Saturated и ненасыщенные жирыThe popularity of a healthy lifestyle is growing steadily..

More and more people give up bad habits and prefer to play sports, more attentive to their diet.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to turn to a professional nutritionist for an individual nutrition program..

A search for information on the Internet often results in not answers, but only an increase in the number of questions.

One of these controversial topics is the problem of eating fat..

This is especially true among women, because for many of them fats are associated exclusively with the threat to the figure, and only the word “cholesterol” can cause panic.

Therefore, after analyzing the available information on this topic and armed with expert advice, we will try to figure out whether it is worthwhile to introduce fat into your diet..

For a start it should be noted that fatty acids, of which, mainly, fats are composed, can be divided into three categories:

  • saturated;
  • monounsaturated;
  • polyunsaturated.

What is the difference between them, and which ones should be eaten, and which ones should be avoided, we now consider in more detail.

Hydrogen-saturated fats

Saturated жиры, что это

Little chemistry.

Saturated (marginal) fats are monobasic fatty acids, i.e. have a simple single carbon bond, in their structure there are no double bonds between carbon atoms.

Molecules of such fats are saturated with hydrogen..

The most common saturated fatty acids:

  • Stearic (there is a lot of it in mutton fat and in vegetable oils);
  • Palmitic (found in large quantities in palm oil, in lard).
  • Margarine, lauric, myristic and other.

Now a little biology.

Once in the blood, saturated fats merge to form spherical compounds that are easily deposited in adipose tissue..

This fact often serves to the emergence of various myths about the dangers of limiting fats and the need for their complete exclusion from the diet..

For example, the myth is widespread that consuming saturated fats leads to clogged arteries and even heart attacks..

Numerous studies have shown that there is no significant link between the consumption of foods containing saturated fats and diseases of the cardiovascular system.

Health problems arise under the influence of a set of factors of a person’s lifestyle, therefore, one should not be so afraid of limiting fats..

You should also refute the myth that saturated fatty acids, entering the body, cause insulin resistance.

Indeed, the use of palmitic acid can lead to such consequences, however, it must be borne in mind that no product contains only this type of acid..

Both meat and eggs, which are often exposed to the enemies of our health, contain other types of fatty acids that neutralize the negative effect of palmitic acid..

And finally, the most popular myth that eating saturated fat leads to obesity..

Of course, unsystematic and unlimited consumption of them will have negative consequences for the figure, just as excessive consumption of proteins and carbohydrates.

But with the right approach, a diet enriched with saturated fatty acids will benefit not only health, but also the figure..

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About the benefits of saturated fat:

  • are a source of energy for the body;
  • take an active part in the process of synthesizing hormones, building cell membranes;
  • contribute to the successful absorption of vitamins and trace elements;
  • in the female body contribute to the normalization of the menstrual cycle, beneficially affect the reproductive system.

Thus, people who care about their health and pay attention to the figure should include foods that contain saturated fat in their diet..

On average, the rate of consumption of this type of fat is 15-20 grams per day.

On a note

The list of products that contain saturated fatty acids:

  1. milk products;
  2. meat;
  3. butter (both cream and palm, coconut, cocoa butter);
  4. eggs;
  5. chocolate.

Unsaturated Fatty Acids

what такое ненасыщенные жиры

Little chemistry.

The structure of fatty acids of which unsaturated fats are made is characterized by the presence of a double carbon bond between adjacent atoms..

This ensures their oxidation ability and high biological activity..

At normal room temperature, they are in a liquid state, lowering the temperature causes solidification of monounsaturated fats, while polyunsaturated remain liquid at any temperature..

Some biology.

The human body itself does not produce unsaturated fats, so you need to get from food.

Unlike saturated fatty acids, molecules of unsaturated fats do not unite when released into the blood; therefore, they freely pass through the arteries.

As already noted, unsaturated fats are divided into two types: monounsaturated and polyunsaturated.

What are the benefits of unsaturated fatty acids??

Unsaturated жиры, омега 3

Monounsaturated fatty acids:

  • help maintain normal blood cholesterol levels, reducing “bad” (LDL) and increasing the proportion of “good” (HDL);
  • have anti-inflammatory effects;
  • beneficial effect on the heart.

Polyunsaturated fatty acids:

  • support immunity at a high level;
  • improve brain function;
  • serve to prevent the occurrence of cancer cells;
  • help reduce blood clotting, preventing blood clots;
  • increase the smoothness and hydration of the skin.

It should be noted that polyunsaturated acids such as linoleic acid and alpha-linolenic acid, better known as omega-6 and omega-3, are most beneficial to the human body..

It is important to achieve a balanced use of omega-3 and omega-6, not allowing the substitution of one type of acid to others.

Experts recommend sticking to a 2: 1 ratio, increasing your intake of omega-3 (in particular, fish) and reducing the level of omega-6 (vegetable oils).

On a note

List of products that contain monounsaturated fatty acids:

  • nuts (almonds, peanuts, cashews);
  • avocado;
  • vegetable oils (olive, nut, sesame, sunflower).

Products containing polyunsaturated fatty acids:

  • salmon;
  • walnuts;
  • vegetable oils (soybean, corn);
  • sesame, sunflower seeds;
  • linen.

General rules for eating fat:

  1. in the daily diet, about 1/3 should be fat;
  2. The optimal amount of fat – 1 gram per kilogram of your weight;
  3. increase the amount of fat during intense physical exertion (including heavy work), as well as during cold weather conditions.

Thus, it can be said that it is impossible to divide fats into “bad” and “good” fats, they are all necessary to ensure the normal functioning of the body.

You just have to be careful when drawing up your diet. Take advantage of our advice and be healthy.

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