Practical owners always make stocks for the winter. Forest blueberry berries in this case are the best and useful delicacy that you can use in winter for any purpose in cooking..

Juices, jams, wines are made from it and the berries are frozen in the freezer. We present you the most interesting recipes for harvesting blueberries for the winter, but first we will talk about its beneficial properties..

storage голубики

A little about the benefits of blueberries

Blueberry berries – a storehouse of many minerals, vitamins and other substances that are vital for the human body.

Among the positive properties, their ability to treat people with diseases such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract during complex treatment should be highlighted. Blueberry dishes are good enough for the prevention of diseases associated with the cardiovascular and nervous system.

Receiving the required set of vitamins with portions of blueberry, the human body perfectly copes with acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infections, and other infectious diseases. Even with such an insidious disease as dysentery, experts note a positive effect in the treatment of.

People who regularly eat such berries have stronger blood vessels and heart muscle. Improves the work of the gallbladder, pancreas. However, if you are allergic to certain ingredients, herbs and plants, you should use this product with caution. In order to avoid diathesis, it is better not to give berries to infants..

Blueberry jam for the winter

jam из голубики

Simple recipe

By winter, blueberry blanks will come just in time and help prepare many tasty dishes. Very useful jam from such berries. With the right approach, it retains all the beneficial properties and has a therapeutic effect on many systems of human organs..

The only point: when exposed to high temperatures, vitamin C dies, which is contained in berries that have not been cooked. But if the blueberry grind with sugar (in a 1: 1 ratio), and then clog in jars, then this wonderful vitamin can be saved.

Ingredients you need for blueberry jam:

  • Actually blueberries (wild berries, just harvested, but the garden version will do) – 900 g;
  • Sugar – 800 g.

Additionally, you need a large enamel bowl for jam and clean, sterile jars with lids for seaming..

Cooking blueberry jam:

  1. I need to sort the berry, remove unnecessary particles, rinse thoroughly and pour into the basin;
  2. The berries are covered with sugar and mixed with it;
  3. They give time to brew them in the sugar, so that the berry lets out the juice – for about night or half a day;
  4. In a basin with raw materials pour a glass of water, mix;
  5. The berries in the pelvis are set on fire and gently boiled, stirring with a spatula, so that the sugar and berries do not stick to the bottom (usually jam is about half an hour);
  6. Jam is poured into the prepared glass container and covered with lids (it is better to roll up thoroughly).

Second option

jam из голубикиYou can use a slightly different recipe for jam from blueberries for the winter, which does not provide for the need to withstand a long time, until the blueberries put juice in the pelvis, in sugar.

In this case, the principle of operation is almost identical to the first option, but there is such a moment as quick preparation of jam and advance production of syrup.

Ingredients you need:

  • Fresh blueberry berries – 1500 g;
  • Drinking water – 1.5-2 glasses;
  • Sugar – 1300 g.

Stages of work:

  1. All berries collected in the forest (or in the garden) must be carefully picked, eliminating the spoiled, rotten ones, and their unnecessary parts should also be removed;
  2. Blueberries are thoroughly washed under running cold water;
  3. Water should be poured into a basin, sugar should be poured into it, all mixed and put on the fire – this is syrup (to cook it, you must constantly stir with a spoon to prevent burning);
  4. All the prepared berries are poured into the syrup, put on the fire and boil for about 20 minutes;
  5. The finished jam is poured into sterile jars and rolled up with lids..

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Blueberry blanks for the winter without cooking: recipes

Today it is absolutely not necessary to resort to the process of cooking berries before closing them for the winter. There are common and simple methods of preparations that do not require boiling. This greatly facilitates the task of the owners and allows you to save destroyed when heated vitamin C.

Candied Blueberry Recipe

This method of preparation for winter is very simple and does not require effort. You can use it if you wish to preserve the integrity of the berries..

Ingredients Required:

  • Fresh blueberries (harvested) – 900 g;
  • Sugar – 700 g.

Method of preparation of winter harvesting:

  1. All blueberry berries are thoroughly washed, allowed to drain (in a colander), dried;
  2. Blueberries spread in a large bowl (better enameled), slightly crush the berries (so they let the juice);
  3. The sugar water is brought to a boil to dissolve the granulated sugar;
  4. Pour berries with sugar syrup, put on the fire for a few minutes, but do not bring to a boil;
  5. Spread berries in jars and cork with caps tight enough.

Blueberry Sugar Recipe

Ingredients Required:

  • Blueberries – 900 g;
  • Granulated sugar – 800 g.

Preparation of preparation for the winter:

  1. Blueberries are washed, crushed (with a blender), laid out in a container and sprinkled with sugar;
  2. Berries and sugar are mixed;
  3. Then they must be left in order to form the juice, for 2-3 hours;
  4. Glass containers are prepared in a special way to make it as sterile as possible;
  5. In the banks lay out the grated and mixed with sugar blueberries;
  6. Tara with berries hermetically sealed;
  7. During the year, banks can be stored in cool rooms or in refrigerators..

Frozen berries for the winter

It is a way to simply freeze the product to actually retain almost all its most useful properties. And so vitamin C, which is so important for the prevention of colds, is found whole..

Required ingredients and items:

  • Blueberries – 1 kg;
  • Ordinary container (plastic or other type).

The way to freeze berries for winter:

  1. The berries are sorted, sorted, removed extra leaflets and petioles (without washing procedure);
  2. In the container berries need to be laid neatly, in rows;
  3. The container is closed with a lid and put in the freezer.

You can pack the berries in plastic bags and also put in the freezer.

Compote from blueberry for the winter

In winter, you can always treat yourself and your loved ones a delicious blueberry drink, if you make the necessary supplies in advance. With proper preparation, it will contain all the beneficial properties of such a berry and will help in the treatment of colds..

Ingredients Required:

  • Sugar – 530 g;
  • Fresh blueberries – 2000 g;
  • Plain drinking water – 0.6 ml.

Preparation of compote from blueberry for the winter:

  • The berries are sifted, discarding the rotted, immature, and removing foreign particles;
    berries перебрать
  • Then they are washed under running water;
  • The berries are drained by putting them on a clean, dry cloth; to dry
  • The glass container is prepared for preparation, sterilizing it;
  • Sugar is poured into water, boiled, preparing syrup; to pour ягоды иропом
  • They put berries in jars, pour syrup over them, roll up the lids; can прокипятить
  • Ready tare put in a cool place, protected from the sun. jam в банках

Blueberry Wine

Experienced winemakers know a lot about wine made from ripe blueberry berries. But today, any host can make for himself such an appetizing drink. It will be quite to the place on the holiday table..

It should be said that such wine is very healthy (in moderation, of course).

Required ingredients for making wine:

  • Drinking water – 5 liters;
  • Sugar – 1900 g;
  • Fresh blueberries – about 4000 mg.

Steps for making wine from blueberry berries:

  1. Blueberries are first sorted out, choosing the best fruits (this is important, as it will affect the quality of the finished product), washed;
  2. The berries are kneaded;
  3. From the mass, which turned out, squeeze the juice (using a sieve or cheesecloth);
  4. The resulting pulp should then be filled with water and infused for about 24 hours;
  5. The resulting infusion is poured and connect it with the juice, which was obtained initially;
  6. Then they all fall asleep with sugar and stir with a spatula so that the sugar dissolves;
  7. The resulting preparation of wine is poured into a large bottle – up to the “hangers” of this container and covered with latex (having provided a hole for carbon dioxide to escape);
  8. The bottle with the future wine is put in a dark room where it begins to ferment, accompanied by the release of bubbles;
  9. If you reduce the number of bubbles, you can say that the wine needs to be poured;
  10. It is poured into another container with a special hose with a small diameter;
  11. After the wine is poured into another container, it must be corked and placed in a cool room for 60 days (no less);
  12. Ready, settled wine is poured into small bottles and stored for 12 months in a cellar or pantry.

Recommendations experienced housewives

Experience comes to any hostess with each new cooked dish. The more experiments conducted, the better and tastier the new drinks and jam, cooked with their own hands. There are some rules regarding the production of compotes, jams and wine from blueberry for the winter:

  • To make the wine of the highest quality, you should not pour it into another container until it is fully fermented and before it is properly defended;
  • If jam is prepared for the winter, it is important to properly sterilize the dishes, eliminating the possibility of preserving microbes in it (if there is no sterilizer, the banks are boiled in water, from 15 minutes to half an hour);
  • In the process of making compotes and other drinks, it is necessary to calculate the amount of sugar correctly so as not to redistribute the drink..

Knowing how to make a simple jam or compote for the winter, you can show imagination and invent your new drink or dessert based on blueberry. Cellars and other cool, dark places are used for long-term storage of the product..