The composition and method of preparation of the cocktail “Long Island”

Cocktail is a great drink that can perfectly complement relaxing on the beach or meeting with friends. It is difficult to find a bar that would not serve these drinks. But you can cook them yourself, especially since there are a lot of recipes with a detailed description of the preparation. And today we would like to talk about such a delicious and fabulous cocktail, like “Long Island”.

This drink is popular all over the world, it is served in almost every corner of the earth. At the same time, its history goes back several decades. So what is this drink and how can you make it yourself?

Appearance history

When and how this drink originated is unknown. But there are several options that show how the Long Island cocktail appeared:

  1. “Cunning”. This is the most interesting version of the appearance of a cocktail. During the period when “dry law” was introduced in America, many bartenders living on the island of Long Island made a strong cocktail with the help of various experiments. In appearance and taste, this drink resembled iced tea with ice cubes;
  2. “Competition”. This story tells that the people who lived in New York on Long Island Street had a tacit competition. During it, they had to walk along the street, go to the bars and drink alcohol. The bottom line was that the one who went around more bars and entertainment establishments won. Many owners of bars and restaurants went to the trick. They prepared special drinks that attracted visitors. After consuming the first glass of these drinks, they simply stayed and continued to order new portions;
  3. “Romantic Story”. This story tells that this drink was invented by a bartender named Robert Butt. The bar in which he worked often visited a man who loved to drink whiskey. After the second glass, he became drunk and began to behave inadequately. And once his beloved had to make a choice – either she or alcohol. He preferred his second half. Still, during the next visit to the bar, when his beloved had gone to the toilet, he asked the bartender to pour some alcohol into his tea. But Butt decided to experiment and poured several types of alcohol into tea.
Composition, step by step preparation
Composition и способ приготовления коктейля «Лонг Айленд»
Ingredients amount
vodka about 35 ml
tequila 30 ml
genie 15-25 ml
any bright rum 20 ml
Cointreau (high-strength liquor that has an orange flavor) 10 ml
fresh lemon juice 20 ml
coca cola about 100 ml
of ice 150 g
Time for preparing: 20 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 180 Kcal

Making a Long Island cocktail in your own is not so difficult..

Step by step preparation:

  1. First you need to prepare a long glass and pour ice into the cubes into it; ice
  2. Next, we begin to consistently pour in alcoholic beverages – vodka, tequila, gin, light rum, Cointreau; alcohol
  3. All components are thoroughly mixed;
  4. Add a little lemon juice; the juice лимона
  5. From above we fill in Coca-Cola;
  6. Decorate with a slice of lemon or lime;
  7. We put a straw in a glass with a drink and we can start drinking.

Russian version of the cocktail

Components for cooking:

  • about 20 ml of tequila, it is better to use silver;
  • 25 ml of light or white rum;
  • 1 tbsp gin;
  • about 20 ml of vodka;
  • liqueur with a hint of orange notes “Triple sec” – 15 ml;
  • 4 large spoons of champagne;
  • fresh berries, for example, raspberries and cherries – 2 pieces each
  • crushed ice or cubes. His number should fill the glass.

It takes a quarter of an hour to cook..

Calorie – 195 kcal.

How are we going to make Russian “Long Island”:

  1. From the cherries take out the bones, combine with raspberries and crush;
  2. In a shaker pour alcohol, add the berry mixture. Ice and champagne do not touch;
  3. Shaker should be well shaken;
  4. Next, in a long glass to put ice in the form of cubes;
  5. Shaker cocktail is passed through a sieve and poured into a glass with ice;
  6. Then add the champagne and mix thoroughly;
  7. Decorate the top with lemon or lime wedges;
  8. Insert the cocktail tube and proceed to use.

Other Long Island Cocktail Recipes


“Crimson Ice T”

Prepare the necessary components for the cocktail:

  • 20 ml of raspberry vodka;
  • white rum – about 20 ml;
  • 10 ml orange flavored liqueur Triple S;
  • lime juice For this we need to squeeze it out of ½ lime;
  • squeeze orange juice, about 1 tbsp;
  • 3 large spoons of Coca-Cola;
  • ice cubes. The amount of ice must match the size of a long glass..

How much will we do – a quarter of an hour.

Calorie – 187 kcal.

Cooking option:

  1. In a long glass lay out the ice cubes, they must fill it;
  2. Next, consistently pour alcohol;
  3. Then add lime juice, which is squeezed out of half of the ripe fruit;
  4. Fill with 20 ml of freshly squeezed orange juice;
  5. Top pour Coca-Cola;
  6. Stir well with a spoon;
  7. Decorate the lemon pieces and insert the tube.

salad готовTry making our salads with smoked chicken and fresh cucumber..

Take note of the recipe for pilaf with seafood – this is a very tasty and healthy dish.

Puff pastry roll with minced meat – a simple and tasty recipe for snacks on the holiday table.

“Electric Ice T”

Prepare the following ingredients for the drink:

  • white rum – about 20 ml;
  • a little vodka – about 25 ml;
  • about 20 ml of Blue Curacao;
  • 15 ml of orange flavored liquor Triple Sec;
  • juice that is squeezed from half a lime;
  • fresh orange juice – 1 large spoon;
  • 100 ml of “Sprite”;
  • ice cubes in quantities to the size of a long glass.

Cooking time – 20 minutes.

Calorie content – 210 kcal.

Cooking option:

  1. First of all, fill a long glass with ice cubes;
  2. Then we pour in all alcoholic beverages from above;
  3. Next, squeeze the juice from half of the lime, pour into a glass with alcohol;
  4. Pour 20 ml of juice from fresh orange;
  5. Fill the top “Sprite”;
  6. Thoroughly stir all ingredients with a spoon.

Long Island Ice Tea Cocktail Recipe

ice ти

Components of which we will make a drink:

  • about 20 ml of tequila, silver will do;
  • about 20 ml of vodka;
  • white type rum – 20 ml;
  • Triple sec (Cointreau) – 15 ml;
  • 20 ml of gin;
  • fresh fresh lemon juice – 30 ml;
  • 1.5 big spoons of sugar syrup;
  • Coca-Cola – 1 tbsp;
  • ice cubes for highball size.

Cooking will take a quarter of an hour..

Calorie – 195 kcal.

Cooking option:

  1. Highball must be filled with crushed ice. As the ice melts quickly, everything needs to be done very quickly;
  2. Then pour all alcoholic beverages in a shaker. Fill slowly and consistently;
  3. Next, beat well and pour into a highball;
  4. Then pour sugar syrup and freshly squeezed lemon fresh;
  5. A little tint cocktail Coca-Cola, so that it was similar in color to tea;
  6. We pour some more ice;
  7. Decorate with a piece of lemon, lime, insert a tube.

How to serve, drink and other tips

  • cocktail should be served in a special high glass for cocktails, which is called highball;
  • If you want to make an exotic drink, you can pour pineapple juice instead of Coca-Cola. This cocktail is called “Hawaiian Long Island”;
  • you can decorate with lemon slices, lime slices, cocktail cherries, mint;
  • need to serve with a cocktail tube, through which it is very convenient to drink the drink in small sips.

Long Island Cocktail is a simple drink that you can easily make yourself. This will require several types of alcoholic beverages – vodka, rum, liquor, tequila. For dilution, you can use the juice of lemon and orange. The finished drink can be used for meeting with friends, as a cooling drink on hot days and for a variety of different festive evenings..