What is the name of an amazingly tasty and invigorating drink based on espresso, cream and vanilla sugar? Cappuccino? Not at all. Raf-coffee is the most delicious and aromatic elixir of cheerfulness, which is so often ordered by visitors of coffee shops..

raf coffee с пенкой

Appearance history

As mentioned earlier, raff coffee consists of three main components – cream, espresso and vanilla sugar. However, unlike other similar drinks, all three elements here are added to the bowl and mixed at the same time, while for the remaining coffee drinks, the cream and milk are whipped separately..

Raff coffee is prepared using an espresso machine, and the result is an airy foam with a creamy taste in the bowl with a drink.

Today, there are at least a dozen ways to make ordinary coffee, and every single town has a coffee shop with all the necessary equipment and a variety of coffees..

But only some 20 years ago, raf-coffee was a real breakthrough in this area. Russia is considered to be its homeland in the period of the 90s, when one small Moscow coffee house, Coffee Bean, began offering its visitors a taste of an invigorating drink to choose from, and then this establishment had about 30 varieties of coffee beans..

At that time, people were so amazed at such a large selection that “Coffee Bean” very quickly gained regular visitors. But there was one among them, his name was Rafael, who for some reason did not drink ordinary coffee. Then the barista decided to diversify the menu of the bar, mixing vanilla sugar with 11% cream and brewing them with coffee, thereby convincing Raphael to try coffee.

Surprisingly, the electoral visitor appreciated the creation, and after a while his friends began to visit this bar and order coffee, calling it “as for Raphael”, “as Raphael”, “as for Rafa”. It is from here that this unusual name “Raf-coffee”.

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How to make raff coffee at home
what такое раф-кофе, как его приготовить в домашних условиях
Ingredients amount
Natural ground coffee 1 tsp.
Water 50 ml
Cream (11%) 100 ml
Plain sugar 1 tsp.
Vanilla sugar 1 tsp.
Time for preparing: 20 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 160 Kcal

Traditionally, this drink is prepared using a special espresso machine and a steam discharge; however, real raf coffee can be prepared at home even without special equipment, having only a Turk..

  1. Put ground coffee in a Turk, pour water over it, put it on medium heat;
  2. As soon as the coffee starts to boil the fire must be turned off; cook эспрессо
  3. Pour cream into a separate vessel, add both types of sugar, put on a slow fire and heat to a hot state, stirring continuously, ensuring complete dissolution of sugar;
  4. The drink must be drained from the ground using a fine sieve or cheesecloth, then pour it into the hot cream; add сливки
  5. Pour the mixture into a high bowl of a blender and mix everything using a special nozzle;
  6. It is necessary to stir until a rich creamy foam begins to form on the surface of the drink; to beat
  7. As soon as the foam is sufficient, the drink must be poured into the bowl and served immediately, otherwise the foam may settle..

Other recipes

For 20 years, raf-coffee has found several cooking options in which some ingredients are added or replaced. A few of them will be described below..

 Option number 1 – with the addition of orange juice

What is necessary How much do you need
Espresso coffee 50 gr
Cream 10-11% 100 ml
Vanilla sugar 5 gr
Sugar ordinary 5 gr
Orange juice 2 tsp.

If you prepare such a drink in a coffee machine, it will take no more than 10 minutes for everything. When using the Turks and the blender, cooking will take about 20 minutes. Calorie in one cup of the drink will be equal to 263 kcal.

How to cook in the Turk:

  1. According to tradition, you must first pour coffee in a Turk, add water there and put it on fire. As soon as it boils, remove from heat;
  2. Heat the cream separately, add plain and vanilla sugar to them, stir;
  3. Drink strain from the ground and pour into a high bowl;
  4. Add cream and orange juice to coffee and, using a long blender nozzle, stir all three ingredients until a high froth is formed..

Option number 2 – with orange liqueur and hot chocolate

Products Their number
Natural coffee 50 gr
Orange liqueur 150 ml
Water 100 ml
Orange peel 10 gr
Whipped cream 100 ml

The preparation time of this variant of the drink is also 20 minutes. Calorie per cup – 574 kcal.

How to cook:

  1. Separately brewed coffee and filtered from the thick;
  2. With the help of a conventional coffee whisk and orange liqueur mixed together in a separate bowl;
  3. Whipped cream is squeezed out into the finished drink;
  4. Orange rind sprinkled on top of cream.

Option number 3 – Raf coffee honey

What is necessary How much to take
Cream 10% 100 ml
Espresso coffee 50 gr
Water 100 gr
Honey of any kind 1 tsp.

Preparing such a drink for about 15 minutes. One cup of coffee contains 268 kcal.

Step by step preparation:

  1. Mix coffee and water in a Turk, boil it, let it cool for a while and then strain it through cheesecloth;
  2. Separately heat the cream, dissolve a spoonful of honey in them and pour in coffee;
  3. Pour the whole mixture into a tall bowl and stir with a submersible blender until foam forms..

Rules for serving coffee

First of all, you should immediately note that after preparing the drink, you must immediately serve the guest, not waiting for the foam to settle, and the coffee itself to cool..

There are some more important secrets of the proper serving of raf-coffee:

  1. The drink is poured into porcelain cups that are pre-heated;
  2. It is also possible that the serve in high transparent glasses, in which the drink will look more appetizing;
  3. If the drink is prepared with the addition of orange juice or liqueur, then a small slice of orange should be placed on the cap of the whipped cream to emphasize the non-standard recipe of raff coffee.

Useful tips

To make raff coffee at home, you can’t do without a blender, because without an airy creamy foam it will already be another drink..

Another small tip is the use of extremely finely ground coffee. It is important to purchase high-quality varieties that can be found in specialty stores that specialize in the sale of imported coffee and tea. Also, the water must be either filtered or boiled, otherwise the taste of the original drink will be spoiled..

When brewing coffee in the Turk, it must be remembered that in no case should the drink be boiled. As soon as the coffee grounds begin to rise, the Turk must be immediately removed from the fire..