The history of Gazpacho begins a couple of centuries ago and is connected with the history of the southernmost region of Spain – Andalusia, which was once part of the Roman Empire and even was a Muslim state..

To escape thirst in the hot season, Roman legionnaires often prepared a soft drink from water and a small amount of vinegar..

Tomato суп Гаспачо с сухариками

Muslims began to add pieces of stale bread to this composition, season the dish with olive oil and garlic.

Easy to prepare food and was the forerunner of tomato soup.

Later, the dish became the main food of ordinary poor people..

By mixing water with stale bread, adding olive oil with garlic and vinegar, the peasants received a hearty and refreshing meal.

And with the advent of tomatoes and peppers in Spain, it was noticed that these fruits are miraculously combined with the traditional composition of Gazpacho..

The dish acquires a new look, universal recognition and popularity..

But it happened only at the beginning of the XIX century..

Gazpacho Tomato Soup: Species Variety

Currently, there are a huge number of cooking options for this soup..

In Spain, the dish is prepared from a variety of ingredients..

Meal can be served on the basis of veal broth (in the city of Malaga) or mayonnaise (Segovia), with the addition of raw onion rings (Sherry), almond nuts, grapes (also Malaga), basil and caraway seeds (Segovia).

Cooked in Cordoba on cornmeal and cream, tomato soup has a thick appearance, and in the winter season in Cadiz Gazpacho is served hot.

But bread, olive oil, salt and vinegar remain unchanged components of the dish and with all the magnificence of the existing recipes the cold version is considered the classic version..

The classic recipe for tomato soup Gazpacho
Spanish томатный суп Гаспачо — классика на вашем столе
Ingredients amount
ripe juicy tomatoes 15 pieces.
cucumbers 4 things.
Bell pepper 3 pcs.
garlic 4 large cloves
white stale bread (better bran) 3-4 pieces
bow 1 PC.
olive oil 125 ml
vinegar 4 tbsp. l.
salt 1 tbsp. l
fresh parsley taste
tomato juice, dry red wine or cold water taste
tabasco sauce taste
Time for preparing: 180 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 75 Kcal

Step by step preparation:

  1. Garlic with salt fray in a mortar. They add bread, breaking the slices and, continuing to grind the contents, literally drop in a drop of olive oil. The composition, stirring until uniform, cover and insist at least one and a half hours. Garlic и хлеб
  2. Finely chopped onion put in a bowl and pour vinegar. Bow
  3. Cut the tomatoes shallowly crosswise, lower each fruit into boiling water for a minute and, after transferring it into ice water, peel it off. Tomatoes
  4. Peeled tomatoes cut into quarters, remove seeds. Sliced помидоры
  5. Peel and peeled cucumbers. Peeled огурцы
  6. Pepper, smeared with vegetable oil, placed for 10-15 minutes in an oven preheated to 160 ° C. Then, having stood 10 minutes covered in a pot, the fruits are cleaned from the skin and the core. Pepper
  7. Parsley leaves are cut. Parsley
  8. Vegetables in small portions are placed in a blender and, mixing the previous and subsequent portions, turn into mashed potatoes. Add onions with vinegar, garlic mass from a mortar, a few drops of Tabasco sauce. Whisk продукты в блендере
  9. All is thoroughly mixed and placed in a refrigerator for 2 hours. During this time, the dish acquires a rich taste and density.. Ready томатный суп Гаспачо

Serve Gazpacho in plates or glasses, garnished with parsley.

If desired, the soup can be slightly diluted with tomato juice or cold water, dry red wine..

On hot days, add a few pieces of ice to the plate..

Subtleties and secrets of cooking

Being easy to prepare, cold tomato soup Gazpacho is quite capricious of the quality of the products used..

The main requirement is the naturalness and freshness of the ingredients..

Soup can not be made from stale vegetables, sunflower oil, garlic powder and table vinegar.

Components can only be:

    1. Ground, ripe, juicy and fresh tomatoes.
    2. Fresh cucumbers and pepper. Spaniards prefer to cook green pepper soup.
    3. Natural extra virgin olive oil, the delicate aroma and taste of which are ideally combined with the taste of tomatoes.
    4. Natural vinegar. The best option would be – balsamic or wine. It is possible to replace this component with lemon juice..

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The dish can be prepared from homogeneous vegetables, but truly tasty food is obtained only as a result of harmonious interweaving of the various products that make up.

Pottery is considered ideal for cooking..

Carefully grinding the ingredients of the dish into a homogeneous mass, olive oil should be added gradually in small portions, literally drops.

This approach to cooking ensures the smoothness and silkiness of the consistency of the soup..

Despite the fact that it can be quickly cooled by adding pieces of ice, true gourmets do not advise doing this, because in this case there is a violation of the delicate structure of the dish..

It is better to keep it in the refrigerator for at least half an hour, which will not only cool the food, but also give it a rich taste..

Gazpacho in modern preparation can differ both in composition and degree of grinding the ingredients, be consistency thick drink or finely chopped salad, but, unequivocally, the dish is presented as cold soup with the main components: tomatoes, cucumbers, pepper, garlic, olive oil and vinegar.

To learn even better about how to cook tomato soup Gazpacho, we offer to watch a video clip: