How about a quick and sinfully delicious snack? It can be cooked in minutes! It can help out at any time, especially if the family loves sausage.

Fried sausage in batter
Sausage в кляре — отличная закуска быстрого приготовления
Ingredients amount
flour 90 g
of milk 75 ml
cooked sausage 0.2 kg
sour cream 30 g
eggs 1 PC.
Sahara 3 g
vegetable oils 20 ml
salt 3 g
Time for preparing: 20 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 242 Kcal

How to fry:

  1. Remove the sausage from the package and cut it into slices, not too thick. sliced колбаса
  2. In a small bowl, whisk or fork, mix the egg with the milk, add salt, add sour cream, sugar, beat again. Then add the flour and mix again. Get a batter. Sour cream, by the way, can be replaced by mayonnaise, preferably bold. batter в миске
  3. Prick a slice of sausage on a fork and dip it in the resulting batter. It is necessary that the dough was on all sides, without “empty” places.
  4. Heat the butter in a pan and put the sausage pieces here. roasting
  5. Fry them on both sides, each time covering with a lid, until golden. They fry quickly, you can not move away from the stove. Yes, while warm.

Recipe for appetizers with greens

  • 260 g sausage;
  • 30 grams of flour;
  • 30 ml of oil;
  • 1 egg;
  • salt;
  • 25 ml of milk;
  • 10 g of green.

Time: 15 min.

Calories: 268.

How to fry:

  1. Cut boiled sausage into semi-rings of medium thickness. They should be easy to pin on the plug..
  2. Fork in a bowl to mix the egg with flour, so that there are no lumps. Then pour in water, oil and a little salt. Again, knead with a fork all until uniform.
  3. Wash greens under running water, then remove all moisture and crumble as small as possible. And you can grind it in a blender into a paste. Add to the dough and stir.
  4. Fork pin up slices of sausage and lower them into batter. Then transfer to a hot frying pan and fry on all sides. Oil while you can not add, as it is in klyare. The dough must be constantly stirred so that the butter does not separate from the other products..
  5. Serve immediately.

Hearty Cheese Dish

snack с сыром

  • 45 ml of oil;
  • 0.2 kg cooked sausage;
  • 60 g breadcrumbs;
  • 60 grams of hard cheese;
  • 1 egg.

Time: 10 min.

Calories: 322.

How to fry:

  1. Sausage must be cut into thin rings. You can ask to nashinkovat it directly in the supermarket when buying, the machine will make it as thin as possible.
  2. In a separate bowl pour the crackers. They should be milled almost to powder. You can further grind them in a blender or coffee grinder..
  3. In another bowl with a fork you need to beat the egg and lightly salt it.
  4. Cheese should be cut in the same thin slices as the sausage. You can take any hard cheese, such as Dutch, Gruyere, Russian, etc..
  5. Take two pieces of sausage and put one slice of cheese on one of them in the center. Cover the second piece of it. Get something like a sausage burger.
  6. Carefully place this pyramid in the egg, and then pull it out and put it in crackers, sprinkle them from all sides. The most convenient way is to do it with your hands, otherwise such thin pieces will simply fly off the plug..
  7. Pour the oil into a frying pan or stewpan and put sausage sandwiches here. Fry them over medium heat until a blush appears. You can simply drop it for a few minutes into the fryer with a lot of oil, then you do not need to turn it over..
  8. Take out the sausage and put it on a paper napkin. This will remove excess oil. Serve with bread, vegetables or sauce.

Spicy sausage with garlic and chili

acute закуска

  • 1 egg;
  • 0.1 kg of flour;
  • 3 garlic cloves;
  • 5 g chili flakes;
  • 0.3 kg cooked sausage;
  • 80 ml of milk;
  • 45 g of mayonnaise;
  • 60 ml of oil.

Time: 30 min.

Calories: 309.

How to fry:

  1. Using a mixer in a bowl, you need to combine the flour with mayonnaise, milk and egg. Be sure to salt.
  2. Then mix in the chili flakes. If not, you can use fresh pepper, but it should be finely chopped as much as possible. To do this, use a surface that is easy to wash, as well as gloves. Seeds do not use. Only 3 g fresh chili will be enough..
  3. Peel the garlic husks and put them in a squeezer. Mix in the resulting batter.
  4. Pretty large slices cut boiled sausage. Preferably in small bars, it will be more convenient to eat, but also in circles.
  5. Next, the slices should be lowered into batter with a fork.
  6. Pour the oil into the pan and heat well. Put the sausage slices here.
  7. They fry quickly, you need to turn every minute. If the sausage is cut into cubes, then they need to be fried on all four sides, but if the sausage is sliced ​​- only from two.
  8. After frying put on a paper napkin, they will absorb all the excess fat. Then you can serve with fried eggs or any other breakfast. Children will not like this snack too much, but men will be crazy about it. If after the batter still roll in breadcrumbs and fry, then this appetizer is well suited even for beer.

snack из творога и чеснока с зеленью

Your guests will enjoy the appetizer of cottage cheese and garlic with greens.

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Useful tips

Klyaru can give almost any interesting color due to the spices. For a bright yellow color, you can add a couple grams of turmeric, and for red – sweet paprika. This will give an additional appetizing look and only slightly affect the taste. And instead of a whole egg, you can take only two yolks.

You can fry smoked sausage. It will turn out much more caloric and fatter, but many like it. If it is good to fry very thin slices, you can cook even the so-called snacks. The thinner and thinner the batter is, the more crispy it is. And if you mix in a lot of flour, the shell will be soft, similar to bread, and the egg will feel much stronger..

The video is a great recipe for making delicious sausage in batter:

Sausage in batter – an incredibly quick and easy dish of familiar ingredients. This can be a hearty snack or snack on a casual table, and you can take such tasty food with you on the road or at work. It is very convenient!