Semolina: how to cook, tips, recommendations

Cooking манной кашиSurely there is not a single mother or grandmother who would not know how to make a semolina gruel.

After all, the recipe is plain and takes a minimum of time..

But even here it is necessary to take into account a lot of nuances in order to be able to cook masterfully tasty porridge, without lumps and other unpleasant moments..

A few general guidelines for cooking semolina:

  • When cooking this dish since ancient times, only milk is used, but modern housewives with experience modify the tradition, using water in the base. This innovation reduces the calorie content of the dish and prevents milk from sticking to the bottom of the dishes. The proportions of mixing the basics to your own taste are usually 50 to 50;
  • For cooking, it is better to use a pan with a non-stick coating, or you can use a regular pan with a thick wall;
  • Salt and sugar are added before boiling the liquid, oil is at your discretion, either before serving or during cooking;
  • Constant stirring in the cooking process is a guarantee of the absence of lumps;
  • Pour the grits into a boiling mixture of milk and water in a thin stream with vigorous stirring..
It should be noted that the taste of porridge directly depends primarily on the quality of the main ingredient – cereals.

High quality semolina is its uniform color, and the grains should be equal in form to one.

Milk also plays an important role, so always use it fresh..

If you cook semolina in milk, then you need to remember that you must always be near the milk, as it can run away.

Proportion of ingredients used

The ratio of semolina and liquid can be very diverse, because someone loves and, accordingly, cooks liquid semolina, and someone likes viscous and thick.

However, there is a generally accepted standard – about 2 tablespoons of cereal per 200 ml of liquid.

Initially, the consistency may seem watery, but within 3-5 minutes it will thicken, so do not rush to worry.

If you cook porridge in a slow cooker, in fact, it will not be any different from the one you cook on the stove.

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The proportions of the liquid mixture solely at your discretion:

  • if milk is high in fat content, then in relation to water it can be poured 30 to 70;
  • if low-fat milk is 50 to 50.

Note that there are no clear restrictions, only with experience you can already safely pour the cereal on the eye and mix the base porridge.

Cooking time of semolina

Consider below how many minutes to cook semolina?

This dish is prepared instantly, and with all the manipulations it takes no more than 15 minutes:

  1. The first 2-3 minutes boil milk;
  2. For the next 5 minutes, croup is poured and constantly stirred;
  3. After boiling porridge, it is left for 5 minutes on low heat.
Do not perederzhivat dish on the stove, putting a piece of butter, close the lid tightly and give it another three minutes later.

Due to the fact that semolina is prepared very quickly, the useful trace elements contained in it and the vitamins are practically not destroyed.

When you follow all the recommendations, porridge turns out very tasty and healthy..

Before serving, you can add pieces of peeled fruits, favorite berries, butter.

Due to the content in semolina about 70% of carbohydrates, easily digested by the body, porridge made from it is a very rich and high-calorie dish..

People suffering from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, semolina can be a real savior, due to the possession of soft enveloping action.

Also, this dish can soothe the manifestation of gastritis, eliminate painful sensations during ulcerative diseases and abdominal distention..

Semolina porridge for babies

how сварить манную кашу для грудничка

As already noted above, this dish should not often indulge your child.

After all, modern specialists do not share its usefulness, especially for infants..

There are several reasons for this:

  • semolina deprives the body of calcium due to the content in it of a special component of phytin;
  • the underdevelopment of the digestive system of the baby, as a result, it is poorly digested, the intestine becomes thinner, due to the content of such components as gliodin and gluten.

Despite all the warnings, all the moms continue to cook this porridge..

Consider below, so all the same how to cook a baby or child semolina?

Here the main nuance is how to cook correctly:

  1. Constant stirring during cooking, in no case should there be lumps!
  2. Compliance with the proportions – 2 teaspoons of cereals per half cup of milk, watch the consistency.

    For infants, it should be a little watery, if you feel that the porridge is thick, boil the milk separately in another bowl and add a little.

  3. Salt and sugar are added quite a bit before boiling milk..

Cooking time of such porridge is about 15-20 minutes..

For infants, for example, such variations of cooking semolina porridge are possible, such as adding fruit purees to a dish, or cooking only on water or even on broth.

Video dessert

In this video, you will be shown how to cook semolina in milk. Enjoy watching!