Cheesecakes – one of the most useful and simple recipes from cottage cheese.

Probably, every person remembers the taste of cheesecakes served at an afternoon snack in kindergarten or lovingly prepared by mom.

Fast, nutritious, healthy – these are the main slogans of this curd dish.. Cheesecakes в сахарной пудре

But not everyone who eats them knows the meaning of the word..

Cheesecakes are made from cottage cheese, and the root of the word is “cheese” …

Some paradox turns out!

There is no lack of logic here, just need to turn to the origins of cheesecakes.

The fact is that initially this dish was made of cheese.

History of cheesecakes

Did you know that such a simple and familiar dish of cottage cheese was prepared in ancient Rome?.

One ancient Arabian merchant, traveling in hot countries, instead of raw milk taken on the road, found in a sheep’s stomach (the usual container for those times) whey and a clot of white color (later used as cheese and curd).

The taste of these two products came very liking wanderer.

Since then, began the long culinary history of cheesecakes.

Edible product made from raw milk was popular in ancient Russia.

Milk products were eaten both raw and processed..

Sour milk, cottage cheese, cheese, whey – this is not a complete list of the “delicacies” of Russia’s beloved.

The process of making cheesecakes by our ancestors was not as transient as in our time..

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Sour milk was made from yogurt, which in a cast iron was placed in a cooling oven.

Serum was decanted, and the resulting curd was placed under a press – in order to get rid of excess moisture..

To cottage cheese longer spoiled, the steps described above, repeated again.

Curd product after secondary treatment was removed in a cold cellar.

All this increased the shelf life of cottage cheese to one week..

If during this period it was not eaten, then it was feared to use it raw, so they began to cook various curd dishes with heat treatment..

Little secrets of successful cooking

So that your cheesecakes, cooked in the oven according to the recipe, not only turned out, but also slayed everyone with their taste and aesthetic qualities, use a few helpful tips:

  1. All products for the preparation of this dish do not take cold, preferably at room temperature..
  2. Sift flour using a strainer just before cooking..
  3. Flour can be replaced by semolina. Better if you leave it to swell..
  4. For greater pomp of cottage cheese delicacy, use any baking powder that you have at home..
  5. If you add a raisin, then try to dry it well or roll in flour, then it will not accumulate in one place, but evenly distributed throughout the curd mass.

If you are afraid that cheesecakes will fall apart, do not use the freshest cottage cheese, but take a product of one or two days freshness..

To cook dietary cheese cakes in the oven, use less fat cottage cheese in the recipe..

The advantages of recipe cheesecakes, cooked in the oven

There is a huge number of various recipes for making curd cheesecakes: you can fry them in a frying pan, cook for a couple, then cook in the oven.

Cheesecakes made in the oven will undoubtedly interest many, even the most sophisticated housewives.

After all, this dish has many advantages:

  • there is no “harmful” crispy crust containing carcinogens;
  • cottage cheese dish is heated evenly, it does not need to turn over and stand at the stove;
  • the oven can be cooked with a minimum amount of butter;
  • the number of delicious curd “balls”, simultaneously made in the oven, is much greater than when using a frying pan or water vapor;
  • cheesecakes from the oven can be safely given to children and people on a sparing diet for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.
Recipe for lush cheesecakes baked in the oven
Recipe пышных сырников в духовке — быстро, просто, вкусно!
Ingredients amount
cottage cheese 300 g
eggs 1 PC.
sugar sand (or powdered sugar) m
baking powder (you can take regular soda) 1/2 teaspoon
flour 3-4 tablespoons
Time for preparing: 40 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 205 Kcal

So, let’s make delicious and very useful cheesecakes in the oven.

Here are the basic steps of cooking in the oven according to the recipe:

  1. Egg, previously taken out of the fridge, mix with sugar. You can do it manually using a whisk or a regular fork, or you can speed up this process using a mixer or blender.. Cottage cheese, яйца и сахар
  2. Thoroughly mix the mixture with cottage cheese. Mixing продуктов
  3. Mix flour with baking powder and place it in curd-egg mass.. Adding муки
  4. From the resulting mixture, form small balls, roll them in flour and put on a baking sheet, greased or covered with oiled paper (you can use food foil). Raw шарики
  5. Put the pan with cheesecakes in the oven preheated to 180 ° and wait about fifteen minutes. Willingness dishes are checked with a knife or toothpick. If cheesecakes are baked – the knife or toothpick will remain dry.. Ready made сырники
  6. Ruddy airy cheeses baked in the oven according to the recipe, served with sour cream or milk, jam or jam, with any jam or syrup. Cheesecakes со сметаной

Following all the steps of the described master class, you will surely treat your loved ones with this wonderful dish.!

Now I propose to watch a fascinating video in which you can see in detail the stages of creating incredibly tasty and airy cheesecakes!

Good luck!