The classic Lagman is a favorite national dish of the Uzbek people, popular also in other countries – Kyrgyzstan, Japan, China, Turkmenistan and other.

It can be served both first and second course.

Delicious узбекский лагман

The basis of the recipe for making lagman in Uzbek is homemade noodles with gravy – waja.

This is a very high-calorie and nutritious dish, as it consists of meat, a variety of vegetables and spices..

Choice of meat for lagman

Uzbekistan is famous for its lamb fishing, so for this lagman they choose lamb.

However, this beef soup is also popular, especially among other nationalities..

When choosing lamb, it is advisable to buy young and juicy meat..

It will be more palatable and aromatic..

Any part of animal carcass will do..

Must be present a small layer of fat.

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The classic recipe of this Uzbek lagman
Classical рецепт настоящего узбекского лагмана с фото
Ingredients amount
butter for dough 150-200 ml
the eggs 3-4 pieces.
wheat flour 4-5 glasses
table salt 1-2 tsp.
lamb meat 500 g
oil or fat 150-200 ml
bow 3-4 pieces.
turnip 1 PC. average
tomatoes 4-5 pieces.
garlic 1 head
carrot 2-3 pieces.
 Dzhusay 1 bundle
chilli 2 pcs.
Bell pepper 5-6 pieces.
beans 100-150 g
spices and salt taste
celery 2-3 branches
Time for preparing: 200 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 185 Kcal

Cooking soup in three stages:

  1. Cooking noodles.
  2. Cooking waji.
  3. Dish formation.

The sequence of cooking noodles:

  1. Knead dough from water, butter, eggs and flour for noodles. It is necessary to form a spherical shape from it, cover with a towel and insist for at least two hours. Ideally, it should be a homogeneous mass with the same density – for the convenience of further operations.. Dough
  2. Thoroughly knead the dough with your hands for at least 15 minutes. Mash тесто
  3. Since we are preparing the Uzbek lagman according to all the rules, in order to achieve a plastic state with a dough, it is necessary to lubricate it with oil and roll it on a table in a snake-like form. Cover with a basin and insist at least 30 minutes. Harness из теста
  4. Roll out the resulting snake-like harness even more, increasing its length. Cut into small pieces of a width not exceeding 2-3 cm, oil them and roll them into bundles 15-20 cm long. Then oil them again, cover and insist at least 30 minutes. Harnesses из теста
  5. Continue to stretch the strips, rolling them through the thickness and extending. It is necessary to press one end of the rope with the palm to the surface, and the other to be put off by 5-6 cm. After that, lubricate again, cover and insist for half an hour. Dough для лагмана вытягиваем
  6. Next, stretch the noodles, holding them by both ends and slightly spinning. The twisting movement provides the necessary plasticity and stretching. In this case, you need to slightly shake them off and hit the table – this gives them sufficient strength and the required shape.. Pull out жгуты
  7. By unwinding each flour strip in this way, it is possible to achieve multimeter length. To prepare a real Uzbek lagman, it is important to clearly implement the technology: twisting, shaking, hitting, stretching. After reaching a length of one meter, you just need to throw a loop on the other side of the palm and continue the process of stretching further. After stretching to the full swing of the arms, fold again in two layers and continue further.. Pulling лапши
  8. Oiled pre-lubricated, such noodles are perfectly preserved in the refrigerator. That is why many cooks prefer to cook it in advance.. Noodles
  9. Boil noodles in salted boiling water for 3-5 minutes. You can cook in parts. Pour cold water in a colander. Do not pour out the decoction. Cook лапшу для лагмана

Wajji cooking sequence:

  1. Cut the onion into rings, and peeled carrots, turnips and radish – 1.5 cm pieces. Chop the sweet pepper with thin straws.. Vegetables
  2. Remove the film from the tomatoes, watering them alternately with hot and cold water. Make small cubes of them.  Tomatoes кубиками
  3. Cut dzhusay and beans in small pieces up to 2-3 cm long. Jusay Beans
  4. Garlic cloves need to be cut into 4-6 pieces. Garlic
  5. One chili must be added to the sauce, and the other cut into long straws.. Pepper Чили
  6. To prepare the lagman in Uzbek, separate the lamb from the bones and cut the pulp into oblong stripes.. Meat баранины
  7. Heat the oil and fry the bones over high heat until browned. Add the meat pieces and fry until the juice boils out and the fat melts. Add chopped onion and fry until yellowing. Fry мясо
  8. Add carrots, beans, turnips and radish to the container. Fry the vegetables until the carrots turn dark. Add to the mass of chilli, celery and tomatoes. Add spices, stir everything over high heat.. Adding овощей к лагману
  9. After boiling out the tomato juice, toss the sweet pepper and stir for 2 minutes. Add a little water to cover the whole mass. After boiling, reduce the heat and leave for another 10-15 minutes. Add salt and dzhusay, all mix and remove after 3-5 minutes. Ready блюдо

Formation dishes:

  1. Throw three-quarters deep dish or kasu with noodles.
  2. Add 1-2 soup ladle from the same pot.
  3. Add Waja.
  4. Serve greens, seasonings and spices separately and to taste. Serve лагман в тарелке

Now you can watch the video recipe of the Uzbek Lagman at home with veal.

Useful tips

  1. It is better to cook classic Uzbek lagman in a cast-iron cauldron of an ideal container for high-quality processing of vegetables. In addition, it is most convenient in form..
  2. When cooking vegetables, it is important not to digest them, better let them be a little harsh. Overcooked vegetables lose their natural taste and can fall apart, spoiling the beauty of the whole dish..
  3. To make the dough more plastic and less sticky to the hands, periodically moisten hands in salt water. This will significantly speed up the process of rolling noodles..
  4. The components of the soup can vary and change their volume. For example, slim fans can choose more lean meat or reduce its volume in a dish..
  5. Various spices will help make the Lagman tastier: black pepper, cloves, coriander, achik, cumin and others..

Subject to all the rules and cooking tips, the classic Lagman’s recipe cannot fail to surprise with its appetizing and exquisite taste.!

And in the next video you will see how to cook Lagman, not only in Uzbek, but in Uygur..