low-carb sauces and dressings are very popular..

After all, carbohydrates, it is those evil wizards who are constantly trying to increase in size your waist and hips.

And it is so difficult life.

Every day one has to live in a state of terrible psychological stress, sitting down on all kinds of effective and not-so diets, and at the same time constantly experiencing a strong feeling of hunger.

All this in the process of long-term prospects can lead to a severe depression..

One of the main products here is garlic.

Vegetable from all sides useful and indispensable. The main usefulness of this vegetable comes from the vitamins and essential trace elements it contains.

In the number of such useful chemical compounds, phytoncides that positively affect metabolic processes in the human body.

The sauce based on it is called garlic.

Garlic соус для курицы

The recipe for its preparation is simple, literally to the point of mind, figuratively speaking.

The homeland of this sauce, in my opinion, is the Italians.

The main product component of this sauce is such an invaluable product as garlic.

For a portion of your favorite enough to take 6-8 cloves of garlic.

This vegetable is supplemented with a half 200 gram glass of cold boiled water, and better than chicken broth.

The broth variant is much tastier, but more troublesome..

And still need a bunch of greens, better parsley.

At the very beginning, garlic must be cleaned and chopped..

Add to it quite a bit of salt, literally a pinch.

Add water and parsley.

With this sauce for about an hour you should pour the chicken breasts before sending them to the oven.

Video dessert

See how you can cook delicious and healthy chicken breasts..