The main criterion for choosing red wine is not the “age” of the drink or even its price, but compatibility with the dishes that you are going to serve..


Red Wine Traditions

General rules that still work: it is preferable to use red wine in winter, it is excellent for dark meat, sweet and liqueur varieties are served to dessert, it is recommended to open the wine at least half an hour before consumption, when in contact with the air a bouquet of a good drink opens up stronger becomes richer.

Expensive drinks are not served at a simple meal. But too complicated wine can distract from the refined snack. Food and wine should be slightly in contrast to each other. For example, a simple snack, and the wine is rich and vice versa. But under these conditions, drink and food are “classmates.” This means that you should not drink a kebab with a drink from Bordeaux, it is better to serve hvanchkar.

By the way, before use, red wine is slightly heated, unlike white wine, which, on the contrary, is cooled. The glass is not filled to the brim to preserve the flavor. It is not by chance that the dishes for red wine taper to the top so that the smell of the wine is preserved in the glass. Citrus fruits, hot sauces, vinegar-based snacks are not the best friends of red wine. They will not let you taste the taste of the drink and enjoy its fragrant bouquet..

What kind of snack is suitable for dry red wine

In order to achieve the perfect ratio of taste:

  1. Serve this drink with kebabs, beef medallions, turkey, fried goose. Be sure to add ham from beef or turkey to the meats, replace bacon with jerked sausage;
  2. In the best way dry wine is combined with soft and hard cheeses. But only mature varieties will do. With them, often cooked appetizers on skewers, and here a bit of olives would be quite appropriate. Cheese plate is especially suitable for dry wine. Just put in it no more than five types of cheese;
  3. Very controversial snack – fruit. In companions to dry wine, take only sweet fruits, for example, mango, pear or peach. They have a pleasant sweetness and fruit sourness. Here on this wealth of shades it is necessary to play, shading the acid of dry wine;
  4. And finally, serve an elegant snack in tartlets on the table – it looks very impressive. You can fill tartlets with any stuffing from meat, fish, crabs, cheese, vegetables. Here is complete freedom for culinary creativity..

Snacks for semi-sweet and semi-dry red wine


These wines are drunk more often, because they can be served at almost any meal:

  1. Cook a rabbit, chicken or partridge. Tasty, lean meat – just what you need;
  2. This type of wine is perfect for trout, tuna or salmon. By the way, according to the new recommendations of tasters, red wine can be served with cod or dorado, only a drink should be young;
  3. If in the refrigerator you already have cheeses with a noble mold, it remains only to cut them, put them on a plate and put them on the table, everything will take about five minutes;
  4. Absolutely all fleshy, sweet fruits are suitable for semi-dry wine. Everything is elementary, you can not even subtilize with snacks, just cut the fruit, strung them on skewers, add sliced ​​sweet cheese right between the fruits, so that the fruit composition on the plate looked spectacular;
  5. The taste of semi-sweet wine can be emphasized desserts. The first number we have is sponge cake, then mousse and finally, meringue is not purchased, but real, homemade is an amazing snack that can harmonize with a semi-sweet drink. Puff pastry with sweet fruits and ice cream will be suitable for semi-dry wine.

sandwiches с рыбойRead how to make delicious red fish sandwiches. The most interesting recipes.

Note the recipe for an interesting potato casserole with chicken.

Interesting options for cooking bacon in onion peel. The meat is soft and has an unusual taste, thanks to the onions.

Sweet Red Wine Appetizers

If you prefer sweet wines, choose snacks:

  1. A real classic snack to wine – cheese. He never bothers, because in one dish is usually collected such a set of tastes that will not get bored. Exclude only blue mold cheeses, they go well with seasoned white wine;
  2. Fortified sweet wine requires meat or fish snacks. Dishes from spiced meat, salted pink trout and salmon will suit perfectly;
  3. And note that sweet wine is usually served at the end of dinner. Prepare homemade ice cream for it. It is always appropriate – in winter and in summer. It is not difficult to make it, as the basis of any ice cream is custard thick cream, and you can add anything you want to it..

Universal recipes

Tartlets, meat rolls and Mexican tortilla are good for red wine. The advantage of these dishes is that they can be served to any kind of wine, without fear that it will not work. These versatile snacks are easy to add different flavors..

Cheesecake with pesto sauce
What kind закуску принято подавать к красному вину
Ingredients amount
tortillas (tortilla, you can use pita) 4 things.
soft cream cheese 200 g
red sweet pepper 2 pods
green fragrant basil 60 g
Parmesan cheese 20 g
cedar dried nuts 30 g
refined olive oil 60 ml
garlic clove
pepper and salt taste
Time for preparing: 30 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 250 Kcal

How to cook:

  1. Bake in the oven sweet pepper. When it becomes soft, take it out. Peel off seeds and rind, then mash with a fork;
  2. Make a sauce: in a blender bowl, beat until smooth the pine nuts, green basil, chopped parmesan, garlic clove, oil, spices;
  3. Mix the prepared sauce with soft cream cheese;
  4. Smear on the cake puree from the Bulgarian pepper. Put the sauce on it. Form a roll, then cut into slices..

Tartlets with lightly salted salmon

You will need:

  • 300 g lightly salted red fish;
  • 200 g cream cheese;
  • 16 tartlets;
  • small cucumbers – 2 pcs.

Guacamole Products:

  • 1 avocado;
  • 1 ordinary onion;
  • 100 g fresh sour cream;
  • a small bunch of parsley leaves;
  • juice of one lemon;
  • to taste add: paprika, garlic, hot and black pepper, salt.

Preparation takes: 35 min. Dish of calories per 100 g: 225 kcal.

How to do:

  1. Prepare a goucamole: put onion, parsley, avocado pulp into a blender bowl, pour in sour cream, season and chop; to mix
  2. Eight tartlets fill the resulting mixture. Fill the remaining eight pieces with cheese;
  3. Add in each basket a very thinly sliced ​​fish fillet, rolled into a straw; add рыбу
  4. In each tartlet add more slices of fresh cucumber, rolled into a straw;
  5. Garnish with parsley leaves. add украшение

Chicken roll stuffed with mushrooms

Required for roll:

  • halves of chicken breasts – 4 pieces;
  • 1 ripe tomato;
  • half a pod of red pepper;
  • bulb onion;
  • fresh mushrooms – 200 grams;
  • for frying – refined oil.

Required cooking time: 40 min. One portion of 100 g contains: 188 kcal.

Cooking method:

  1. Fry chopped onion in hot oil, then put the tomato, pepper, mushrooms, fry until done;
  2. Beat off chicken fillets, and so that the meat does not scatter throughout the kitchen, cover each piece with foil;
  3. Put the stuffing on the blunt meat, form a roll. Bake in the oven or fry until cooked in the pan;
  4. Chilled rolls cut and serve on the table.

Meatloaf with cheese filling

You will need:

  • stuffing from different meats – 500 grams;
  • 1 wheat flour bun;
  • 1 large onion;
  • 1 raw egg;
  • 1 bell pepper;
  • 10 g butter;
  • a handful of ground crackers;
  • boiled ham + cheese – 100 grams;
  • 4 tomatoes;
  • 150 grams of leaf lettuce;
  • grated nutmeg + ground pepper + salt – to taste.

Preparation takes: 55 minutes. Each portion of 100 g contains: 349 kcal.

How to do:

  1. Mix the stuffing with a soaked bun, egg and finely chopped onion. You will have a cutlet mass, it remains to season it to taste with salt, pepper, add nutmeg and finely chopped sweet pepper;
  2. Grease the form with butter, sprinkle with breadcrumbs. Half cooked minced meat put in the form;
  3. Wrap narrow slices of cheese in ham slices, place them in the center of the cutlet mass, lightly press and cover with remaining minced meat, tamp;
  4. Bake for about 1 hour in a well-heated oven;
  5. Remove the roll, cool, then cut into portions;
  6. Tomatoes and leaf lettuce, rinse, chop. Put the roll on a flat plate, garnish with chopped tomatoes and lettuce leaves.

Enjoy your meal!