Protein для организмаProtein, also known as protein, is a chain of amino acids (there are 22).

Like links, they bond to each other and create all kinds of protein..

When the protein enters the gastrointestinal tract, under the influence of enzymes, it breaks down again into amino acids, which are absorbed and connected in a new way, forming the tissues of our organs, cell walls, fibers, muscles …

Yes, the whole body!

And without proteins, the full composition of many hormones and enzymes, the production of antibodies and immune responses are impossible..

The difficulty is that our body does not know how to store protein, therefore it must be consumed constantly and in the proper amount..

About what is fraught with its lack, you can guess from the above functions of the protein in the body.

Do not forget that the daily rate of protein intake, like all norms in general, is very individual, but there are some numbers and theses that should be relied upon when calculating the amount of protein.

The minimum program regarding protein intake for an adult and healthy person – 40g.

Per day.

Less can not!

It is about 40 g of protein in meat products or plant foods, and not about 40 g of meat.!

Among other things, amino acids are involved in the spacing of vitamins throughout the body, so if there is no protein in the body, it does not make sense to drink vitamins.!

But the most average indicator of protein norm can be called 90 g per day..

The maximum can be called 110-120g per day. Exceeding the daily protein intake is also dangerous: an excess of protein leads to poisoning..

At a time, we can learn about 30-35g of protein: this is 200 g of cottage cheese or a small chicken breast..

There may be a difference between the amount of protein we eat and the amount of protein we digest..

It depends on how the digestive tract functions, and on the quality of the protein itself, and on its type: the animal digests better than the vegetable.

The amount of protein intake per day, its calculation

Which one суточная норма белка для человека

In order to understand how much protein we need per day, it is important to know our ideal body weight: from this stove we start dancing.

There are a lot of formulas and calculators, but one thing is certain: the ideal weight is the one that you had between the ages of 20 and 25.

For men, the daily intake of protein ranges from 1.5 to 2.5 grams per kilogram of body weight..

But only if the health at that time was a reference.

Now consider.

  • For a person who does not play sports and does not work physically, 1.2 g of protein per kilogram of weight is necessary if it is normal;
  • Those who sometimes do physical work or sports once or twice a week need 1.6 g of protein per 1 kg of normal weight;
  • People who play sports 3 or more times a week should eat from 1.8 to 2 g of protein per kg of the same normal weight;
  • Those who are on a low-calorie diet should eat as much protein as the previous category..

This is due to the fact that such diets lead to an increase in expenditure on the energy needs of the body’s own proteins, which means that you need to fill your own daily protein loss rate.

The daily consumption of protein in the body is about 0.75 grams per 1 kilogram of our body mass..

How much protein do women need per day

Daily норма белка для женщин

Protein in the female body is also responsible for beauty, because proteins are the condition of the hair, and the freshness of the skin (collagen is also a protein, after all), and a slim figure, and childbearing function, and hormones …

On the other hand, the female body, like no other, is able to process excess protein, turning it into urea.

And in fat accumulations too.

Therefore, the daily protein intake for women is approximately 80 g..

For women who are not engaged in physical activity and not interested in sports, you need about 1.7 g of protein per 1 kg of weight.

Normal, not perfect.

The amount of protein for pregnant women

During pregnancy, proteins become a building material not only for the mother’s body, but also for the fetus, which grows rapidly.

The future mom at this time grow all the internal organs, because they must cope with all the needs of the child.

During pregnancy, the daily intake of protein is about 2 g of protein per kg of body weight..

Thus, a pregnant woman in any case should not eat less than 100-120 g of protein per day..

And it must be a protein that is well digested..

Protein for athletes

Daily норма питания для спортсменов

This topic has always caused a lot of controversy..

It used to be believed that athletes have a fairly normal daily intake of proteins..

In recent years, it has been proven that people who train intensively and regularly need a higher rate of protein: 1.5 – 2 g per kg of weight.

This amount of protein is not harmful at all: this protein goes not only to work the body, but also to build muscles, and physical endurance.

Otherwise, the body develops a negative nitrogen balance..

And at the same time, muscle mass is lost, and recovery after classes is slow.

It also increases catabolism and decreases stamina in training..

Thus, an athlete weighing from 50 to 150 kg, who trains intensively, needs to eat from 3 to 11 servings of fish or chicken per day..

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Not everyone can cope with so much meat, so protein supplements can save the day..

Moreover, they are safe. Still, natural protein can not be replaced by anything.

Therefore, protein for athletes should be of high quality and diverse – just to not bother.

However, all this concerns those who are engaged in running, swimming, martial arts, gymnastics …

For lovers of fitness and bodybuilding, where not only physical endurance and performance are put in the first place, but an improvement in body shape, the daily rate of protein differs slightly from the average, but we can say that it is approximately 2 grams per kilogram of body.

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In this video, you will find out in detail everything about the protein, its daily rate and how to calculate it..