Wine as a drink known for a long time. Today, in any specialty store you can find a lot of wine racks. Like any other alcoholic drink, red wine has its own varieties, rules and recommendations: how to drink, with what and when.

with чем пить красное вино

Terms of Use

In ancient times, this drink was called the gift of God, and therefore there were special rules for its use, which often turned into whole rituals. There are such rules today. They help in the fullness to enjoy the taste of good wine. There are the following important points:

  1. Each type of wine must be eaten with a certain snack;
  2. Red wines (except for fortified and semi-sweet) can be diluted, but follow clear rules: only boiled water; there must be more water; the best proportion is 1 part alcohol and 3 parts water;
  3. Keep the bottle must be in a horizontal position and cool;
  4. Fortified wines are best consumed at a temperature of 15-18 ° C, dessert wines – chilled;
  5. Each type of wine must be drunk from special glasses. For each species they are their own;
  6. Drinking to the bottom is not necessary at all, it is the drink that is savored, not drunk with it;
  7. The bottle is not opened, knocking out the cork with a blow, this should be done with a corkscrew, carefully screwing it into the cork and slowly pulling it out;
  8. Drink should be opened immediately before use..

In order for the taste of the wine to open fully and it can be clearly felt, one should drink it as follows:

  1. First, bring the glass to the light and enjoy the color of the drink;
  2. Breathe in its scent with full breasts. Good wine smells like grapes, not yeast;
  3. Rotate the glass so that the drink is saturated with oxygen;
  4. Moisten the upper lip, take a small sip and support the wine at the tip of the tongue;
  5. Open mouth, let in oxygen and only then take a sip.

It is worth buying high-quality wine, you should not save. And for a good drink is to choose the right snack.

What do they drink red wine

Sweet and semi-sweet

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Sweet and semi-sweet wines are distinguished by a beautiful rich color, floral and fruity aroma and freshness. They are best in tune with sweet desserts, so they can be combined with:

  • chocolate (except black);
  • cookies;
  • fruits other than watermelon and melon (they are too watery);
  • any pastry, including cakes and pastries with creams.

You can serve these wines for any dinner party or romantic dinner..

Dry wine

dry вино

This type is also called table wine, because it goes well with meat dishes, fish and any meat snacks. It is his habit to drink during a hearty lunch. Most often as a snack served:

  • fish or meat tartlets;
  • ham or sausage;
  • any meat dishes (pork, beef or poultry);
  • hard cheeses;
  • soups;
  • dishes from legumes;
  • steaks or kebabs;
  • sweet fruits (peaches, mango, pears).

The main rule of this wine is to eat with it such a snack, the taste of which would be contrasted with the drink..

What is better to drink

Since the main difference between semi-dry wine is a small amount of sugar and its slightly sour taste must be served not only with meat snacks, but also vegetable ones. To him perfectly fit:

  • any grilled meat;
  • vegetable dishes (especially asparagus, artichokes and mushrooms);
  • pastes;
  • meat snacks (ham, pork, sausages);
  • hard and savory cheeses.

This wine is suitable for any meal and in combination with the right food will have a beneficial effect on the digestive tract..

snacksWhat to serve for a snack to whiskey, read our article.

How to cook pork kebab in aerogrill – this dish will be a great addition to the wine.

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What kind of snack is not suitable for wine

Some products completely interrupt the taste of the wine and do not allow to feel it completely. Therefore, preparing snacks for this drink should be avoided:

  • any nuts. They have a strong taste and completely clog any others;
  • dishes that have vinegar. Including salads with dressing from any kind of vinegar;
  • cakes or cakes, in which very fat cream;
  • dark chocolate;
  • spicy dishes.

In addition to this list of products and dishes, you should also not smoke before or in time using this drink. Nicotine does not contribute to the disclosure of the taste of wine, and the smoke from cigarettes will prevent to feel the unique flavor.

Can I drink wine in the post

Fasting is a unique time to escape from the hustle and bustle of life and to engage in spiritual and physical health. The benefits of temporary abstinence in food have long been proven, but what about abstinence from red wine??

During fasting, it is necessary to refrain from eating animal food. You can eat only vegetable food, cooking methods which during the week are different. Regarding drinks, there are the following rules:

  1. In the first two days try not to drink anything at all;
  2. In the following days, water is allowed;
  3. Of the alcoholic beverages in the post, only red wine is allowed;
  4. Red wine can be drunk on Saturdays and Sundays;
  5. You can not use this drink concentrated – it must be diluted with water in a ratio of 3: 1, i.e. three parts of water must be added to one part of the wine;
  6. Drink is used for better health and it is necessary to drink it in extremely small quantities..

If a person adheres to strict fasting before big church holidays, he can only use diluted red wine on weekends and in small quantities..