Salads with crab sticks are often prepared for holidays or for guests. In order not to be limited to one type of snack and surprise guests, you can use the collection of snacks collected below..

Recipe for salad with crab sticks and cucumber
Step by step рецепты крабовых салатов с огурцом
Ingredients amount
canned food: sweet corn 2 banks
crab sticks 6 packs of 100 g
onion ½ head
Table mayonnaise (or “Salad”) 200 g
fresh cucumbers 2 pcs.
rice (raw, groats) 100 g
the eggs 6 pieces.
salt and greens taste
Time for preparing: 60 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 525 Kcal

From crab sticks you can cook both hearty and “light” dishes. One of the most delicious and popular salads is rice and corn. Below is how to cook it..

How to cook a snack:

  1. In a saucepan, boil water (1 l), add a spoonful of salt, add rice, stirring occasionally, cook for about 20 minutes. It is important that the grains do not stick together and do not boil soft, therefore they must be constantly monitored;
  2. After the rice is ready, it should be poured into a colander, rinsed several times with warm water and allowed to cool (but not hide in the refrigerator);
  3. In 10 minutes, boil the eggs, rinse them quickly with cold water and clean, then the shell will easily lag behind;
  4. Thaw sticks. When they are soft, take cellophane from them and cut them into small cubes; slice крабовые палочки
  5. Chilled eggs, too, cut into cubes, add to crab sticks; slice яйца
  6. Chop the onion very finely, the size of the pieces should not exceed the size of one rice grain. Crumble chopped onion with your fingers and add to bowl;
  7. Open canned corn, drain all the water and add to the dish. Put cooled rice there; add кукурузу
  8. Mix all components of the dish, taste it, add dosol if necessary. Add black pepper as desired; add майонез
  9. Season with mayonnaise and mix well again. You can decorate with greens on top.

Before serving, you must transfer the dish to another clean salad bowl. Before serving, store it in the refrigerator.

Crab Salad with Corn

This salad is prepared shortly, while the eggs are boiled, you can cut all the other ingredients. Sticks better defrost beforehand.

frozen crab sticks 2 packs of 100 g each
fresh cucumbers 300 g
the eggs 5 pieces.
canned food: sweet corn 1 bank
mayonnaise salad for refueling

The time required to prepare the specified portion of the dish, taking into account the heat treatment – 20 minutes.

100 g meals have a nutritional value of 224 calories..

How to cook crab salad with cucumber, eggs and corn:

  1. Boil the eggs by boiling (cook for 10 minutes after boiling), immediately after removing them from boiling water, put them in cold, preferably with ice or put them under a stream of cold water. Due to the sharp temperature drop, the shell will not stick to the protein, and, in addition to the fact that eggs will be easy to clean, they will have a smooth protein surface. When boiling eggs in water, it is desirable to add a spoonful of salt;
  2. Peel and rub the cooled eggs using a side of the grater with smaller holes. The yolk is rubbed with protein;
  3. Defrost the sticks at room temperature (do not put in water for quick defrosting, it is better to leave them not in the refrigerator), remove individual protective packaging from each stick and cut it into very small cubes (cut each stick lengthwise into 4 pieces, and then cut it with a knife);
  4. Mix eggs and chopped sticks;
  5. Wash cucumbers thoroughly under running water. If the cucumber has yellowness on the surface, or it is just old, it needs to be cleaned (a potato peeler is perfect) and check for bitterness. Bitter cucumbers can not be used. Then cucumbers need to be cut into small cubes with a side of about 5 mm. Add sliced ​​cucumbers to bowl;
  6. Open a jar of corn and pour out the liquid, pour the grain into the bowl;
  7. Stir all products, salt if desired. This can not be done, since corn and crab sticks already have a certain amount of salt in their composition;
  8. Season with mayonnaise “Salad” or “Table”. It is less greasy (30-40%) and is well suited for refueling..

After dressing, put the salad in a glass salad bowl and immediately serve..

Light salad


This is a very “light” summer salad. For its filling, 2 teaspoons of mayonnaise is enough to not give it an extra calorie.

crab sticks 1 pack of 100 g
hard rennet cheese 100 g
the eggs 2 pcs.
fresh cucumbers 1 PC.
mayonnaise for dressing 2 tsp.
salt as needed

How long does it take to prepare this dish with regard to boiling eggs – 20 minutes.

How many calories contains one portion – 165 calories.

How to cook a salad with crab sticks, egg, cheese and fresh cucumber:

  1. Boil eggs, cooking time – 10 minutes. Rinse with cold water and clean;
  2. Hard cheese grate using a grater with large holes;
  3. Wash cucumbers, cut off the place of attachment of the stem and cut into thin straws no longer than 3-4 cm;
  4. To get thawed sticks out of the wrapper, cut them in the same way as cucumbers;
  5. Chilled eggs cut into strips;
  6. In a deep bowl, mix all the ingredients, fill with 2 tsp of mayonnaise and put into a glass salad bowl for serving.

This salad is desirable to eat immediately, but if it is prepared for future use, you can store it for several hours in the refrigerator.

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Simple salad cocktail of crab sticks

A cocktail salad is one that is made in a glass goblet and all the ingredients in it are laid out alternately, in color. These salads are not seasoned, you can only add a teaspoon of vegetable oil on top.

cucumbers 100 g
crab sticks 40 g
red tomatoes 100 g
vegetable oil 10 g

How long does it take to prepare this dish – 10 minutes.

100 g of cocktail salad contains 65 calories.

How to prepare a cocktail of fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and crab sticks:

  1. Cucumbers must be cleaned, then cut into small pieces and put on the bottom of a clean and grated glass;
  2. Thaw sticks, remove the wrapper from them and also cut them. Put in a glass on top of cucumbers;
  3. Tomato wash, cut the place of attachment of the stem, cut, and put on top. Salting is impossible – the tomatoes will start up the juice, and it will be visible at the bottom of the glass;
  4. Top salad to pour a spoonful of vegetable oil. Serve immediately.

The table shows the number of ingredients per glass. Depending on the number of servings, you need to increase the number of products..

Layered rice salad

puff салат

Layered salad is best done in a deep bowl. Boil rice is the same as for the first recipe.

rice 100 g
crab sticks 500 g
cucumbers 500 g
mayonnaise for layers smearing
greenery for decoration

40 minutes cooked.

100 g dishes contain 111 kcal.

Recipe for puff crab salad with rice and cucumber step by step:

  1. Cook rice as indicated in the first recipe;
  2. Chopsticks and cucumbers into strips;
  3. A little green finely whip;
  4. Put rice on the bottom of the bowl, smear with mayonnaise, then put chopsticks, also smear with mayonnaise, then cucumbers, then crab sticks again (smear again) and up the rest of the rice. Sprinkle fresh greens on top of rice..

This salad is also served in a bowl in which it is cooked. Before serving, it is stored in the refrigerator..

Tips and tricks

Crab sticks are best bought in the package – weighed often have weathered edges. If we use loose, 0.5 cm on each side of the sticks should be cut off.

For salads, it is better to buy low fat mayonnaise or dietary, so as not to greatly increase the calorie content of the dish.

You can peel cucumbers with a potato peeler – it removes a very thin layer and is perfectly suited for this purpose.