Ice cream in a cup has a long history; more than one generation of children grew up on it. Favorite delicacy by all causes associations with childhood. Ice cream can be enjoyed at every step, it is very nutritious, tasty and healthy.

ice cream

Thanks to the waffle cup – ice cream is convenient to eat, and it looks aesthetically pleasing. Surely many will be interested in how this delicious dessert is made..

What made

The production of ice cream in the factory takes about 24 hours. During this period, the mass for making ice cream is heated to almost 90 ° C, after which it is cooled to –18 ° C. Its production begins with the preparation of the necessary raw materials..

The main ingredients are sugar, butter and dried milk. Producers use as flavoring fillers: vanilla, fruit or berry syrups, cocoa powder, natural coffee.

Ice cream in a cup of creme brulee requires a special syrup, its recipe is no longer considered a secret. Ice cream production stages:

  1. It all starts with checking the raw materials, it must be fresh and of high quality. This rule must always be observed, regardless of the conditions under which it is prepared..
  2. Under production conditions, the raw materials are checked in the laboratory; at home, it is enough to study the terms of manufacturing products and milk.
  3. Dry ingredients are sieved to avoid lumps. Screening promotes ice cream porosity.
  4. The next step is to boil it at an average temperature of 70-72 ° C, while boiling is unacceptable. In factories, this process is completely computerized..
  5. One of the important stages is homogenization. The mixture undergoes a complicated technological process. Grinding mass occurs under a certain pressure. The process produces a smooth consistency..
  6. The prepared mass for ice cream in a cup is pasteurized. In the process of heat treatment, the mixture is heated at + 87C.
  7. The homogenized and pasteurized mass is cooled in freezers. After that, it ripens at low positive temperatures in special containers until ready. This process takes an average of 20 hours..
  8. The final stage is freezing (saturation with air). As a result, the mass gains a creamy mass. Then flavoring components are added: syrups, nuts, canned fruits, chocolate, cocoa. The finished product is packaged in wafer or paper cups..

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How many grams in a cup

At a time when ice cream manufacturers adhered to standards, a portion weighed 100 grams. Modern manufacturers change these figures depending on the pricing policy..

Packing the product in smaller portions, it is cheaper. Usually the weight is indicated on the package with regard to the cup. Today it is also possible to buy ice cream by weight, put it in cups with a special spoon.

In production, everything is mechanized, the weight is packaged according to weight into cups and packaged. The package must be marked on the date of manufacture..

Calorie portions of ice cream

Excitement about the calorie content of ice cream is unfounded, because it is a useful and high-energy product. You can get enough in one portion, while receiving all the vital products.

Calorie content is always indicated on the package. Energy and nutritional value depends on the composition and weight of the product. It is calculated for every 100 grams of treats. Regular creamy ice cream in a cup contains on average 150 kcal, ice cream – over 220 kcal.

Calorie content can be higher in popsicles, on average, it increases by 5%. With chocolate additives, the delicacy reaches a calorie content of up to 270. The lowest calorie ice cream – dairy 130 kcal.

How many calories in a waffle cup

ice cream с добавками

Due to the fact that the weight of the wafer cup is low, its nutritional value is low. There is no need to be afraid of this; its average weight is 5 grams. Externally, the cup looks volumetric – this is achieved due to its porosity.

For people who are accustomed to count calories, this moment is very important, since the cup is made on the basis of flour. In 100 grams of waffle cup about 340 kcal.

More accurate indicators are indicated on the packaging, depending on the composition of its manufacture. On average, a cup weighing 5 grams contains 17 kcal. The manufacturer indicates the total caloric content of the product, including fillers and cups..

Homemade recipe
Which one состав у мороженого в стаканчике, сколько в нем грамм и калорий
Ingredients amount
whole milk 1 cup
35% fat cream 1 cup
powdered milk powder 1 tbsp. l.
powdered sugar 3 tbsp. l.
vanilla with taste
corn starch 1 tsp.
waffle cups 4 things.
Time for preparing: 720 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 117 Kcal

In the classic version of the preparation of the usual ice cream in a waffle cup, there are exclusively natural products. This moment is very important, as the delicacy is eaten by children..

You can prepare it at home, the main thing is to comply with the technology and dosage of products. As a result, you get a tasty and healthy dairy product no worse than shoplifting..

Facilitates the process of cooking household appliances, ice cream maker will allow you to cook a popular dessert without much hassle. Those who do not have an ice cream maker, do not worry, you can cook it in a regular saucepan.

How to cook ice cream sundae in a waffle cup:

  1. In a saucepan, mix dry ingredients (powdered sugar, powdered milk and starch). Pour in the milk and gently mix all with a whisk. No need to hurry, let all products make friends and dissolve well. to mix
  2. Next, put the pot on the fire, set the power of the oven to medium mode. Bring to a boil. It is necessary to stir the mass constantly, as it can burn. In the process of cooking due to the content of starch, the mass thickens. to beat
  3. Bring to a boil, remove from heat and strain through a fine sieve or cheesecloth..
  4. Cover the pan with food cellophane, everything should be well cooled. In the cooled mass add whipped cream. add сливки
  5. Testament stage – put the milk mixture in the freezer or ice-cream maker. After 20 minutes, get the pan, beat the mass again, so do the procedure 3-5 times. ice cream
  6. Put the thickened filling mass into cups, cover with cellophane and allow to cool to ice cream. After that, you can safely savor the prepared dessert. ice cream сливочное

Useful tips

  1. Home cooking requires thorough mixing at the cooling stage..
  2. Products need to choose only quality, cream with lower fat content will not work.
  3. Flavoring additives, nuts and dried fruits are added at the end, before being put into the cups..
  4. If you want to make a large portion of dairy delicacies, be aware that with prolonged storage it becomes covered with ice crystals. To prevent this from happening, you can add alcohol. This option, of course, is not suitable for children..
  5. Do not forget to cover the treat with cellophane, otherwise the ice cream will absorb odors from the refrigerator.

It is pleasant to you to eat ice cream!