Dorado is a marine fish that lives in large numbers in the Mediterranean, and is found in the Atlantic Ocean. It has several names: dorada, spar, sea king. A characteristic feature of her appearance is the presence of a golden strip on the surface of her body, it is she who distinguishes it from other representatives of the genus sparus.

But today we will talk about how to cook the dorado on the grill. Usually it is pre-pickled in spices, lemon juice – all this makes the fish tender and very juicy. And if you cook it with vegetables, it will be saturated with pleasant flavors and juices of vegetables..

Grilled Dorado Recipe
Some способов приготовить дорадо на гриле
Ingredients amount
dorado fish 3 pieces
lemon 1 piece
olive oil several large spoons
salt taste
mix of spices and seasonings taste
Time for preparing: 50 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 95 Kcal

The cooking process will be performed as follows:

  1. We warm the grill so that at the time of frying it is hot. You can use a special pan.
  2. It is worth using fish fillets, cleared of bones. Wash fish and wipe with paper napkins.. fillet рыбы
  3. We wash the lemon, cut it and squeeze the juice out of it into the middle cup..  citric сок
  4. Add salt and spices to lemon juice and stir. cooking маринада
  5. Add some olive oil to the marinade and stir again..
  6. Each piece of fish is rubbed on all sides with a mixture for marinating. pickled кусочки рыбы
  7. You can leave to lie down for about 15 minutes to soak the dorado with lemon juice and oil.
  8. Next, lay out the pieces on the grill and fry. Fry each side for 7-10 minutes.
  9. Put the finished fish on a plate, serve it along with a tomato or cream sauce.

Baking fish with spices in the oven

What ingredients are needed for cooking:

  • two medium-sized dorado carcasses at 1.2 kilograms;
  • lime or lemon – 1 piece;
  • half a bunch of spinach per 50 grams, can be used in frozen form;
  • about a glass of cream;
  • For the smell you should use spices: Provencal herbs, white and black pepper;
  • salt to taste;
  • vegetable oil.

It will take about an hour to cook..

Calorie – 90 kcal.

How to cook dorado on the grill in the oven:

  1. Rinse the fish thoroughly with cool water, wipe it from all sides with paper napkins..
  2. On each side of each carcass are made small cuts.
  3. Outside and inside, rub with a small amount of olive oil..
  4. Mix salt with spices and rub the carcasses of dorado from all sides with this mixture..
  5. Cut a lemon or lime into two parts, squeeze the juice out of one and pour fish on it.
  6. Cut several slices of lemon or lime and insert them into the incisions. Leave to pickle for about 30 minutes.
  7. In the meantime, you need to make a sauce. Spinach washed and milled in a blender.
  8. Add cream, spices and some lemon juice to spinach. Mix thoroughly in a blender.
  9. Pouring everything from a blender into a saucepan, put on a small fire.
  10. We boil the sauce in half, serve it to the finished fish..
  11. We warm the oven to 200 degrees, it should be hot.
  12. Marinated fish should be placed in the oven on the grill grate, if not, you can use a griddle for grilling.
  13. Bake dorado filet for about 10 minutes and turn it over to the other side, cook another 10 minutes.
  14. Put the fish on plates and pour the sauce. Serving hot.

How to cook dorado with lime on a grill pan

fried рыба дорадо

What ingredients will be needed for cooking:

  • dorado – 1 medium size;
  • lime – 2 pieces;
  • salt, it is advisable to choose sea, a few chips;
  • olive oil – 2 large spoons;
  • ground pepper mixture – pinch;
  • 2-3 sprigs of rosemary.

The preparation will take 40-50 minutes.

Calories – 98 kcal.

After all the components are prepared, you can proceed to the preparation:

  1. The first step is to prepare the fish. If it is frozen, then it needs to be defrosted..
  2. Next, clean it, cut off the fins, remove all the insides.
  3. If you do not want to cut off the head, then it is necessary to cut the gills, otherwise the taste of the fish will be bitter.
  4. Squeeze the juice from the lime into a bowl, add olive oil.
  5. Add salt, spices and mix well..
  6. The mixture must be lubricated with fish from all sides. Inside it is worth putting a sprig of rosemary.
  7. It should be left for half an hour, so that it is completely soaked, become juicy, fragrant.
  8. For marinating dorado is recommended to be placed in the fridge..
  9. On the fire, put the grill pan and warm up.
  10. We spread the dorado on a heated pan and leave to fry.
  11. Fry each side for 7-8 minutes, during this period the fish will become soft, juicy.
  12. Do not overdo it, otherwise the fish will become dry..
  13. Spread dorado on a plate, decorate with greens and a few slices of lime.

Cooking on the grill

dorado на мангале

Before starting the preparation, it is necessary to prepare the necessary components:

  • Dorado – 2-2.5 kilograms (about 5 pieces);
  • 100 ml of olive oil;
  • fresh thyme;
  • lemon or lime – 2 pcs .;
  • zucchini or zucchini medium size;
  • salt to taste;
  • seasoning mix.

Preparation takes 2 hours.

Calorie – 90 kcal.

salmon на гриле

Grilled salmon is very tasty.

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Start cooking:

  1. First we prepare the fish. It should be defrosted, cleaned, removed fins, tail and gutted.
  2. Carefully wash dorado from all sides, make small cuts across.
  3. Next, prepare the marinade. Cut the lemons and squeeze the juice into a cup, add olive oil to it.
  4. Add salt, seasoning mix and stir well..
  5. Rub the fish with marinade on all sides, spread thyme inside.
  6. Zucchini or zucchini washed, clean the skin, remove the seeds.
  7. Cut the zucchini in small pieces and lay them to the fish. Zucchini can be put inside fish.
  8. Leave to pickle for about 40-60 minutes.
  9. While dorado is marinating, we will prepare a brazier, it should be ignited. Firewood must be burned, we will cook on coals.
  10. On the surface of the grill set a special grill.
  11. Spread zucchini fish on the grill and leave to fry.
  12. Each side is fried for about 20 minutes..
  13. A ruddy and appetizing crust should form on the surface..
  14. After that, lay out the finished fish on a plate, decorate with greens, lemon wedges.
  15. Served with sauce and vegetables.

Useful tips

  • be sure to gut the fish, clean and cut fins;
  • in order for the dorado to marinate well, several transverse cuts should be made on the surface on both sides;
  • It is recommended to use vinegar or lemon or lime juice for pickling;
  • You can put a sprig of rosemary inside to add extra flavor..

On the video – grilled dorado:

Fragrant sea fish will be a godsend for every hostess. It can be prepared both at home and in nature. It goes well with baked vegetables, various sauces and salads. In addition, it is suitable even for the diet menu, the fish has a low nutritional value, but it is very useful. You should not lose sight of this, especially if you want to throw a few kilograms without harm to health.