Fast и медленные углеводыSlow and fast carbohydrates … Do they really need the body? Of course, they are necessary, vital, because without them, our body can not properly digest proteins and fats, and the liver without them will not function normally.

It should be noted that carbohydrates are assimilated by the body in the form of glucose, but the main sweet tooth of the whole body is, of course, the brain..

Carbohydrates and Glycemic Index

Traditionally, it is customary to divide carbohydrates into fast and slow. It all depends on how fast they will break down in the body and transform into glucose..

It is glucose that is the main source of energy for the body..

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But how to find out which carbohydrates are fast and which are slow? What foods contain fast carbohydrates?

In order to calculate the splitting rate, a special indicator was introduced – the glycemic index or GI. So, a high glycemic index have foods that are not as beneficial to the body as food with low GI.

Eat them daily is not worth it. Nutritionists propose to carry such products to festive food, that is, to eat infrequently.

The reason for this lies not only in the beautiful figure, but also in the huge loads that the human pancreas is experiencing..

So, products containing fast carbohydrates:

  • sweets;
  • starch;
  • sugar;
  • sweet drinks;
  • instant soups;
  • White bread;
  • biscuit;
  • potatoes.

If there is such an opportunity, it is better to refuse from these products altogether – to exclude from your diet. If there is no such possibility, it is recommended to eat them less often. Alcohol is also a fast carbohydrate..

Carbohydrates in the diet

Carbohydrates в нашем питанииImmediately it should be noted that it is impossible to refuse completely from carbohydrates.

The secret to proper and rational nutrition is to include mainly slow carbohydrates in your menu and supplement it with fast ones rather seldom..

By feeding in this way, a person not only watches his weight, but also helps the body.

For the normal functioning of the body, it is necessary that up to 60% of the total amount of carbohydrates be eaten.

If you completely eliminate them from the diet, then the body will seriously suffer – the metabolism will break.

Slow carbohydrates are contained in cereals, as well as pasta (which are made from wholemeal flour), cereals except manna. There are also slow carbohydrates in vegetables (zucchini, spinach, cabbage), mushrooms, non-sugar fruits (apples, kiwi, grapefruit, pear), berries (cherry).

Fast carbs before exercise and after

Charge углеводной энергиейExperts recommend that complex or slow carbohydrates be used by athletes and active people before a workout, but simple or fast carbohydrates after.

Why fast carbs are recommended to use after exercise?

The fact is that after significant physical exertion, during the period of recovery of the body, time is needed to replenish muscle glycogen..

It is important to feed the muscles with fast carbohydrates.!

The faster the recovery process of the body and muscles, the more intense the next workout can be.

Within 4 hours after the end of the workout you need to eat at least 100 g of fast carbohydrates, and within 24 hours – 600 g.

Excellent fast carbohydrates are banana and rice.

Fast and slow carbohydrates table

Slow carbohydrates (GI indicator < 69), таблица:

Product name GI indicator Product name GI indicator
Tomatoes ten Barley porridge 22
Cucumbers 20 Durum wheat pasta 38
Onion ten Milk 32
Broccoli ten Cottage cheese thirty
White cabbage ten Kefir 25
Carrot 35 Cream 10% thirty
Olives 15 Sea Kale 23
Olives 15 Sausages 28
Grapefruit 22 Sausage 34
Apples thirty Ketchup 12
Apricots 20 Tomato juice 15
Oranges 35 Kvass thirty
Peaches thirty Wine thirty
Black currant 15 The nuts 15
Prunes 25 Marmalade thirty
Dried apricots thirty Bitter chocolate 20
Boiled potatoes 65 Oatmeal 66
boiled rice 65 Buckwheat 50
Persimmon 55 Rye bread 65
Melon 60 Processed cheese 57
Bananas 60 Chees Feta 56
Raisins 65 Grape juice 48
Mayonnaise 60 Sugar free coffee 52
Egg 48 Compote 60

Fast carbohydrates (figure GI> 69), table

Product name GI indicator Product name GI indicator
Fried potato 95 Squash caviar 75
Watermelon 72 Muesli 80
Honey 90 Beer 110
Rice and wheat syrup 100 Glucose syrup 100
Starch 100 Glucose 100
Maltodextrin 95 Baked potato 95
Rice flour 95 Potato starch 95
Fried potatoes, French fries 95 Sticky Rice 90
Instant Potatoes 90 Gluten free white bread 90
Celery root 85 Cornflakes 85
Maranta 85 Cooked carrots 85
Refined wheat flour 85 Corn starch 85
Turnip 85 Rice pudding 85
Rice milk 85 Parsnip 85
Unsweetened popcorn 85 Hamburger buns 85
White bread for breakfast 85 Tapioca (croup) 85
Rice cakes, popped rice 85 Instant rice 85
Pumpkin 75 Mashed potatoes 80
Corn Syrup 115 Lasagna 75
Sweet corrugations (waffles) 75 Donuts 75
Rice with milk 75 Air amaranth 70
Bagels and bagels 70 White bread, baguette 70
Corn porridge, hominy 70 Biscuit 70

Video dessert

For dessert, today a video on how to eat right: it’s all about carbohydrates.