For the first time sparkling wine appeared in the French region of Champagne during the Middle Ages. The grapes for this drink were grown by monks, and champagne was used in church rituals, such as the sacrament.

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After some time, this drink fell in love with the French kings. It was used not only during the coronation, but also regularly served on the table and at other large-scale celebrations..

How to drink champagne for etiquette

Champagne is a favorite drink for many, which is great for any celebration. When using this drink should observe certain etiquette..

  1. Champagne do not drink from cups or glasses. To do this, there is a special elongated glass on a thin leg, the glass it should be transparent, without decorative elements.
  2. Champagne is stored in a dark and cool place. Ideal temperature for serving 7-9 degrees.
  3. It is necessary to drink, slowly and in small sips.
  4. In the company, the first to take the glass should a woman, and only after that man.
  5. The glass should be held in your left hand, and not put it on the table. This is a signal to the waiter that you no longer want to drink.

What drink


Champagne – a great drink that has a large number of variations. For each of them should follow a certain list of snacks.

Sweet and semi-sweet white:

  • fruits (grapes, apples, pineapples, kiwi, and others);
  • ice cream;
  • berries;
  • salads;
  • chocolate;
  • cheese.

Sweet and semi-sweet pink:

  • meat (lamb, veal);
  • poultry (lean chicken, turkey, duck).


  • simple sandwiches with caviar, slices of cheese, baked pineapples, and other uncomplicated variations;
  • seafood.


  • nuts;
  • cheese;
  • bird (chicken);
  • seafood;
  • sushi and rolls.

As a snack, simple foods are ideal. Sophisticated dishes with lots of ingredients, mayonnaise or butter, are not suitable for such a noble drink..

Champagne and other drinks

What drinks can be combined with champagne? Champagne is an individual drink, it is rarely used in cocktails with other types of alcohol. The non-alcoholic option is freshly squeezed juices that are great for semi-sweet champagne..

At any celebration, rarely anyone is limited to a few glasses of champagne. In this case, you should follow the classic rule for any alcoholic beverages – each subsequent should be stronger than the previous one. That is, after champagne, whose strength is, on average, 9-13 degrees, you can drink port wine (from 20 degrees and above), liqueur (from 20 degrees and above), vodka, tequila, brandy.

What is better not to drink sparkling wine

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In order not to spoil the impression of the drink, you should avoid these dishes and products:

  • onion and garlic;
  • halva and other oriental sweets;
  • dishes with mayonnaise, including salads;
  • fat meat;
  • sausage, ham;
  • salty fish.

Useful tips

How to choose

Most people have the simplest requirements for this drink – so that there are a lot of bubbles and foam, and it opens with cotton. For such a pleasure, you can pay starting from 150 rubles per bottle.

Russian champagne produced by wineries in the Krasnodar Territory costs, on average, 200-400 rubles. A bottle of sparkling wine from foreign wineries will cost from 2 thousand rubles to several hundred thousand dollars..

The most expensive champagne in the world, was sold at auction a few years ago for 270 thousand dollars.

Sparkling wines from Champagne in France are regularly supplied to Russia. It was there that originated this drink. Its cost will be 3-4 thousand rubles per bottle.

Carefully study the appearance of the bottle. Are all the stickers in place, are there any traces of glue, how tight is the cork. If the cork is plastic, then this is an indicator that low-quality champagne.

Plastic caps are not tight enough, and air is passed through it, which badly affects the quality of the drink..

How to open the bottle correctly

Before serving, champagne should be cooled to 7-9 degrees. It’s 3 hours in the fridge. Served on a table in a bucket of cold water and ice. Never open the bottle before opening..

Take the bottle in hand and remove the top film with protective wire, holding the cork. Tilt the bottle at a 45 degree angle. Start cranking the bottle, not the cork, then it will open with a light pop, not a shot..

How to pour into a glass

The drink is poured on the walls of the glass, and not to the bottom. This is done in order not to get a huge cap of foam. The glass should be tilted and poured in a small stream. The drink is poured into two sets. After the first one, it is necessary to wait for the foam to settle, and top up so that the drink takes up of the glass.

mulled wineHow to cook spicy mulled wine at home, read our article.

How to cook triangles with meat and potatoes is a Tatar dish that is cooked very simply.

Pie with sour cream and prunes is an incredibly tasty dish that is juicy and full-bodied..

How to drink

In the hands of the glass you need to hold the leg. This is necessary so that the drink does not heat up and does not lose its aroma and taste. You can hold a glass in your hand while drinking brandy, which becomes even more fragrant when heated from human hands. In the case of champagne, this is completely inappropriate..

Do not immediately begin to drink. You need to feel the aroma and watch hundreds of small iridescent bubbles.

Champagne can serve as an aperitif before the main banquet. But it should be remembered that drinks with carbon dioxide, due to which bubbles appear, are absorbed into the blood much faster. Therefore, on an empty stomach to drink champagne in large quantities is not recommended. Just a couple of sips before the main menu.

Interesting Facts

  1. A traffic jam can reach a speed of 110 km / h..
  2. If you drop the raisins into the champagne glass, it will sink to the bottom and float several times..
  3. Initially, vintners in medieval France considered sparkling wine a low-quality drink, thinking that bubbles were the result of excessive fermentation..
  4. 54 meters – this is exactly the amount of officially registered flight of a cork from a bottle of champagne.
  5. Sailors break a bottle of sparkling wine on the ship when they drop it into the water.
  6. The ritual of splashing with a pop appeared in 1967, after Dan Henry, who had won the car race, shook up the bottle of champagne presented to him and doused the contents of everyone around him. Since then, it is a constant ritual not only at car races, but also at simple parties.
  7. August 4th is the birthday of champagne.
  8. There is an informal study, the results of which revealed that 1 bottle of 0.75 ml of champagne contains 50 million bubbles.
  9. Moderate champagne is good for health. Sparkling drink improves skin condition and positively affects memory and overall brain function..


  1. Champagne – a great drink from the province of Champagne in France.
  2. For champagne best snacks from lean meat and fruit.
  3. Mayonnaise and oriental sweets should not be served to champagne.
  4. Choose quality champagne in proven stores.
  5. Opening champagne with foam and a shot, pouring it into cups, and drinking in big gulps – all this is a bad tone for such a wonderful drink..