There is a birthday party on the nose, and the standard recipe book is boring?

We have a few tips that will help to quickly prepare a festive table, without spending much effort and precious time..

Canape Snacks на день рождения

So, let’s not waste time and proceed to consider all kinds of snacks for his birthday, or rather their recipes with photos.

Recipes for light and simple birthday snacks

There are many different recipes for snacks, but most of them require either large financial expenditures, due to the rarity of the product, or a long cooking process..

We have prepared two recipes that will prepare a delicious snack in record time..

Cucumber canape
Simple решения для дня рождения: рецепты закусок с фото
Ingredients amount
Cucumber 1 PC.
A bunch of fresh dill 1 small
Bread few pieces
Cottage cheese 150 g
Time for preparing: 15 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 41 Kcal

Cucumber canapé is a light snack that has at the same time a presentable design and a tender, incomparable taste. She will not remain without attention and leave a pleasant aftertaste..

Cooking mini sandwiches is a phenomenally simple and a bit creative process. It takes only 5 steps:

  1. Cut the bread into 6 equal slices (figure knives and shapes can be used);
  2. Cut the cucumber with a special grater into thin strips;
  3. Finely chop the dill and mix with the curd cheese;
  4. Spread the mass on the bread;
  5. Take decorative skewers and put cucumber on them, and then stick them into a slice of bread with cheese.

Simple, healthy, bright snack for the festive table is ready!

Stuffed Mushrooms

A unique combination of tender chicken breast and champignons – a classic festive dinner. The appetizer is easy to prepare, but to taste surpasses many delicious dishes..

You need to prepare the following ingredients:

  • Chicken breast – 200 gr .; Stuffed грибы
  • One medium onion;
  • 150 gr. large champignons;
  • 50 gr. hard cheese;
  • 50 ml sour cream;
  • Salt and pepper (pinch on);
  • Some fresh parsley;
  • Sunflower oil.

Cooking will take about 30 minutes, but the pleasant taste of the snack will remain for a long time in the memory of guests. Ingredients collected, proceed to cooking.

  1. Cut onion and chicken breast into small cubes and place on a preheated pan;
  2. Mushrooms thoroughly wash and cut the legs. The legs themselves are finely chopped and added to the pan to the chicken with onions;
  3. Leave the ingredients to simmer over low heat for about 10 minutes;
  4. Put the mixture in a plate, add sour cream, add parsley, salt and pepper;
  5. Start the mushrooms and send in the oven for 15 minutes;
  6. As time passes, get it, sprinkle with cheese and leave to stew for another 3-5 minutes..

The dish is ready to delight you and your guests.!

And if you like something exotic, then here’s a recipe for dates with bacon:

Festive Salad Recipes

No celebration is complete without a festive salad. In addition to the pleasant, rich taste of the salad, above all, the aesthetic component of the table.

It is important that the salad has an attractive, appetizing look..

We have collected several recipes for birthday salads that will satisfy even the pickiest guest..

Corn salad

Phenomenally easy-to-prepare salad will not leave a single guest at the feast indifferent, and its original look will remain for a long time in memory a pleasant memory..

We collect the ingredients:

  • Bank of canned corn (250 gr.);
  • 250 gr. crab sticks;
  • 200 gr. cabbage;
  • One carrot;
  • Mayonnaise;
  • Greenery for decoration.

Salad "Кукуруза"The preparation of this bright salad will take about 15 minutes. With good skill and even less.

First of all, we cut the crab sticks and cabbage into small pieces. Carrot rub on the smallest grater.

Put all the ingredients in a bowl, add the corn (without juice) and mayonnaise, mix. It is important to leave some corn for decoration..

Salad ready. It remains to bring it into a presentable look. To do this, you need oblong dishes.

Put the salad on it, forming an oval that looks like a corncob. Above, evenly distribute the remaining corn so that the gaps remain unnoticed. Decorate leaves with greenery.

Bright festive salad will decorate any table!

“Watermelon Slice”

Another great solution would be the watermelon slice salad. A bright, juicy dish will remind you of warm summer days, even if the birthday of the birthday boy falls on the frosty January weather..

To make the salad as it should, you need to prepare the ingredients:

  • Chicken fillet – 400 gr .;
  • Several eggs – 2-3 pcs .;
  • Hard cheese – 150 gr .;
  • One medium onion;
  • Two tomatoes and cucumber;
  • Two olives for decoration;
  • Mayonnaise.

Preparation takes place in several stages. Let’s take a closer look at each of them..


  1. First you need to marinate the onions. Cut it into small cubes and place in marinade (tsp sugar, half a glass of water and 2 tsp table vinegar);
  2. While onion is pickled, boil the chicken in lightly salted water, then cut into small cubes;
  3. Boil eggs, grate;
  4. Cheese is also prepared: three on a fine grater;
  5. Peel the tomatoes and the middle, finely chop;
  6. Grate cucumbers;
  7. Time to lay out the salad. Put a layer of chicken on a round crescent shaped dish, smearing it with mayonnaise. On the breast – pickled onions. Next is the egg layer. Smear it with mayonnaise too.

Form a thin crescent-shaped line of cheese, leaving little room for a green “crust”.

Put a small amount of cucumbers on the narrow side, forming the look of a watermelon slice. To wide – tomatoes. Complete the decoration with “pits” in the form of chopped olives..

Salad “Watermelon Slice” is ready to become the main dish of the festive table!

If you do not like onions at all, but you liked the salad, you can cook it without it, as in the video:

Buffet snacks for birthday

Buffet reception is an excellent solution for people who prefer lively communication, informal atmosphere to long feasts with a huge number of “heavy” dishes. We present several ideas that will appeal to you and guests..

Rolls with chicken and vegetables

Cute little rolls will be an excellent addition to other buffet appetizers on your holiday table. Light in performance, they are both a beautiful and satisfying dish..

Prepare the following ingredients:

  • Dough for pancakes (300 ml of milk, 100 gr. Flour, one egg, vegetable oil);
  • 200 gr. smoked chicken breast;
  • 2-3 medium cucumbers;
  • 2 tomatoes;
  • 150 gr. cream cheese;
  • Salad leaves (for the decoration of the finished dish).

Appetizing роллыThe first thing to do is to bake 6 small pancakes, the basics of future rolls.

While the pancakes are cooling, it’s time to prepare all the ingredients: chicken, cucumbers and tomatoes, finely chopped.

Grease the finished pancake with cheese, and top with all the prepared ingredients in equal proportions..

Roll and cut into small portions.

Serve better on a dish with lettuce.

This snack will be a bright addition to the holiday table, will cause appetite and a pleasant aftertaste.

Salmon Crackers and Cream Cheese

This appetizer is a real magic wand for a hostess who wants to prepare an excellent buffet with a wide variety of dishes, without having a lot of time..

The ingredients are simple, as is the appetizer itself: Colorful крекеры

  • Crackers;
  • Cream cheese;
  • Dill;
  • Garlic (to taste);
  • Lightly salted salmon.

First you need to make a dressing – mix the cheese with dill and garlic (if used in the dish). You can use a mixer, you can manually. To do this, chop finely dill, and garlic skip through the garlic press.

Grease each cracker with the resulting mass. Salmon cut into thin strips and roll up the tube.

Place the salmon in the cheese mass, slightly opening the edges of the tube, forming a kind of rosette. In the middle for beauty, you can put a small sprig of dill.

Spicy snack at the buffet table is ready!

And here is another buffet snack in the video plot – “Carrots”! From the table it just sweep away!

Options for cold dishes for the holiday

The simplicity of cold snack recipes attracts housewives. Especially when on your own birthday, cooking time is strictly limited..

Cucumber Rolls

Easy to perform, but the original cucumber-based snack will be a wonderful complementary dish of a festive table or buffet. It is easy to prepare, the ingredients are available to everyone:

  • One large cucumber;
  • Cream and hard cheese – 100 gr .;
  • Crab sticks – 100 gr .;
  • Greenery.

Cucumber рулетикиThe first step is to make a creamy filling. To do this, finely chop the greens and grate hard cheese. Mix greens, grated and cream cheese.

Finely chop the crab sticks. Using a special grater or special fixture, make long cucumber plates.

From the cheese mixture with wet hands, roll up small balls. Wrap them in cucumber plates, if necessary – pin down with a toothpick.

Top neatly put chopped crab sticks in a teaspoon. Decorate with greens.

The snack is ready to decorate your holiday table and satisfy the gastronomic needs of guests.!

Chips “Tenderness”

We supplement simple recipes for birthday snacks with extraordinary flavors.!

The basis of it – ordinary chips. Who would have thought that with the help of them such a tender and beautiful snack for a festive table could turn out!

Ingredients are easy to find: Snack на чипсах

  • Potato chips;
  • One avocado;
  • 200 gr. shrimp;
  • One tomato;
  • Greenery;
  • Mayonnaise.

It is difficult to find a snack, the ease of preparation which could compete with the “Tenderness”.

To start, mix mayonnaise, tomato, avocado, most of the shrimp and greens in a blender. Put the resulting mass gently with a teaspoon on the chips, and top with one prawn and a sprig of parsley.

The snack is ready. It took 5-7 minutes to prepare, and a pleasant aftertaste will stay with you and guests for a long time..

We offer you another interesting snack option – roll “Tigrenok”:

Holiday meals for children

It is not always easy to please the guest, especially if the guest is a child. Children, as you know, those still picky.

Therefore, it is important that the snack is not only tasty and healthy, but also attractive. We offer you a few simple, but at the same time, original recipes for children’s snacks for birthday.

Mini sandwiches “Hedgehogs”

Bright “little animals” on a festive children’s table will not be ignored. To create them will need:

  • Small slices of bread; "Веселые ежики"
  • Eggs;
  • Carrot;
  • Butter or mayonnaise;
  • Greenery;
  • Clove seeds.

First boil eggs and carrots. Peel the eggs and cut them in half lengths..

The carrots are cut into ringlets, and with the help of a figure knife you need to cut out the future “spikes”. Chop greens.

Take slices of bread, grease thoroughly with mayonnaise or butter, sprinkle with prepared greens. Place the eggs on the bread slices, making three cuts in each of them. In the cuts are placed “spikes”, that is, carrots.

With the help of greens make a mouth hedgehog, and use carnation seeds as an imitation of the eyes. Fabulous sandwiches are ready for the table!

Agree that no children’s birthday can do without a cake. Therefore, we suggest you to cook a big hedgehog, that is, a cake.

See in the video how to do it:

Mushrooms Canape

The familiar “Mushrooms” look fresh and original, if they are presented on the festive table in the form of cute canapes on skewers.

To make the holiday accompanied by such a bright table decoration, you will need:

  • 12 quail eggs;
  • Cherry – 6 pcs .;
  • Greens (parsley is better);
  • Mayonnaise.

Dishes на день рожденияHere are more ideas to note! What to cook for your birthday: a selection of recipes for delicious dishes. Choose, cook and wait for guests!

If there is very little time for cooking, then here are recipes of holiday snacks in a hurry. You’ll instantly cover the table!

Have a soviet waffle iron? So this is great! You can make crispy waffles for dessert. Recipes are here. By the way, in the presence of cream, the waffles will turn into wonderful tubes.

The cooking algorithm is no different from the classic recipe..

Boil eggs hard-boiled, but while the last ones are boiling, take some tomatoes.

Wash them and cut them into even pieces by removing the middle part..

On skewers need to be strung first “hat”, that is, half of the tomato. Then – egg and parsley.

So on one skewer fit two whole mushrooms.

This appetizer will always look bright and fresh, especially on a children’s holiday table.!

It is not necessary at the birthday to burden yourself with preparing heavy, in every sense, dishes. It is enough just to put on a fantasy and prepare light salads..

Long feasts, as a relic of the past, have long sunk into oblivion. A modern holiday is a simple snack, a fascinating party, positive emotions and pleasant memories..