Natalia Круглова

Natalia Kruglova

Practicing Dietician.

Member of the National Association of Nutritionists and Nutritionists.

Certified specialist in the following topics:

  • “Drawing up an individual diet”;
  • “Food at different age stages, during pregnancy and feeding. Food at fitness classes. “;
  • “Effective Dietetics”;
  • “Motivation in nutrition”;
  • “Clinical Dietology”.

Currently he is a leading dietitian at the St. Petersburg Hospital. St. Mary Magdalene, as well as conducting consultations on the correction of nutrition, both personally and through Skype.

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Equipment Standard Gold Platinum
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Individual Skype consultation Natalia Kruglova(1 hour)


Individual Skype consultation Natalia Kruglova(3 hours)


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7 500


Contact details:

Tel .: +7 (920) 361-74-85
E-mail: [email protected]


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