Autumn and summer delight us with their beautiful fruits: fruits, vegetables, berries. Eating healthy and tasty food at this time, we support and strengthen our health. But always remember that winter is ahead, when we will eat what we have time to prepare during the autumn.

There are many well-known recipes and are often published more and more new, but there are types of blanks that do not immediately come to mind. At the same time, they are not only very tasty, but at the same time very useful..

Delicious салат из зеленых помидор на зиму

One of these types is the harvesting of green salads, and not just red and ripe tomatoes for the winter. Let’s see how you can cook them..

Salads from green tomatoes for the winter: recipes for the most delicious blanks

“Colors of Autumn”

Sometimes in autumn green tomatoes just do not have time to ripen. At this time of year there is no longer enough heat and sunlight for this. But it does not give a reason to worry. They will also be able to decorate your winter table..

Generally speaking, the very use of them for preservation is a relatively little-known type of canning. However, despite this, there is a wide variety of such dishes..

As an example, marinated tomatoes, salted tomatoes, or salads made from green tomatoes of amazing beauty and taste.

Salad of green tomatoes “Colors of Autumn” for the winter is not only fragrant and tasty, but also capable of pleasing with its bright colors. Somehow on a cold winter evening a luxurious bouquet of autumn flavors and colors will return to you.

We now tell you about the ingredients from which this salad is made..

We note immediately that this weight can apply to both peeled and unpeeled vegetables. In this recipe, we specify the weight for peeled vegetables. This amount of ingredients is designed to get at the exit 5 kilograms of lettuce from green tomatoes for the winter.
  • Green tomatoes – take 2 kilograms;
  • Common onions – need one kilogram;
  • Salt – two Art. spoons;
  • Sugar – you need four Art. spoons;
  • Sunflower oil or other vegetable – 250 milligrams;
  • Bulgarian sweet pepper – take 1 kilogram;
  • Carrot – 0.5 kg is required;
  • Nine per cent vinegar – eight tablespoons;
  • Half a liter of water.

Let’s tell about how to prepare this preparation correctly:

  1. We start with the fact that all vegetables used for cooking should be washed; My овощи
  2. Pepper passes with us additional processing, it must be cut lengthwise, clean the seeds and the stem and wash again thoroughly;
  3. Pepper should be cut into strips;
  4. Now we start to work with carrots, it needs to be cleaned carefully, then rub on a large grater;
  5. Clean the onion, then cut it into half rings;
  6. First, cut the tomatoes in half, then remove the white stalk, then cut them into slices and spread them on a platter; Training
  7. In the pan you need to pour sunflower oil and put on the fire, heat the oil until it is red-hot;
  8. After that, pour onions into a saucepan and ignite it on a small fire, do this until it becomes transparent;
  9. After that, add pre-cooked vegetables to the pan, carefully stir the peppers, carrots and tomatoes, then cover the resulting mixture with a lid and bring to a boil over medium heat;
  10. Then make the fire weak and simmer the resulting dish on it for five minutes; Stew
  11. Now add salt, sugar, as well as the right amount of water, then mix thoroughly and bring to boiling again;
  12. Cook on low heat for 10 minutes;
  13. Then season the dish with vinegar, boil for at least another two minutes; We pour в тару
  14. We put a delicious green tomato salad in previously sterilized jars, then roll them up;
  15. Then we turn over and leave it for a day (until it is completely cooled); Roll up
  16. Keep the preservation in a dark and cool place until we get it and enjoy the wonderful autumn taste and aroma of this wonderful dish..

With carrots and garlic

Salad made from green tomatoes with carrots and garlic will appeal to lovers of hotter salads for the winter. One of its features is that the filling is put inside each tomato..

List of required ingredients:

  • Small green tomatoes – 1 kilogram;
  • Garlic – 6 cloves;
  • Parsley – two hundred grams;
  • Carrots – 100 grams;
  • Hot pepper – 1 pod.

Ingredients for the preparation of brine: Preservation с чесноком

  • Litere of water;
  • Tablespoon of salt with a slide;
  • Sweet pepper take 7 peas;
  • Bay leaves – 3 pieces;
  • Dill umbrellas – 60 grams.

We will tell about how to cook such a salad from green tomatoes for the winter:

  1. Let’s start with cooking tomatoes, wash them and cut off the cap;
  2. We take out partially the middle of the tomato;
  3. Carrots need to be cleaned, washed and grated on a large grater;
  4. Garlic clean, wash and cut into thin plates;
  5. My bitter pepper, cut it into thin rings;
  6. Parsley is thoroughly washed, then it must be finely chopped;
  7. All ingredients mentioned here need to be put in one bowl and mix thoroughly;
  8. Now prepare the brine, first boil water;
  9. Add to the boiled water the necessary ingredients (sweet peas, salt, bay leaf and dill);
  10. Brine boil for five minutes and let cool, remove the peas and bay leaf;
  11. Put the prepared stuffing into the tomatoes;
  12. Put the tomatoes neatly in an enamel pan and put umbrellas of dill umbrellas between them, pour the brine;
  13. Put a plate and a load on top (we make an oppression), the pickle should completely cover the tomatoes;
  14. We sustain from five to seven days;
  15. Put the finished dish in the jars under the capron lids and store in a cool place..
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Cabbage salad with green tomatoes

Cabbage can be perfectly combined with salty tomatoes.

List of ingredients for this salad for the winter:

  • Two bell peppers;
  • Two onions;
  • A kilogram of cabbage;
  • Green tomatoes – one kilogram;
  • Cooking salt – 30 grams;
  • Black pepper – 5-10 peas;
  • One hundred grams of sugar;
  • Nine percent vinegar will need 120 milliliters.

The process of making delicious preparations of green tomatoes:

Preform с зелеными помидорами и капустой

  1. We clean the cabbage from the top leaves and chop;
  2. Wash Bulgarian pepper, clean it from the stem and seeds, then cut into strips;
  3. Peel the onion, wash it and finely chop it up;
  4. Tomatoes chopped. All vegetables mix in one bowl and salt;
  5. Put it in an enamel pan and set it under pressure;
  6. Leave for ten hours;
  7. Drain the existing juice and add spices, vinegar and sugar;
  8. Put on the fire, bring to a boil and boil for ten minutes;
  9. Place the salad in jars and sterilize them (12 min. – half-liter and 20 min. – liter);
  10. Roll up the covers, wrap in a blanket and let cool..

Useful tips

When we select preserved tomatoes of equal size, this not only gives them a more pleasant look, but also makes the time for their blanching approximately the same..

Tomatoes contain substances that reduce the likelihood of cancer..

For some people, this vegetable may cause an allergic reaction..

It is not recommended to use small fruits of tomatoes because of the corned beef they contain, it is recommended to use fruits of medium size or slightly larger..

It is recommended to place the tomatoes in salted water for several hours before processing, this will help rid them of corned beef completely..

If you add a branch of bird cherry to a jar of pickling, it will prolong the shelf life of the salad and make its flavor more interesting..

The taste of green tomato salads for the winter combines its unusual, special taste and high usefulness. All this will not be superfluous for the winter table..