The modern man at the first mention of red fish has associations with the salmon family: trout, salmon, salmon come to mind. The nickname “red” was given to the product in accordance with the obvious physical properties: color ranging from light coral to soft orange shades.


However, the restoration of events in a chromatic sequence and a thorough study of written sources showed that truly red was not reddish chickens, sockeye or pink salmon, but fish from the sturgeon family.

An unexpected turn of events is due to the meaning of archaism “red”, that is, qualitative, valuable, what to hide, the best!

Although the fact that the best in Russia was considered stellate sturgeon, sterlet or sturgeon does not take away the delicacy of our modernly nicknamed red fish. If we put aside the whole philological-coloristic science of fish aside, we get an irrefutable fact: red fish is valuable for its nutritional value and usefulness for the organism, the normal functioning of which is favored by the omega-3 fatty acid contained in the product.

Scientists warn: the positive effect of fish takes place only in the case of its expedient use. The high cost of the delicacy should not embarrass you: the pricing policy of a product imported from afar does not imply its frequent, daily use..

Selection of quality fish

To pick a high-quality, fresh fish means to complete half the task. Once on the market, in a supermarket or fish store, do not rush to grab the first fish that came across with the proviso that “price determines quality”.

No, the demand for gourmet fish meat constantly provides for the cultivation and cultivation of animals in violation of the rules and laws. Noticing a suspicious shadow of doubt in the eyes of the seller, while he leaves a review of the proposed product, immediately ask him for the accompanying documents.

An independent study of quality will become an irrevocable confirmation or refutation of the words “I often take this fish myself. It hurts good! ”Said by the seller. So, what you should pay attention to when choosing not only red, but also any other fish:

pickling красной рыбы

  • Eyes. Dull-eyed fish should automatically repel you;
  • Smell. A typical fish flavor, without extraneous unpleasant notes, will confirm its quality;
  • Gills. Fresh, only captured fish has bright red wet gills. Gray, brown or green color – a warning sign of a possible poisoning;
  • Scales. Darkening or dullness of the coating, the presence of lumps of mucus between the fish “tile” is unacceptable.

Buying fish fillets or steaks should be accompanied by a study of the color and elasticity of the product. For example, the uniform, bright attractive color of the inside of an animal is evidence of artificial origin or the filling of flesh with dyes..

In a natural product, the presence of light streaks is permissible. After pressing a finger on the pulp, the fillet should acquire its original position.

red рыба запеченнаяHow to bake red fish in the oven in foil, take note of a delicious diet food recipe.

Canned small fish – how to cook at home, read the most delicious recipes.

Baked in mackerel foil. This is a tasty fish that can be included in the diet menu, read recipes.

Red Fish Gallery

The food industry mainly offers salmon, trout, pink salmon or salmon to the average citizen. Contrary to the radical generalization of a huge list of fish species in a single red, there are a number of differences, taking into account the color, size, fat content and value of the product.

For example, the honorary title of delicacy and the cost of salmon are due to its fat content. The “external data” of such fish is as follows: large size, dusky skin, light pink oily flesh. Trout, in contrast, has a bright cover and bright flesh.

The verbal portrait of the most accessible and dietary red salmon fish is the following: the body is colored with black specks, and on the back is a hump.

Preparation for pickling

Before you start cooking a cold snack, you should prepare not only the work surface, but also the fish. The first step towards salting – defrosting the product. If it is necessary, preference should be given to room temperatures rather than heating in a microwave or oven..

Starting cutting fish, follow the following sequence of actions:

  1. Cut off the head;
  2. cut off голову

  3. Using cooking scissors, get rid of the fins;
  4. In order to remove entrails, we rip the belly along the line along the fish;
  5. remove плавники и кожу

  6. We make two cuts – on the right and left side of the spine – this will help free the fish from the skeleton. It is also important to remove the remaining bones with the hands;
  7. remove кости

  8. Large carcass requires additional cutting.

can дополнительно нарезать

The equipment required for salting includes a couple of items: a 2-3-liter container, sharp knives, cooking scissors, a jar or bottle, and ingredients according to the recipe. In order to avoid unpleasant taste, chefs advise to use plastic containers or enamel bowls, pots, glass jars. No metal vessels!

Ways and recipes for salting red fish at home

Enjoy the delicate fish meat in a healthy sandwich, add brightness and flavor to the salad, dilute the daily lunch or dinner with a delicacy in the form of salted red fish – it sounds appetizing, doesn’t it? If there is no desire to buy a salted product of unknown origin, then why not try to cook it yourself, at home?

Especially for the reader were selected the best ways and recipes for salting red fish. Which one can choose according to culinary experience and allowed waiting time:

salty рыба

  • “Fast and tasty”. Mad salting speed – 30 minutes – ensures the use of interlayers in the recipe method. The thinnest slices of red fish fillet, salt, pepper, bay leaf, olive or vegetable oil are placed in a jar in layers. First, pieces of meat, then spices, the number of which is determined in accordance with personal taste preferences. Sprinkle citrus juice with the preparation is an optional trick. Shake the jar and leave it in the fridge for half an hour;
  • “Simplicity in everything”. After pouring each slice of the product fillet with a mixture of salt, sugar and pepper to taste, place the pieces in a container and leave them in the refrigerator for at least one day. Before serving, be sure to remove excess salt;
  • “Drunken Solen”. Non-standard recipe for this recipe consists in rolling fish fillet in salt, sugar, dried dill and … vodka. Of course, in order not to get drunk on the unique taste, you should add alcohol in reasonable quantities. Within two hours the fish should be under the yoke, and then – 6 hours in the refrigerator;
  • “Lazy”. Who said that lazy cook tasteless? The following recipe will help to destroy the bored stereotype. Two red fish fillets sugar, pepper and salt. Finally we add a drop of liquid smoke. Zamotav in foil, send almost smoked fish on the balcony;
  • “Classic does not go out of fashion!” This traditional recipe no doubt involves making a marinade. For one liter of boiling water we throw two tablespoons of sugar and salt, about five pieces of sweet peas. Boil for a few minutes, and later cool. Placing the fish, pre-cut with thick slices, in the tank, pour it with “broth”. Salt in the refrigerator for 24 hours.

Secrets to the hostess

Like cooking any other dish, the process of successfully salting a red fish involves some secrets. So, to achieve a perfect balance of salinity and sweetness will help the proportion of sugar and salt – 1 to 2.

It is worth noting that you can’t spoil the fish by sprinkling it with an extra gram of salt: the fillet absorbs just as much substance as it needs. By the way, to get a unique salty fillet of red fish at home helps not cooking, but sea salt.

Storage of salted fish is limited to a period of three days: otherwise the product will acquire nasty salinity. Extend the “life” of the fillet can be by draining the marinade or removing excess salt and coating the entire surface with vegetable oil. A dry bowl with lid will come off as a storage tank..

In harmony with other products

Despite the amazing taste, red fish – the product is not independent. A simple and easy option for breakfast using a pickled product will be to make a sandwich: smear a slice of rye bread with butter or curd cheese, place a slice of meat and a sprig of your favorite greens on top.
salty красная рыба

Simple but so helpful!

As an alternative to standard bored sandwiches, a pancake stuffed with salted salmon, trout or pink salmon can make.

Salted red fish in a light vegetable salad is a strong argument. The product is diluted salads from tomatoes, apples, avocados or rice.

If you are planning to serve red fish on the table as an appetizer to the main dishes, then the addition of greens (dill, parsley) will be appropriate. Admirers of tradition are advised to sprinkle fish with lemon juice or zest, and for lovers of experimentation add grated garlic. Voila! A unique addition to the festive table is ready.

If your inner voice continues to insist on the complexity and complexity of the salting process, then it’s probably time to refute his shameless lies. Just be extremely careful: getting a delicious dish like two and two, you can easily get hooked on home-cooked fish.