The history of kebab originates from the distant past. According to legends, the dish was invented by Turkic warriors.

They took meat on camping trips, and to avoid spoiling the product, they kept it in leather wine bags. During the halt, the pieces were strung on spears and roasted over an open fire..

barbecue из свинины с помидорками

Some people are convinced that a real kebab does not need to be marinated, rather abundantly sprinkle with spices after frying. But this recommendation is only suitable for proven homemade meat, in other cases, the taste may not meet expectations..

Therefore it is worth using a mixture of acid, oil, seasoning and salt to give the meat a great aroma and delicate texture..

It is easy to explain why people often choose pork meat for kebabs. It has the perfect balance of tenderness and fatness..

Such a dish will be extremely satisfying, while not causing a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, if used in moderation. Pig meat absorbs marinade rather quickly, and in the cooking process does not dry.

How to choose the most suitable meat for kebabs: what you need to know?

The first step on the way to a tasty kebab is the selection of meat. It is important to pay enough attention to this in order to avoid difficulties..

A piece that will later marinate and fry in the fire should be not too lean at the same time, but not too fat. Cooks argue on which part of the animal’s body is best used for kebabs.

Pork neck seems to some too fat, so they use a mixture of ham and cervical meat. Skewers from a spatula have an interesting taste..

Of course, it is necessary to monitor the quality of the tenderloin. The main selection criterion is meat freshness..

juicy свинина
Pay attention to the color: it should not be dull or uneven. Good pork has a rich glossy pink shade.

In addition, inspect the internal fat: the yellow color indicates the old age of the pig. Too dark meat is also a sign of old age, such a kebab can be tough and tasteless..

Freshness can also be checked by pressing a finger on a piece. Recovery should occur quickly, but if the tenderloin has lost its elasticity, this may indicate the beginning of decomposition processes..

Remember that it is best to choose chilled young pork. Frozen or fresh meat does not have such a rich taste, the consistency may also suffer..

The best recipe for pork kebab
Most вкусный рецепт приготовления шашлыка из свинины
Ingredients amount
Meat 1500g
Bow 4 heads
Lemon 1 PC.
Chilli 1 pod
Vegetable oil 3 tbsp. l.
Purified water (or mineral) 2 glasses
Salt and spices taste
Time for preparing: 180 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 135 Kcal

The most delicious classic recipe for pork kebab strikes with its simplicity.

To begin, you will need to cut the meat is not too large pieces. Chop the half of the prepared onion as well, to result in rings that are about a centimeter thick..

slice мясо

Separately prepare the marinade: rub the remaining onions, add the finely chopped chili, squeeze out the lemon juice. Add to the resulting mixture mineral water, oil, salt and spices. Standard set includes a mixture of ground peppers and oregano.

slice лук

Next, the meat with onion is poured marinade, put the halves of lemon on top. Stir, cover tightly and leave to marinate. As a rule, two hours are enough..

mix все и оставьте мариноваться

String kebabs on skewers with onions.

barbecue на шампуре

What types of marinades can be used?

The most delicious is considered a classic recipe, in which there are no extra ingredients. But this does not mean that you are obliged to listen and constantly cook it the only way..

Many people like experiments, so you can cook pork skewers every time in different ways, choosing the best taste for yourself..

There are many marinade recipes where everyone can find something interesting for themselves. Lovers of Asian cuisine will love the mix with ginger and soy sauce..

Those who like thrills are advised to appreciate the combination of lime and cayenne pepper. Below are the ingredients that make up the most popular marinades for making the most delicious pork kebab..


Earlier you got acquainted with the traditional kebab recipe, which is considered the most delicious. In one variation, vinegar and a few tablespoons of Dijon mustard are added to butter, spices and lemon juice..


Amazingly delicious marinade is made from a mixture of yoghurt, cayenne pepper and lime juice. It is suitable for both meat and fish skewers.


Lemon juice is an excellent substitute for vinegar, even hard meat is marinated in it. In addition to the juice itself, you need to take lemon zest, mint, olive oil and oregano..


This marinade will definitely appeal to lovers of Chinese or Japanese cuisine: take a few cloves of garlic, soy sauce and a special blend of five spices. You can show imagination and add other ingredients to the soy sauce and garlic.

Sour milk

This kebab is especially tender thanks to the yoghurt, which is part of the marinade. Besides him, take some garlic. From the spices should be added cloves, cinnamon, turmeric and cardamom.

Prepare a classic beef stroganoff recipe with a photo, so it will be easy for beginners. Prepare meat in French from pork in the oven using our tips in the article. Lamb skewers learn all the secrets in our article here.

Recommendations for cooking the perfect kebab

Fans of meat roasted on the fire are advised to cut pork into larger pieces in the warm season so that it remains juicy. In winter, it is better to chop it into small cubes, then the cooking will happen faster, and the tenderloin will not lose its taste.

In order for the pork meat not to be tough, control the combination of acids and marinade oil: they must be contained in equal proportions. You can also add pineapple, kiwi or papaya to the mixture to soften, but in this case you should not keep the pork in the marinade for more than two hours.

Vacationers in nature sometimes mix all the ingredients and marinate pork shashlik in a plastic bag, pre-releasing air from it.