MulticookerMultivarka – a relatively new invention technology.

But it is so deeply already entered into our life that we can hardly imagine the process of cooking without this miracle saucepan..

The term “multicooker” includes a kitchen appliance that has software control..

Such a device can be both domestic and professional, it is prepared using automatic mode..

In such a device, you can: boil and boil, fry and fry, bake, and steam.

Meals that are already cooked but cold can be heated in the same convenient device..

Multicooker gained its popularity due to the fact that it is multifunctional.

This wonderful stove can perform the functions of several devices at once: steamers, pressure cookers, you can even bake bread in it, you can use it as a frying pan, convection oven and oven.

It also cooks deep-fried potatoes.

Dishes cooked in a slow cooker are tasty, quickly and efficiently cooked..

Not only that, the food cooked in such a saucepan is very healthy..

It will not be easy for anyone who is accustomed to using a slow cooker to be left without such a “helper” in the house, since it is easy to cook various dishes and the costs will be minimal..

The multicooker will be especially convenient if you need to quickly set a chic table.

She will cook anything in no time..

How to choose the right ingredients

Potato с тушенкой, посыпанная зеленью

So with what dish to surprise the guests so that they are satisfied for a long time and do not forget the hospitality of the owners, and at the same time they could appreciate the culinary art of the housewife?

Those who often cook in a slow cooker are advised to prepare a dish known from Soviet times – potatoes with canned meat.

Potatoes prepared in this way acquire a special, unique taste..

In order to cook potatoes with stew in a slow cooker, you need to buy a high-quality basis of this dish – stew.

It is advisable to invest in the purchase of a natural stew, which consists of meat, and not soy with flavor enhancers.

Where and how to find such a septic tank will be asked?

But maybe it sounds weird, but you can still find.

What to focus on when choosing?

First of all, of course, on the price, since a real quality stew can not have a low cost..

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First of all, because it will cost as much as the kilogram of meat plus the cost of preparing a stew in the market..

Next, you need to look at the packaging and what is written on it about the composition.

Although it will not be able to save from buying fakes.

Therefore, we study the bank more closely.

Check the availability of GOST.

It is necessary to acquire only that goods on which it is indicated that it is of the highest grade..

But recently there have been frequent cases when a product that has the highest grade turned out to be tasteless and of poor quality..

Increasingly, manufacturers use glass jars as a stew container..

Through the glass you can see what you are buying..

But in this case, you can miscalculate.

You need to carefully inspect the jar: the integrity is not broken, the lid is not swollen, the shelf life is also important.

When opening the can, first of all, pay attention to the smell that comes from the can.

Should smell only stew and nothing else.

GOST assumes the presence of more than fifty six percent of meat and some fat in a jar of stew, and the rest of the contents is meat broth..

Pieces of meat should look whole, not fall apart when they are taken out, each of these pieces must weigh at least thirty grams.

Potatoes are better to choose medium size and those varieties that are boiled soft.

Recipe for cooking potatoes with a stew in a slow cooker
Unique картошка с тушенкой, приготовленная в мультиварке
Ingredients amount
potatoes 8 pieces
carrot one piece (medium size)
bow one big
beef or pork stew one bank
various seasonings taste
garlic one tooth
vegetable oil for roasting
Time for preparing: 90 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 285 Kcal

The recipe can cause not only nostalgia for the past, but also a lot of positive emotions.

Finely chop the onion, tinder carrots.

Multicooker warmed, poured into her vegetable oil.

Carrot и лукWe set the cooking mode, for this type of potato you need to choose “frying”.

First you need to set ten minutes at a power of one hundred and twenty.

Roast carrots and onions, stirring occasionally.

You can fry the onions and carrots if everything is fried well enough.

Potatoes, pre-peeled, cut into medium sized pieces.

Now we turn on the multicooker mode, which is designed to extinguish.

Adding картофеля и тушенкиPut the stew and potatoes in the electric pan.

Depending on the power of the device, it is necessary from half an hour to forty minutes to prepare a dish..

The next step is to fill the potatoes with water at one third.

Sprinkle with spices.

Then close the lid and do not look back thirty or even thirty-five minutes.

After the required time, the multicooker is slightly opened.

Care must be taken, otherwise steam may be burned..

Ready блюдоIf there is still water in the miracle pot, then leave to stew for five or even ten minutes.

In order for the potatoes to acquire a unique spicy flavor, you can add chopped garlic, and give a little more then (just a couple of minutes).

The dish is designed for four to five servings, of course, if necessary, the number of ingredients can be proportionally increased or decreased..

By trying this dish, the user can not only churn into memories, but also try an old, long-forgotten past in a new treatment..

Served to the table along with pickles, which will give spice, or with a salad of fresh vegetables.

It is said that everything new is a long forgotten old.

Cooking this dish many years ago, our mothers didn’t think that their descendants would have such a miracle oven that you just need to put everything in and she will prepare everything herself.

Our recipe with a photo will complement the video, which describes in detail all the steps of preparing hearty and healthy potatoes with canned meat.

Enjoy your meal!