The word “ravioli” is more and more familiar to the citizens of our country. And what is it, actually, and why did everyone’s favorite dumplings so called? Let’s see.


Ravioli is an Italian variety of Russian dumplings. The filling in them can be the most diverse. In addition, the shape of the finished product may also vary – round, square, triangular, and so on..

Despite the fact that both ravioli and dumplings are dishes of dough and filling, the difference in them is still.

What is the difference between ravioli and ravioli?

  1. Ravioli do not sculpt hands – for this special forms are used. Traditional Russian dumplings, of course, are molded by hand. At least, such products are valued the most;
  2. The dough for Italian products must include eggs and vegetable oil. Dumplings and dumplings are formed from unleavened dough based on water and flour;
  3. Russian dough products are usually boiled. But ravioli are supposed to be cooked in different ways – boil, fry, bake;
  4. Ravioli stuffing is no more than 50 percent compared to the dough. That is, the latter should be quite thickly unrolled. While in dumplings prized abundance of filling and thin dough;
  5. Russian dough is made only with meat stuffing, in extreme cases, with fish. The remaining variations are already related to dumplings. But ravioli can be with fish, meat, vegetables, cheese or fruit in its composition.

How to cook them: modeling and cooking

Ravioli dough
what такое равиоли и как их вкусно готовить
Ingredients amount
the eggs 2 pieces
yolks 4 pieces
flour about 250 grams
salt pinch
vegetable oil 1 tablespoon
water 1 tablespoon
Time for preparing: 25 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 200 Kcal

In the classic recipe of Italian products there is practically no water. Sometimes the addition of liquid for kneading dough. The recipe is very simple.

Break eggs into a bowl and lightly beat. Add salt and butter. Flour flour in the center of the table or board. Make a small indentation and begin to pour the liquid part. Knead high elasticity dough and add some water. The consistency should be firm and resilient when pressed with a finger..

And what to make the stuffing? The easiest option is to fry the mushrooms with onions. To do this, chop the mushrooms into small cubes with onions and fry in a pan with butter. In the finished filling, you can rub any cheese. Form ravioli.

Most often ravioli are made using a special form. A layer of dough is rolled about 2 mm thick. The optimal shape is an elongated rectangle. Fold the filling in small slides at a distance of about 2 centimeters from each other. Then we cover the blank with the second layer of dough and use the form to separate the products..

If there is no form, then you can form ravioli of any shape – round, square or even in the shape of a crescent. The main thing is to handle the edges with a fork for aesthetic look..

As for the choice of cooking method, the most popular ones are cooking or roasting. For boiling products, we put them in boiling salted water for 5 minutes. Frying them is also very simple – put ravioli in a heated frying pan with vegetable oil and fry until golden brown on each side.


ravioli с начинкой

The variety of fillings is simply amazing. In such products you can put both meat options and vegetables – with cheeses and sauces.

Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli

  • spinach – 500 grams;
  • Ricotta cheese – 200 grams;
  • butter – 50 grams;
  • onions – 1 small onion.

The time spent is 20 minutes. Calories per 100 grams – 250 kcal.

To begin with we make the dough according to the classic recipe, which is presented above. Give him rest in the refrigerator for about 20 minutes..

Grind the spinach with a knife and stew it under the lid with the addition of a small amount of water. Salt and pepper. In a separate pan, fry the onions in butter. All ingredients are mixed with cheese and let cool. Use for modeling ravioli.

Roll out the dough on the layers and lay out the filling at regular intervals in small portions. Roll out the second layer and cover the future ravioli. Now we cut the products.

This variation of ravioli is best roasted in butter. To do this, put it in a frying pan, heat it up a little, and then fry the dough products to a crust.

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Try to cook a gentle, airy cake from the curd of “Angel’s Tears”.

Sweet ravioli

Why not serve these items as a sweet dish? To do this, we need to take such products:

  • ricotta cheese – 300 grams;
  • sugar – 2 tablespoons;
  • rum – a couple of teaspoons;
  • rind of one lemon.

The time spent is 10 minutes. Calories per 100 grams – 260 kcal.

Make the dough according to the standard recipe. If you are a sweet tooth, add a little sugar.

The recipe is extremely simple – we mix the cheese with zest, sugar and rum. Sculpt ravioli of any shape. Such dessert variations are best made in the form of a crescent..

We will not cook such ravioli – they should be fried in a large amount of butter. Put the finished product on a paper napkin in order to remove excess fat.

With red fish and cream

  • salmon or trout fillet – 200 grams;
  • cream – half a glass;
  • dill – a small bunch;
  • garlic – 1 clove.

The time spent is 20 minutes. Calories per 100 grams – 267 kcal.

Prepare the dough, and then put it in the fridge for 25 minutes. Roll out a rectangular layer.

to make тесто

Fish cut into small pieces. In a dry pan with a non-stick coating fry it until cooked. Fill the cream, add crushed garlic and dill. Turn off the fire. The fish will absorb the rich cream and become juicy. White wine and vegetable salad are ideal for such a delicious dish..

slice рыбу

Spread the dough on the dough, cover with the second layer.

slice равиоли

We cut the ravioli and form the edges with a fork, if you do not have the form.

to make равиоли

This version of the dish will be very tasty to put out. To do this, in a skillet, heat the butter, put the ravioli, add the cream, diluted in half with water. Salt, pepper and put a little dill. In 10 minutes the dish will be ready..

ravioli готовы

With chicken fillet

  • fillet – 200 grams;
  • onion – 1 onion;
  • red bell pepper – half of the fruit;
  • hard cheese – 60 grams;
  • butter – 50 grams.

The time spent is 30 minutes. Calories per 100 grams – 270 kcal.

Cooking dough according to the classic recipe. Cover it with a film, and then send it to the fridge..

Grind chicken fillet in a blender or using a meat grinder. Fry onion and Bulgarian pepper in butter. Add minced chicken and fry, stirring constantly. It is necessary to do this so that one big cutlet does not turn out from minced meat. Cooking fillets should be no more than 10 minutes. In a hot mass rub cheese and give to cool.

Let’s try to make round ravioli. To do this, roll out the dough is not too thin, cut circles using a glass or cup. Lay out the chicken in the middle, and put a circle of test mass on top. We pinch the edges, after slightly pressing down the product to remove air.

This dish we will bake. Put the ravioli in the form. Pour 500 ml of milk, add salt, pepper. As soon as milk is absorbed, sprinkle with cheese and let it melt in just a few minutes in a hot oven..

What to eat

Of course, ravioli are served more as a separate dish. However, you can serve them with a vegetable salad, with fruit, with sauces of various kinds. It all depends on the stuffing itself..

For example, ravioli with cheese and herbs inside can be served with mixed vegetables or rye toasts. Products with a sweet filling are served with fruit and fruit drinks. You can also add ice cream to the table..

Now you know how to make a variety of ravioli. Treat yourself and your loved ones! Enjoy your meal!