Unmatched pastry in a slow cooker: recipes with photos for every taste

The number of home appliances is growing rapidly. We are accustomed to the push-button control of the washing machine and dishwasher, we start the morning by pressing the coffee maker button.

The function of the button control appeared at the pan, called the multicooker. Unlike conventional pots, mu-cooker functions are endless..

Sweet выпечка в мультиварке с творогом и корицей

We will take a closer look at the Baking mode..

Multivarka – a popular kitchen gadget

Especially it will be appreciated by young moms who do not have time to stand at the stove. While you and your child breathe fresh air – the slow cooker stews vegetables, while you sleep – she cooks the softest milk porridge in the delayed start mode, if you follow the diet – cook steam fish, a lot of other delicious dishes.

Some advantages from a successful purchase! But the real wand, it will be those who for some reason do not have an oven.

Mix the ingredients, pour the mixture into the bowl, select the “Baking” mode, turn it on. Fancy bread is especially lush (biscuits, fruit pies, cottage cheese casseroles, charlotte).

Simple baking recipes with photos

Chocolate Cake “Boiled Water”
Matchless выпечка в мультиварке: рецепты с фото на любой вкус
Ingredients amount
Eggs 2 pcs.
Sugar 2 glasses
Vegetable oil 0.5 cup
Milk 1 cup
Soda 1.5 tsp.
Baking powder 1.5 tsp.
Cocoa 5 tbsp. l.
Boiling water 1 cup
Flour 2 glasses
Salt pinch
Time for preparing: 90 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 278 Kcal

Porous, delicate, with a pronounced chocolate flavor, it will delight true chocolate-flavored people. The main thing to boil in advance a glass of water, because in the recipe is just boiling water. It will be delicious and in its original form, the cake will be high and moist, but if you cut it and spread it with any cream, this festive dessert will come out..

Note that all the glasses listed in the recipe are multi-cups (volume – 170 ml).

So you need:

  1. Sift dry ingredients;
  2. In a bowl, beat the eggs to the peaks with sugar;
  3. Add dry ingredients to whipped sugar mass, mix thoroughly;
  4. Pour in milk, vegetable oil;
  5. In the resulting dough, put in boiling water, stir it;
  6. Cover the form with oil, sprinkle with flour, pour in the dough, put inside, turn on the “Baking” mode;
  7. At the end of baking, without opening the lid, leave to stand for another 30 minutes;
  8. Remove the resulting chocolate sponge, turning on the container for steam, you can pour ganache (French chocolate cream) on top.

Have a nice tea party, invite everyone to the table!

Classic sponge cake in a multicooker Polaris

Light сладкий бисквит

Sponge cake baked according to this recipe comes out light, airy. The subtlety of cooking is to beat the whites with a mixer with sugar into a dense foam, and then add the yolks.

Ready-made sweet pastries are decorated with powdered sugar or other powders; you can decorate them with fruits and berries from above..

Required components:

  • Eggs – 3 pcs .;
  • Sugar – 1 cup;
  • Sour cream – 1 cup;
  • Condensed milk – 1 can;
  • Sour cream 15% – 1 cup;
  • Flour – 1.5 cups;
  • Baking Powder – 1 tsp;
  • Vanilla – to taste.
Flour is better to sift and add to the dough carefully, then the sponge cake will not settle during baking..

Consider cooking biscuits step by step:

  1. Wash chicken eggs under running water;
  2. Carefully separate the whites, put the yolks for a while;
  3. To fluffy, strong foam, beat sugar-protein mixture;
  4. Pour 3 yolks one at a time, without stopping to beat;
  5. Add condensed milk, sour cream;
  6. In the dough, sift wheat flour, baking powder;
  7. Pour the dough for the future biscuit in the form of a multicooker;
  8. Turn on the “Baking” mode – the time is automatically determined 65 minutes;
  9. We take out the resulting cake, sprinkle with powder;
  10. Biscuit, cooked multicooker Polaris, ready.

Charlotte with apples in the unit Redmond

Apple шарлоткаSweet biscuit dough with sour apples is the perfect flavor combination for the most sophisticated gourmet. Charlotte baked with a variety of fruits – plums, peaches, even oranges.

This is the classic version when it is baked with apples, preferably acidic varieties. Multicooker Redmond copes with baking charlotte perfectly, the main thing is not to confuse the temperature regimes. Traditionally, charlotte sprinkled with powdered sugar, can be decorated with leaves of refreshing mint.

Required Products:

  • Eggs – 4 pcs .;
  • Sugar – 1 cup;
  • Flour – 1 cup;
  • 3-4 medium sized apples;
  • Vanilla – to taste;
  • Powdered sugar – optional;
  • Mint Leaves.

Step by step preparation:

  1. Chicken eggs, whip, pouring sugar;
  2. Pour the flour, mix gently;
  3. After washing the apples, peel them, chop into small slices;
  4. In the prepared bowl pour the mixture;
  5. Apple slices put on the dough;
  6. Bake according to the instructions for 50 minutes;
  7. After the beep, let the charlotte cool;
  8. We shift the cake on the steam container, cool;
  9. Before serving, sprinkle charlotte with powdered sugar and decorate with mint leaves.

Apple charlotte ready, ask everyone to the table!

Zebra Cake Recipe

Bakery products к чаю "Зебра"

The recipe for the classic zebra pie is still kept in many scruffy culinary notebooks, but it does not lose its relevance at the moment. An elegant, contrasting slice of the cake will delight lovers of sweet home baking.

Saturated creamy chocolate flavor can be advantageously shaded by chocolate icing. The pie will give pleasure to the household during the evening tea on the weekend.

Ingredients Required:

  • Eggs – 5 pcs .;
  • Sugar – 1 cup;
  • Butter – 1 pack;
  • Sour cream 10% – 1 cup;
  • Cocoa – 2 tbsp. l .;
  • Soda, vinegar – 1 tsp .;
  • Flour – 2,5 glasses.
Attention! All glasses specified in the recipe are multi-cups equal to 170 ml..

Let’s start:

  1. Melt the specified amount of oil;
  2. Separately, mix an egg-sugar mixture with a mixer until a thick, fluffy mass is formed;
  3. Pour in the melted butter, put the sour cream, add flour;
  4. To extinguish the soda with vinegar, add it to the mixture immediately, while extinguished;
  5. Divide the dough into two parts, adding in one cocoa powder;
  6. Put the dough into the prepared bowl, alternating two kinds (for this, pour strictly in the center);
  7. Set the mode “Baking”;
  8. After baking, gently move the cake on the rack to cool;
  9. Cover with chocolate ganache if desired..

Cake “Zebra” is ready, enjoy your tea!

Fritatta Omelette

Fashionable фритаттаFritatta – a fashionable Italian omelet containing a lot of toppings from fresh vegetables, pickled mushrooms, cheese, a large amount of greens.

If you are bored with monotonous egg omelets, make unsweetened fritatt baked goods. On top you can decorate the omelette with olives, sprinkle with cheese, greens.

We will need:

  • Egg – 5 pcs .;
  • Bulgarian pepper – 1 pc .;
  • Small zucchini – 1 pc .;
  • Cheese of type of Dutch firm grades – 50 gr .;
  • Greens for decoration (dill or parsley);
  • Any refined vegetable oil – 1 tbsp. l .;
  • Sea salt, pepper mix – to taste.

Consider the step-by-step cooking fritatty:

  1. Prepared vegetables (paprika, zucchini) peeled, cut into cubes;
  2. First set the “Frying” mode, pour in a spoonful of butter, add chopped vegetables;
  3. Pass the vegetables for 20 minutes, stirring occasionally with a special spatula;
  4. In a bowl, whisk the eggs with a pinch of sea salt and a mixture of red and black pepper;
  5. Pour egg mixture on vegetables;
  6. Set the mode “Baking” – 15 minutes;
  7. Dutch cheese grate;
  8. Carefully transfer the resulting omelet to the steam container with the filling up, then lay it on the plate.

Serve, sprinkled with cheese and herbs. Fritatta is ready, bon appetit!

MantiThere are those who can resist the juicy and incredibly tasty manti? That’s right, there is no such! Popular recipes for cooking manti with photos. Treat yourself and your loved ones!

Various recipes for making chocolate muffin in a slow cooker can be found here. This pastry is eaten very quickly.!

And what kind of semolina turns out if you cook it in a slow cooker? In this article you will learn about it.!

Baking tips

  1. In order to cook desserts in a crock-pot did not cause additional trouble, try to follow simple rules for caring for your household appliance, wipe it regularly with a dry cloth, do not allow food to stick, follow the selected temperature conditions;
  2. To gently remove the cake from the deep bowl, wait a while after the end of the cooking, so that it gets cold and grabs;
  3. After that, turn the pie on the container of the double boiler, and then – put it on the dish, turning the “fried” crust up;
  4. If you take out open pies from the bowl, pizza, fritattas – use the same method, just put the fried side down;
  5. Removing the bread from the pressure cooker without damage is easy. To do this, use a thick kitchen towel. Cover them with a bowl and turn the bread on a towel;
  6. So that the cake does not burn – put parchment on the bottom of the bowl, then you can not sprinkle the flour, you can easily remove the cake in one motion. For this purpose, a silicone mat is still convenient, put it on the bottom of the mold.

Thus, the slow cooker is an absolutely versatile kitchen item that allows you not only to cook multicomponent dishes, bake delicious cakes, but also save your time. This is a reliable assistant in the kitchen. If you are a supporter of comfort and versatility, then cook in a slow cooker!

In addition to fryatta, all the recipes in this article were on sweet pastries, so we offer you a video with cooking pies: