If you like to cook, know what a good food photo is and know how to write interesting texts, then you have come to the address.

We are looking for authors of step by step recipes with experience.

You can earn from 300 rubles for one recipe.

Requirements for authors

  • Experience in food photography and the availability of published recipes on other sites;
  • Availability of equipment for shooting (good camera, tripod, photo phones, reflectors);
  • The ability to build culinary food compositions;
  • The ability to cook tasty and beautiful;
  • Love in cooking.

What recipes can be published

The recipe you choose. You will be offered a table of different recipes, divided by ingredients and types of dishes. You go to the table, using the search, find the recipe that suits you, and start to create.


  • Provides a base of recipes for cooking (from elementary to complex – all of your choice).
  • Payment is made once a week on WebMoney or Yandex Money.
  • Basic rate for one recipe – 300 rubles.
  • Loyalty program: after 50 publications – the rate of 350 rubles, after 250 publications – the rate of 400 rubles.
  • Long-term cooperation.

What is required to get started

To start cooperation, you will need:

  1. Fill out the form;
  2. To study the instruction;
  3. Make a test paid recipe of your choice;
  4. Receive a corporate sticker by mail and get started.

We want to make content that is one level higher than most competitors. We want to make a site that will be convenient and pleasant to use..

Our goal is the number 1 culinary portal on the Russian Internet. Therefore, we are interested in long-term cooperation..

If you have read to the end and you are not afraid of the requirements, then send your profile: