The most successful salad recipes are born from the available products that are in all stores. Pay attention to the peanuts, it is he who gives the dish a nutty flavor and a sophisticated look..

Peanut Salad with Shrimps
Recipes необычных салатов с арахисом
Ingredients amount
shrimp (boiled and peeled) 200 g
celery (root only) 100 g
peanuts ½ st.
fresh spinach bundle
15% sour cream 100 g
lemon 1 PC.
salt and pepper taste
Time for preparing: 20 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 197 Kcal

Add a handful of peanuts to the dish, it will turn out magically. It is great to combine with other ingredients of this recipe. By the way, if you care about nutrition, but don’t want to sacrifice pleasures, this salad is for you..

How to cook:

  1. Chop celery root into cubes, brown in vegetable oil, odorless. root сельдерея кубиками
  2. Combine the prepared shrimp with nuts and celery. Add chopped spinach.
  3. Prepare the dressing: whip sour cream with lemon juice and spices. Pour salad dressing. cooking заправки

Light tuna appetizer with salted peanuts

Easy and simple tuna and salted peanut salad will take a worthy place on any table.


  • 30-40 g peanuts;
  • 1 can of tuna;
  • fresh cucumber;
  • 4 cherry tomatoes;
  • celery (stalk);
  • 100 g pitted olives;
  • bunch lettuce;
  • olive oil for dressing.

Cooking: 40 minutes.

The number of calories: 240 kcal.

How to cook:

  1. Cucumber chop slices, add to it halves of cherry, peeled and chopped celery stalk.
  2. Grind the olives, tear the leaf lettuce with your hands, add all this to the other vegetables, fill with olive oil. Season to taste with pepper, salt. Put tuna slices on top, sprinkle with peanuts, pre-crushed.

Chef’s Recipe

Peanut and Chicken Salad Recipe by Andrea Galli – Restaurant Chef and Culinary Excellence Teacher.

salad с арахисом и курицей


  • 4 chicken breasts;
  • 1.5 Art. carrots (shredded straws);
  • a third cup of celery (chopped);
  • 3 tbsp. crushed red onions;
  • 3 tbsp. chopped cilantro;
  • 1.5 tbsp lemon juice;
  • 150 ml of fish sauce;
  • ¼ Art. peanuts.

Cooking: 45 min.

Serving value: 247 kcal.

How to cook:

  1. Add salt to boiling water, put meat in, cook for 25 minutes. Then remove the breasts, cool.
  2. In a salad bowl, mix carrots, onions, celery, cilantro, nuts, all season with lemon juice and fish sauce.
  3. Cut white meat from the breasts and put in a salad.

Unusual chicken and duck salad

Unusual taste to the salad is given by original ingredients: poultry meat of two kinds, peanuts, aromatic vinegar, curly parsley and lard.

snack с уткой и курицей


  • 250 grams of chicken meat;
  • 150 grams of duck pulp;
  • 100 grams of lard (smoked);
  • 45 ml peanut butter;
  • 80 g peanuts;
  • 15 ml of balsamic vinegar;
  • bunch lettuce;
  • 3 tbsp. shredded parsley curly.

It will take: 40 minutes. Calorie portions: 259 kcal.

How to cook:

  1. First boil all the meat according to the recipe (chicken + duck).
  2. Fry the peanuts in a dry skillet. If possible, remove the husks from the walnut. Split the nuts into halves.
  3. Boiled meat chop finely, combine with roasted peanuts. Add leaf salad, cut with a ceramic knife (or tear the leaves with your hands).
  4. Prepare the dressing: combine peanut butter with balsamic vinegar, add black pepper, table salt, chopped curly parsley. Stir the dressing and pour over the salad.
  5. To decorate the surface of the dish with slices of smoked pork lard. At the request of lard can be a little fry.

Chinese Peanut Salad

The Asian flavor of this salad is given with sesame and rice vinegar flavors. In fact, you can use in this dish not only white cabbage. Good savoy cabbage with lace leaves and expressive taste..

amazing китайский салат с арахисом


  • ¼ head of white cabbage;
  • 1 chicken breast;
  • 1 carrot;
  • 1 cucumber;
  • 1 handful salted peanuts;
  • 50 g shallots;
  • 3 sprigs of green basil;
  • 15 ml of vinegar;
  • 15 ml of rice vinegar;
  • 10 ml sesame oil;
  • 8 g sugar;
  • 0.5 tsp fish sauce.

It will take: 40 minutes.

Each serving: 266 kcal.

pie со сгущенкой и грецкими орехами

For dessert, make a cake with condensed milk and walnuts.

According to this recipe you can cook Georgian salad with walnuts..

The recipe for delicious homemade walnut cookies can be found here..

How to cook:

  1. Breast wrapped in foil, baked in the oven. Cool, chop into pieces.
  2. Peeled shallots, chopped onions, add 15 ml of vinegar and leave for 2 minutes.
  3. Chop white cabbage into thin strips, sprinkle with a small amount of sugar, mash a vegetable with your hands.
  4. Peel the carrot, cucumber and chop into thin strips with a peeler..
  5. In a deep bowl combine the cabbage with carrots, cucumber, sprinkle with sugar, pour rice vinegar, fish sauce, sesame oil, mix.
  6. Chop the green basil leaves. To vegetables, add pickled shallots with vinegar, basil, mix.
  7. Put the salad on a serving dish, top with slices of meat, sprinkle with ground peanuts chopped in a mortar.

On the video – easy to prepare and very tasty Chinese salad with the addition of peanuts.

Warm Chicken Liver Snack

In everyday life, we lack the culinary delights, but so want to diversify your daily diet. Therefore, we advise you to add nuts to the usual chicken liver. This dish will only benefit.


  • 200 g chicken livers;
  • 80 g fresh spinach;
  • half of the middle bulb;
  • 4 slices of grapefruit;
  • 15-20 ml of soy sauce;
  • 20 ml of red wine;
  • for marinade olive oil
  • 30 g of peanuts and cedar nuts;
  • 30 g nut-sesame sauce.

It will take: 45 minutes.

The number of calories: 271 kcal.

How to cook:

  1. Wash chicken liver, season with pepper and salt to taste..
  2. Combine soy sauce with wine and olive oil. Pour the liver with this marinade, leave for 5-6 minutes.
  3. Put the onion sliced ​​into strips in a frying pan with hot oil, fry slightly (1 min.), Add pickled liver.
  4. Fry the liver with onions for 4 minutes, stirring while cooking. Pour water into the pan, simmer the liver for another 10 minutes.
  5. Rinse the spinach and tear the leaves with your hands. Mix them with 30 ml of nut-sesame sauce (you can buy it in the store).
  6. Put spinach (in a slide) in the middle of the serving plate, spread the fried liver in a circle. Decorate with slices of grapefruit, peanuts and pine nuts.
Keep your food fresh. If a prescription salad requires shrimps, chicken breasts and liver, but you do not plan to use them in the near future, it is better to abandon the chilled product in favor of frozen.

Salads are good and healthy only fresh. Eat them immediately after cooking, do not leave them in the refrigerator for a long time. Chopped and left for some time vegetables will be less useful and not so tasty. By the way, leaf lettuce, spinach is better not to cut with a knife, but to tear it with your hands, so all the vitamins will remain in it.

In the video – another interesting recipe for a salad with peanuts:

In fact, peanuts are not nuts. It belongs to legumes, in its composition is 26% protein, it contains more only soy. Another peanut is very fat, in this its similarity with nuts. Because of its fat content, it is better not to use it separately, but mix it with vegetables, adding to salads.